120 Cutest Baby Names For Your Sweet Baby Girl

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Are you looking for the perfect name for your little girl? Naming a baby is an exciting and momentous time in a parent's life, and it’s hard to choose just one name from the endless possibilities. To help make that decision easier, we will explore some of the most adorable and unique names for girls. This list is sure to provide you with inspiration as you begin your search for the perfect baby name. We have included a variety of names ranging from popular to rare and timeless to modern, so you can find the name that suits your baby girl best.

1.  Kallie

A name that is both strong and sweet, it is a diminutive of Callista and means "most beautiful." Kallie reflects the lighthearted nature of a baby girl and the determination she may have as she grows older.

2.  Immy

The adorable name is a diminutive of Celtic Imogen meaning "maiden." Immy is a charming choice for your little one that is sure to make her stand out from the crowd!

3.  Thisbe

A beautiful name with origins in Greek mythology. It carries a special meaning of strength and resilience - perfect for your little girl!

4.  Xaviera

Meaning “new house”, Xaviera is a unique name having Spanish and Basque that carries a sense of new beginnings and freshness, perfect for your newborn daughter!

5.  Kinsley

A modern twist on a classic name, Kinsley has its roots in English and means "king's meadow." It has an air of sophistication to it while still being soft and charming enough to suit any baby girl.

6.  Maggie

An old-fashioned English classic meaning "pearl," Maggie carries with it traditional values and childhood memories that can be passed down through generations.

7.  Clemmie

A unique name with English roots and means "merciful." Clemmie manages to be cute and endearing at the same time!

8.  Emmy

It means “industrious” or “energetic.” Emmy is perfect for any little girl full of life and curiosity!

9.  Barrie

An Irish-inspired name that means “spear”, Barrie is both strong and sweet in equal measures making it perfect for any daughter you might have!

10.  Lizette

A French-inspired take on Elizabeth which makes it both exotic and beautiful while still carrying traditional values. The name means "God's promise."

11.  Kenzie

Kenzie has Scottish roots meaning “wise one” or “knowledgeable” making it perfect for any future scholar or leader you might have on your hands!

12.  Layla

Meaning “night beauty” Layla is exotic yet classic at the same time – making it perfect for any little princess you might be expecting!

13.  Jody

Jody comes from Hebrew origins meaning “God will increase” – fitting perfectly for any daughter looking to make her mark in the world!

14.  Maury

Maury comes from Latin origins meaning ‘dark-skinned man’ but can also mean ‘moorish woman’ – making Maury suitable for both boys and girls alike.

15.  Quinn

Quinn comes from Irish roots meaning wise one or counselor; this strong yet gentle sounding name may be just what you are looking for if you want to give your child an extra bit of wisdom from day one.

16.  Desiree

Desiree means desired one in French; this beautiful sounding name carries with it dreams of future success while being rooted in tradition at the same time.

17.  Missy

Missy has Greek origins meaning "bee"; Missy is an ever-so-sweet girl’s name – one renowned for its sense of fun and mischief. It immediately brings to mind images of innocence and naiveté.

18.  Ellie

Ellie means shining light in Greek; this beautiful feminine sounding name reflects innocence and joy while also hinting towards inner strength too.

19.  Lupita

Lupita has Spanish origins meaning river of wolf; It is a playful and unique name, perfect for any little girl. It has a Latin flavor to it, and its Spanish origin also makes it a more exotic name than others.

20.  Gracie

Gracie comes from Latin meaning graceful or blessing; if you want your daughter to grow up as graceful as can be then Gracie could definitely be the right choice for you!

Useful Name Matches

21.  Percy

Percy has Latin origins meaning piercing valley; Percy is an aesthetically pleasing name with a deep-rooted history. Percy on a girl would feel like an unexpected twist of uniqueness. The strong and dashing name will give any young woman a sense of confidence and empowerment.

22.  Janie

Janie comes from Hebrew origin meaning God is gracious. This sweet sounding name will remind everyone around her how lucky she really is every single day!

