Names that mean Elevated

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Abhyudita Risen, Prospered, Prosperous, Elevated
Ábo Elevated, High Father, His Name is God, Strong Grip
Ábrrán Exalted Father, Eminent, Elevated, Beautiful
Ádá English German Polish Hungarian Italian Finnish Hebrew Igbo Eminent, Paying, Beautiful, Another Name for God
Ádo Noble Wolf, Exalted, Similar, Sami
Ádolfe Another Name for God, Honorable, Noble Wolf, Similar
Ágá Noble, Another Name for God, Listener, Deity
Agát Obedient, His Name is God, Similar, Eminent
Ahley Elevated, Lofty, Also Mohammad's Son-in-law, Exalted One
Áidná ScandinavianLamb, Purity, All Hearing, Sami
Áidnu Elevated, Beautiful, Eminent, Similar
Áila Supreme, Noble, His Name is God, Holy
Áile Supreme, Noble, His Name is God, Holy
Áillon Sami, Obedient, Ase, Beautiful
Ailmund Excellence, Rule, The Element Alfr Which Means Elf Supernatural Being, All and Peace
Áilu Obedient, Another Name for God, Sublime, Beautiful
Áirá Obedient, Eminent, Sami, Exalted
Áire Supreme, Eminent, Sami, Exalted
Áksel Father and Peace, Eminent, Lofty, Listener
Ala Arabic Superior, All, Entire, Defending Men, Power
Alareiks Powerful, All and Rich, Exalted, Composition from Rulers
Alawīdaz Exalted Elevated, All and Rich, Defending Men, All, Entire
Alawiniz Exalted Elevated, All and Rich, Defending Men, All, Entire
Álbe White Man, Old English for Brilliant, Lofty, Listener
Albearta Similar, Bright, Sami, High
Álbma Princess, With Dark Red Lips, Lofty, Obedient
Aldafaðir Exalted Elevated, Noble, Father, All, Entire
Aldafǫðr Exalted Elevated, Noble, Father, All, Entire
Aldríf Superior, All and Peace, Magical Counsel, Council
Ále Excellent, Obedient, Beautiful, Defender of Mankind
Alee Noble and Shining, Light, God, Feminine of Alexander
Álehtta Of Noble Figure, Eminent, Obedient, Another Name for God
Alei Feminine of Alexander, Exalted One, Noble, Whoever is Above
Aleigh Excellent, Lofty, To Ascend, Feminine of Alexander
Áles Obedient, Beautiful, High, Similar
Álet Another Name for God, Lofty, Noble and Fight, Listener
Aley Exalted One, Excellent, Whoever is Above, Also Mohammad's Son-in-law
Álfa Sublime, All Hearing, Obedient, Magical Counsel
Alfarinn Gifted Daughter, Excellence, Full of Joy, Garland in Tamil
Alfaðir All, Entire, Gifted Daughter, Excellence, Exalted
Alfǫðr Flag, Exalted, Truthful, Defending Men
Alfrigg Rule, Truthful, Nobility, Defending Men
Algautr Council, Power, Gifted Daughter, Nobel
Alhmund Flag, Nobel, Defending Men, Exalted
Ali Arabic Elevated, God, Sublime, Lofty
Alie Defender of Mankind, Bee, Lofty, Whoever is Above
Aliee Also Mohammad's Son-in-law, Excellent, Whoever is Above, Defender of Mankind
Alieu Elevated, Bee, God, Excellent
Alii Lofty, Feminine of Alexander, Exalted One, Noble
Aliinná Merry, Listener, Sami, Shining