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Posted on: December 17th, 2017by Casey Anderson

Here are some more names for the comic book lovers among us. Or for those who just like the superhero type movies. DC's Justice League came out recently, I haven't seen it yet. But if it's anything like Wonder Woman, we're going to love it.

There's something about superhero movies that make them a great bonding experience for parents and kids. Particularly, but not exclusively, for dad's and their kids. Superheroes' are something kids love, and adult men tend to still enjoy.

So, lots of dads take their kids to these movies. Wouldn't it be great to take your kid one day and be able to tell them how they were named after one of these awesome characters? You may think, but if the movie is popular now, won't it be too old by the time my kid will want to go see it? Maybe, but, we all know superhero movies get redone every few years right? So, you can either show them the 'classic' you know, or take them to the new one!

Justice League Boy's Names

Orin Aquaman is getting a lot more limelight in this movie then previous. Orin is his Atlantis name, and Arthur is his human name. Either one would be great. Orin doesn't have a decided meaning; Arthur however means 'strong as a bear.' So, whether you want to go with a more unusual name, or a more recognized one, you can still name your son after Aquaman.

Clark There are few who don't know at this point that Clark Kent is Superman. The name is well recognized for that use, but it's also a popular name otherwise. What better name to live up to then the man of steel's? The name actually refers to 'scholars' and 'members of religious order.' But, your son will love you because he'll see it as the name of Superman.

Barry The Flash has never been as popular in movies and TV as he is now. This is his time to shine, and a perfect time to name your little boy after him. The name is said to mean both 'fair haired' and 'dweller of the barrier.' That second meaning fits The Flash character well. If you expect your little boy to be zipping around the house at lightning speed, Barry is a great name choice.

Bruce And of course, there's Bruce Wayne, or as nearly everyone knows him, Batman. Perhaps you expect your boy to have a little more of a dark and broody side? Batman will be one of his favorites then. He's the only total human of the bunch, which makes him easier to aspire to. The name is said to have referred to a particular area in France, called Brieuze. But you can ignore that and just tell your kid you named him after Batman.

Victor Cyborg is a character I'm less familiar with but eager to see. He appears to be someone whose parents scientifically enhanced his abilities. Maybe not a path you want to take. But, if you expect a boy genius, Cyborg's a good character. And, he'll have his own movie in 2020. The name Victor means 'man of victory' and it doesn't get much better than that.

Justice League Girl's Names

Lois So Lois Lane is not a superhero, but she does do some pretty super stuff as Clark Kent's significant other. Her role in the Superman vs Batman movie showed her as pretty critical. She helps keep Superman 'down to earth.' The name means 'the best.' I think that's a great name for a little girl. Remember, Superman doesn't just save her, she saves him too.

Diana Wonder Woman, the obvious female superhero who finally got a movie worthy of her name! She's a great role model for young girls. Part God, Part Amazon and all amazing, Diana of Themyscira is a force to be reckoned with. Any little girl would love to have that name to live up to, which by the way, means 'divine.'

Caitlin Killer Frost may not show up in the Justice League movie, but you can find her in the comics as well as some of the popular DC TV shows right now. She alternates between being a supervillain and a superhero. Which, let's face it; many girls do the same thing! Especially in our teens. Caitlin is such a pretty name that means 'chaste, pure.'

Barbara Barbara Gordon has been both Batgirl and Oracle. She's a fringe character in Justice League but has plenty of great roles in other comics. Her transition from Batgirl to Oracle can be particularly inspiring to any girl facing unexpected hardships. The name means 'stranger, foreigner.'

Dinah The character of The Black Canary has never been a spotlight character, but she does have some incredible powers and an interesting role in the comics and TV shows she's in. It's a good name for a girl who just wants to quietly kick butt without being the center of attention. The name means 'the avenged one.'

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