23.  Mindy

Mindy has Greek origin and came from a word meaning "sweet". Mindy has a youthful and modern feel to it, making it a great choice for parents looking for a unique name for their child

24.  Nellie

Nellie means bright light in Greek making it perfect if you have high hopes of greatness ahead of them already set out before they even come into the world!

25.  Gabi

Gabi derives from Hebrew origin meaning God is my strength; this strong sounding name will keep them feeling safe no matter where they go or who they meet along their journey through life.

26.  Anna

Anna has Hebrew origin meaning grace; if you are looking to give your daughter a gentle yet powerful start then Anna could definitely put her ahead of the rest when she grows up later on down the line too.

27.  Sidney

A timeless, classic name with a strong yet gentle meaning – “wide meadow”. making it ideal if you wish to give them an open field full of possibilities when they enter adulthood someday soon too!.

28.  Sonny

The unusual unisex name means "son" that started its journey as a nickname. An energetic and upbeat name that is often used to describe someone as cheerful and lively.

29.  Abby

A popular name that often symbolizes joy and brightness. Abby is a shortened form of the name Abigail, which means "father's joy." has a fun and friendly feel to it.

30.  Lana

A beautiful and unique name that has many different origin stories depending on the country or culture it's being referenced. Its meaning revolves around grace, light, brightness, lure, and unity. The name Lana has strong ties to Eastern Europe and Russia.

31.  Ruthie

Ruthie is a sweet, feminine variation of the classic name Ruth. The origin of the name Ruth is Hebrew and means compassion, as it is found in the biblical book of Ruth. Ruthie embodies compassion and kindness and brings to life a character who loves big and deeply loves others.

32.  Celia

Celia has Latin roots that mean “heavenly”, making it perfect for any angelic little girl.

33.  Maddie

Maddie is short for Madeline, which means “high tower” or "wonam from Magdala" in Hebrew.

34.  Tully

Tully is an Irish name with Gaelic origins that mean “peaceful ruler”.

35.  Tova

An adorable baby name that truly captures the beauty of Thor, the hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder from the myths and fables of old.

36.  Gianna

Gianna is Italian for “God's gracious gift”. It harkens back to God's grace-filled grace within Christianity and other religions. This sweet and sophisticated name has gained popularity as of late, allowing parents to pay tribute to their heritage by giving their children a classic Italian moniker.

37.  Nicolette

Nicolette comes from Nicholas, meaning victory of the people, making it perfect for any little girl who loves to win!

Creative Names for You to Consider

38.  Shelly

It is a beautiful name for any baby girl. It has an English origin and means “from the meadow.” It is also interpreted to mean “meadow on a hill” or even “little woman from the meadow.” It can be shortened further to Shell for added cuteness!

39.  Evie

Evie is derived from Evelyn or Eve meaning life or living one, a perfect pick for parents looking to give their daughter a strong start in life!

40.  Piper

Piper evokes images of sweet music being played. It is a delightfully feminine name, derived from the Latin word for “pipe player”. It's a fun and whimsical choice for parents looking for a unique and interesting name for their baby. The cheerful nickname option of Pip makes it even more special.

41.  Macy

Macy has been growing in popularity lately as it means hill or weapon – perfect for any little warrior princess!

42.  Meggy

A sweet and adorable name for a baby girl. It is of English origin, derived from the name Margaret, which was derived from the Greek word Margarites meaning “pearl”.

43.  Darla

Darla is the English variant of Darleen which means darling so this cute name will be sure to capture your heart!

44.  Charlie

Charlie has Irish roots and its full form Charlotte means "petite" or "free man". Charlie is gaining popularity as a baby girl name that exudes confidence, sass, and strength.

45.  Eliot

Eliot has English origins and its full form Elliott means The lord is my God – perfect if you want your daughter to be close to God throughout her life!

46.  Flavia

Flavia has Latin roots meaning golden or blonde – perfect if you want your little one to have beautiful golden locks!

