14 Names Perfect for Future Socialites

Posted on: July 9th, 2017\""by Ruth Fitzpatrick

Looking for something really unusual for your little princess? Something that really makes a statement and looks super high-fashion? Look no further! Here’s our list of ultra-chic, high-society names inspired by the cover girls of the past, the present and the future.

Gigi Launched into the modern consciousness by model and socialite Gigi Hadid, this name is actually much older and more conventional than you might initially have thought. It’s a French diminutive to a number of G-names, including Gabrielle and Georgine. Along with Gigi, other French nicknames with high-fashion glam include Coco and Fifi. Still, we think it might be best to preserve all three as nicknames and not given names.

Margaux A very romantic and elegant variant of the already romantic and elegant Margot! The–aux gives it an added chicness and sassiness, but it may also add to spelling confusion too. It means ‘pearl’, and the Margot variant is rising in popularity in the US, and is currently firmly in the top 500.

Zaza We don’t know if this name might not be a little too snazzy as a given name, but it is definitely a nod to one of the world’s original and best known socialites: Zsa Zsa Gabor. The voluptuous Hungarian-American actress and serial bride was born Sari, but you could use Zaza as a nicknames for a number of less unusual names such as Roxana and Suzanna.

Plum Given the popularity – at least among celebrities and the high-society – of other fruit names, we don’t see why Plum couldn’t be used more widely as a given name. Associated with a rich and alluring shade of red, it might be considered a unique alternative to Scarlett. If you like Plum but think it might just be a little too high-fashion for everyday use, it could make a very attractive middle name.

Lucinda If Lucy and Lucia are too run of the mill for your liking, try the more elaborate Lucinda. Or, for a slightly softer alternative, we like romance-filled Lucille.

Bee By itself, it might be all buzz and no bite. Likely to be the diminutive of Beatrice, or any B-name, Bee might be associated in popular culture with the concept of a “Queen Bee”.

Poppy Poppy is a really playful and sassy name which, unlike many of the names so far on this list, sounds completely natural and conventional, while still being fairly unique. We would snap it up fast, though, as flower names are currently proving a very popular trend, and it is only a matter of time before Poppy joins Rose and Daisy.

Lottie A name which definitely would remind one of aristocratic hunts and afternoon teas in rural England, Lottie is an entirely workable diminutive of Charlotte. Otherwise, we really love the tomboyish appeal of Charlie.

Mimi Like Gigi, Mimi might be best reserved as a nickname only. It works as the diminutive of a number of M-names, and has been traditionally used with Mary and Miriam.

India All though well established as a girl’s name here in the States, India still sounds completely fresh and ultra-chic. It’s an extremely exotic and fashionable sounding name.

Tinsley A real socialite, high-fashion name, yet one which currently sits in the top 1000 here in the States. Originally it was an English surname, but its sparkly character and uniqueness made it a hit with the cream of society!

Pippa If it weren’t for England’s Princess Kate’s sister, this name probably wouldn’t be on our radar. But since 2011, Pippa has launched itself onto the world and certainly piqued interest. It sounds playful and preppy and would be a very attractive name for any little girl.

Milly A very pretty name, and much more usable, friendly and attractive than its original source, Millicent. Could, at a stretch, also be used as the nickname for Mathilda, but in that instance, we think Tilly would be a better option.

Paige A fantastically feminine name which maintains a wonderfully tomboyish charm. It currently sits in the top 150 and is one of our favorite “occupation names” for girls.

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