47.  Effie

Effie comes from Euphemia which was the Greek goddess of good news so this bright name would be great if you want your daughter's life to be filled with good news!

48.  Lottie

Lottie derives from Charlotte which means petite and feminine so this cute nickname would fit perfectly on your tiny tot!

49.  Mattie

Mattie comes from Matthew which translates as gift of God in Hebrew so this divine moniker will make sure she knows she's loved by God every day!

50.  Milla

Milla is a beautiful and unique name that is sure to bring a smile to everyone around. It's soft, friendly, and embodies the sweetness of a young girl. It comes from Portuguese and Spanish, meaning "priest attendant".

51.  Trisha

It is a beautiful and unique name for baby girls. It has Spanish, Greek, and Sanskrit origins, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘one who is treasured’. The nickname of Trisha is Trish which is also quite charming.

52.  Lark

Lark is an adorable and cheerful name that brings to mind the sweet song of a beautiful bird. It also has a certain sprightly and active feel to it, making it a charming pick for any little girl. With an English origin meaning 'songbird', Lark can be associated with a wide range of positive emotions.

53.  Edith

It is a beautiful old-fashioned name of English origin, meaning "prosperous in war". It is a very strong and spirited name. It implies protection, wealth and strong willed power. It also symbolizes strength, determination and intelligence.

54.  Teddy

Teddy can come either directly or indirectly from Theodore meaning divine gift so why not show how much you appreciate everything she brings into your life by giving her this heavenly title?

Unique Name Choices

55.  Augie

Augie originates from Augustus translating into majestic dignity – suitable if you want her aura to always radiate power no matter where she goes.

56.  Cady

It is a popular baby girl name, derived from the name Arcadia. The name Arcadia is derived from an ancient Greek word referring to an idyllic paradise. Cady can also be used as a diminutive form of the name Catherine or Cadence

57.  Quincy

Quincy comes either directly or indirectly from Quintus meaning fifth born child so why not commemorate her special place within the family circle by giving her this magnificent title?

58.  Murray

Murray derives either directly or indirectly from Moray meaning seabound settlement symbolising stability through watery depths - ideal if you want her life never lack security no matter where she goes?

59.  Mae

Mae is a beautiful and delicate-sounding name of both English and Irish origin, meaning 'bitter' or 'pearl'. It's a lovely choice for a baby girl, with its strong yet soft sound. One of the many variations on May, Mae’s popularity stems from its relationship to the month of May.

60.  Eva

A Hebrew name meaning "life". It is traditionally a popular name for girls, especially in Europe and the United States. Eva was the mother of Israel's three tribes and was a great-grandmother of Jesus.

61.  Marcy

Marcy is a sweet and spunky name, perfect for a girl full of life and personality. The name is of Latin origin meaning "warlike". It may be a variant of Marcia, which was one of the ancient Roman noble families. The name Marcy is quite popular in the United States and Canada, where it has been in use since the 1920's.

62.  Agnes

Agnes is an elegant yet strong name, derived from the Greek word "hagne", meaning pure or holy. It's a great choice for a baby girl who will grow up to be kind-hearted and independent.

63.  Julie

Julie is an adorable name with French origins, derived from the Latin word “Julius” meaning “youthful”. It's perfect for a little girl who will always stay young at heart.

64.  Sophie

Sophie is an endearing name with Greek roots, derived from the words “sophos” and “phileo” meaning wise and loving respectively. It's great for a baby girl who will bring both intelligence and compassion to the world.

65.  Donna

Donna is an Italian-inspired name that has been around since medieval times. It means “lady or woman of honor” and would be a great fit for any little girl who has big dreams and aspirations.

66.  Cato

Cato is an old-fashioned but strong sounding name of Latin origin meaning “all knowing” or “wise one” – perfect for any baby girl who will grow to be wise beyond her years!

67.  Wendy

Wendy is an enchanting name of English origin that comes from Welsh words meaning “blessed or friend” – a great choice if you want your daughter to be as beautiful inside as she is out!

68.  Lorrie

Lorrie is a unique sounding, feminine name. Lorrie is a baby girl name, which is a diminutive of the name Laurel. The word “laurel” comes from the Latin term Laurus Nobilis, meaning “noble or laurel tree,” and symbolizes victory or success.

69.  Eliana

A cute, lyrical baby girl name, taken from the Hebrew meaning ‘God has answered’. It has been popular in the US since the early 2000s and is especially favored in Texas. Eliana often conjures images of grace and innocence, as it evokes a sense of pure sweetness

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70.  Mitzi

An adorable nickname-style German name that comes from Mary – it means "bitter" or "star of the sea". This unique and distinctive name carries a bright and positive energy.

71.  Bibi

An exotic and cute Perisan name which means lady of the house. With its sweet, light sound, Bibi definitely stands out amongst other girl names

72.  Lillian

An English moniker which means purity or innocence - perfect if you want your daughter to always remain true to herself no matter what life throws her way!

73.  Nora

A timeless Irish moniker with Latin origins - it means honor or light - so it’s ideal if you want your daughter to bring honor into this world as well as light up everyone around her with her presence!

74.  Daisy

A cheerful English flower name which refers to the daisy flower itself - so it’s ideal if you want your daughter to bring sunshine into this world just like the daisy does in its natural habitat!

75.  Aggie

An old fashioned nickname-style Scottish moniker which stands for Agatha - it means good-hearted woman - perfect if you want your little one to always have love in her heart no matter what life throws at her!

76.  Artie

Artie comes from Arthur - an ancient British title which stands for brave one - great if you have high hopes of your daughter growing up strong-willed no matter what life throws at her!

77.  Flossie

Flossie derives from Florence - another ancient British title which stands for blossoming beauty - just right if you want your little one to truly blossom in all areas in life!

78.  Carissa

Carissa A name that holds both strength and gentleness, it comes from Charis meaning beloved one. It is also thought to be a variant of the French name Carise, or the Italian name Carissima.

79.  Addie

A sweet, popular baby girl name. It is a variant of Adeline, an Old French variation of the German name Adelindis, which means noble. Addie is a dainty and cute sounding name that brings to mind images of a sweet little girl.

80.  Allie

Allie is a sophisticated and beautiful name for a baby girl. It is one of the variants of Allison and has been popular since 1959. The meaning of the name Allie is “noble” or “honorable”, which reflects a strong yet delicate personality.

81.  Kate

Kate is a great name for a girl! It has a lively and fun feel to it, while still having a sophisticated classic feel. The name is associated with royalty and strength, so giving your daughter the name Kate will be giving her an empowering title right away.

82.  Betsy

Betsy derives its origin form Elizabeth meaning "worshipper of God", timeless Hebrew moniker standing Godly consecrated & noble respectively– so just right when raising someone special with utmost faith & pride combined together!

83.  Honey

Honey What started as a term of enderment is now a well-accepted baby name, thanks to celebrities like Kate Winslet. It's the perfect combination of fun and femininity, conveying a sense of kindness and joy.

84.  Sadie

Sadie is a beautiful name for a baby girl, conveying feelings of joy and happiness. The name originates from the biblical Sarah, meaning "lady" or "princess." It's a name that brings with it a sense of warmth, grace, and optimism. Just right when aiming at raising someone special who not only carries themselves like royalty but also finds contentment everywhere!

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85.  Fifi

Fifi is a growingly popular name for baby girls, and it has a unique charm about it. It is derived from the French name Josephine, meaning "God will increase," embodying a sense of joyfulness and energy that makes it perfect for an enthusiastic baby girl!

86.  Nova

Nova is a Latin name meaning "new". It is a fitting name for a baby girl, as it speaks to the freshness of new life and the possibilities ahead. It also has a modern and fresh sound to it, which makes it perfect for a modern baby girl.

87.  Bert

The name Bert is a traditional English name and it means illustrious. It is a gender-neutral name that can be given to both a baby girl or boy. It has an old-fashioned feel to it, harking back to the days of yore when names were chosen that had meaning. For a baby girl, the name Bert brings with it associations of intelligence,

88.  Hazel

The name has its roots in the Old English word hæsel meaning "the haselnut tree". It may refer to the color of its leaves, which are reddish-bronze, or to its product—the nut. In some cultures, hazelnuts are believed to bring good luck, so naming a daughter Hazel carries with it an optimistic outlook for the future.

89.  Mika

A unisex name derived from the Hebrew and Japanese languages meaning "gift from God" or "beautiful fragrance." As such, the meaning of Mika is often associated with qualities like kindness, grace, and general benevolence. Japanese versions of this name can also mean "three trees," which can be interpreted to symbolize a strong foundation or lasting legacy

90.  Claire

Claire is a French name, meaning “bright” or “clear”. It is a feminine given name, derived from the Latin word for “illuminated” or “enlightened.” It has been used in English-speaking countries since the 19th century. The name implies insight and intelligence, charm, and grace. A perfect choice for the modern-day parents who want to give their little girl a stylish name.

91.  Tavia

Tavia is an exotic name derived from Spanish origins and means "eighth". This name reflects strong purity, creativity, and love.

92.  Bella

Bella is an Italian classic name meaning "beautiful". It has been popular for many years and remains a favorite among parents looking for an elegant yet straightforward name for their baby girl.

93.  Mariel

Mariel is a unique name with French roots meaning "bitter", "drop of the sea" or "beloved". This poetic name carries an air of mystery that will be sure to turn heads.

94.  Bryony

Bryony is an English variation of the Latin word 'bryonia', which means "a climbing plant". This sweet name evokes images of strength, beauty, and resilience.

95.  Lili

Lili is a charming Hebrew name meaning "lily". This delicate flower stands for beauty, grace, and purity - perfect traits for your baby girl!

96.  Kaylee

Kaylee is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something unique but not too out there. This Hebrew-derived moniker means “laurel crown” and symbolizes victory, success, and honor.

97.  Mimi

Mimi is a nickname derived from Miriam, which can be translated to mean “sea of bitterness” or “rebellion.” The name symbolizes abundance and fertility as well as spiritual growth and transformation. Perfect pick if you want your daughter to stand out from the crowd!

98.  Christie

Christie is a feminine given name of Old French origin meaning "follower of Christ". It is the diminutive form of Christina and, less frequently, Christine. It can also be spelled Christy, but that usage is generally very rare. The name is associated with strength and loyalty and is said to bring happiness to those who bear it.

The name Gilda is of German and English origin, with possible other roots in Latin, Greek and Spanish. The name's literal meaning is “golden” or “sacred offering”. This name evokes a feeling of warmth, optimism and compassion.

99.  Kirstie

Kirstie has Scottish origins and translates to ‘the follower of Christ’ – perfect if you are looking to pass on your faith onto your baby girl!

100.  Eddie

Eddie has English roots that translate to 'wealthy friend'. Eddie is a cute and quirky name for a baby girl that is sure to make her stand out. Eddie has its roots in both English and Irish cultures, making it a unique choice for parents who are looking for something a little bit different.

101.  Kitty

Kitty has origins that date back to Ancient Greek where it translates as 'purity'. It's the ideal pick if you're looking for something traditional yet unique enough to stand out from the crowd!

102.  Isla

Isla is a beautiful and unique name for a baby girl. It has Scottish and Irish origins and is derived from the word “Islay”, which refers to a small island in Scotland. The meaning of Isla is “island” or “promise”. It is a popular name across many countries, including England, the United States and Australia.

103.  Mackenzie

Mackenzie has Scottish origins meaning 'son of Kenneth' - great for parents who want their little one's name to be rooted in tradition yet still have a modern twist!

104.  Jovie

Jovie is a sweet and feminine baby girl name that comes from the Latin "jovis," meaning "joy." It's an upbeat name for a cheerful and happy little girl, with an equally adorable nickname of Jov. It is also the name of a character in the 2003 holiday classic Elf, played by Zooey Deschanel.

105.  Dory

Dory is a beautiful baby girl name with English origins. It means "Gift of God". It is a unique name that is sure to be remembered and has been growing in popularity over the last few years.

106.  Ginny

Ginny is a beautiful and unique name for a baby girl. It has both an English and Latin origin, meaning “a white and pure” or “fair, blessed, and gentle one”. Ginny is also a nickname of Virginia, which can be used as either a first or middle name.

107.  Temple

Temple comes from English meaning 'dweller near the temple'. The name also has links to the temple of Solomon, which was built in Jerusalem. Ideal if you're looking for something spiritual yet sophisticated sounding!

108.  Cady

Cady is an adorable baby girl name that is both sweet and spunky. It is a shortened form of Catherine or Cadence, both of which have beautiful meanings behind them. Cady is a lovely name that exudes beauty, strength, and femininity. It is sure to be the perfect fit for any little girl with an independent spirit and lots of energy!

109.  Aubree

Aubree comes from French roots translating as 'noble ruler', making it ideal pick for a name for a child who is expected to become a leader. The name has the same sound to Audrey, which is also a French name meaning 'noble strength'. This can create a nice balance for siblings who have similar sounding names with different meanings.

110.  Hanny

Hanny comes from Dutch roots translating as 'blessed one', making it great choice if you'd like her life be filled with joy and blessings throughout her lifetime.

111.  Zadie

A lovely name for a baby girl, full of grace and charm. It is of Hebrew origin meaning "princess". It is a unique name that has been gaining popularity in recent years, yet remains uncommon enough to make your little one stand out.

112.  Izzy

A cute, fun-loving baby girl name that has been rising in popularity in recent years. It is of English origin and means “Gift of God”. This name is sure to bring lots of energy and cheer to any family! Izzy is a strong, independent name that is perfect for any little girl with an adventurous spirit.

113.  Jeannie

A lovely name for a baby girl. It originated from the French Jean, which means 'God is gracious'. It is a name that carries with it a certain sophistication and elegance. It is also associated with the popular 1960s sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie, making it a unique and timeless choice.

114.  Lydie

A beautiful and unique name for a baby girl. It is of French origin and means "noble woman". It is also believed to be related to Lydia, which is the Latinized form of the Greek name Λυδία, which is derived from Ludios. Lydie is a graceful, stylish and sophisticated name for your little one, perfect for parents who want to give their daughter an uncommon but beautiful name.

115.  Junie

Junie originates from Latin and means "young". It is a popular name in the United States and other English-speaking countries. Junie is a variant of June, which is derived from the Latin word iūnius, meaning "youth". The name is associated with the month of June, which is traditionally considered a time of renewal and rebirth.

116.  Brandy

The name comes from the Old English "brændē" which means "burnt wine" or "brandywine." The term brandywine was originally used to describe a distilled spirit made from fermented fruit juice, usually grapes. It's an old-fashioned name with a modern twist and has a lot of positive connotations, such as being strong and independent.

117.  Lilo

A sweet and feminine name of Hawaiian origin that means "generous one". Perfect choice for those who are hoping their little girl will always show kindness towards others no matter what situation arises in life.

118.  Lola

Lola has Spanish origins translating as "sorrows." An amazing option full of hope even though its literal translation may not sound so positive at first glance - showing us how true beauty can often lie underneath tough circumstances.

119.  Toni

A lovely baby girl name of Latin origin and means "invaluable". An excellent selection not just because its sound so pleasing but also because its beautiful message behind it.

120.  Pippin

Pippin is a name of English origin, derived from the Old French "pipin". Meaning "tender" and "loved one", it was traditionally given to boys. It has become increasingly popular for girls as well. Pippin is a fun and spunky name full of charm and character. It is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember, making it a great choice for a modern baby.

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