Names that mean Protection

Updated: June 5th, 2024
Names that mean Protection

If you're looking for a special name for your baby that carries a special meaning of protection, there are a variety of options to choose from.

Whether you're looking for a name inspired by mythology, an ancient culture, or a religious tradition, you'll find a wide range of options to choose from. From the Greek god Zeus to the Hebrew name Michael, there are plenty of meaningful names to choose from.

For example, the name Alexander, which means "defender of men," is a popular choice that carries a special meaning of protection. Other popular choices include the Latin name Gabriel, which means "God is my strength."

Have a look at the following names meaning protection

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Protection, Desire, Helmet, Composition
Will Desire, Valley, Resolute Protector, Protection
Sheltering, Learned One, Eternal Life, Shield
Peace and King, Elf, Safety, Diminutive of Frederic
Peaceful Ruler, Magical Counsel, Power, Safety
Guards Wisely, Advice, Decision Protector, Strong Defender
Learned One, Scholar, Protection, Shield
Gracious Defender, Munster, Wealth and Protection
Will, Protection, Desire, Helmet
Will Helmet, Resolute Guardian, Protect, Protection
Peace, Bold
Protection, Safety, Much Peace, Peaceful
Beam of Light, Grace, Regal, Protection
Wise Protection, Ewe, Grace, Female Sheep
Pure, Queen, Wise Guardian, Form of Regina
Bustard Fledgling, Footprint, Divine Protector, Young Snake
Protector, Victorious Defender, Peace, Protection
Rich, Peaceful Ruler, Powerful, Form of Frederick
Safety, Protection, Noble and Peace
Helmet, Protection, Composition, Desire
Wealthy Defender, Wealth and Protection, Guardian of Possession, Rich Protector
Soft, Fair Bow, Fence, White and Smooth
Purposeful Peace, Protection, Bright, Famous
Variation of Raymond, Doe, The Ewe, Female Sheep
Protection, Powerful, Rich, Peace
Will and Helmet, Resolute, Brave, Protect
Nobel, Follower of a Nobleman, Ass, God-helmet
Composition, Helmet, Protection, Desire
Elf, Protection, Safety, Rich
Helmet, Offered to the Lord, Composition, Will
Protect, Desire, Will, Helmet
One who receives pain
Female Sheep, Wise Protection, Grace, Doe
Guardian of Property, Wealthy Defender, Wealth and Protection
Wealth and Protection, Gracious Defender, Stem End from Desmond, Munster
God's Promised One, Protection, She who Brings Sunshine, Light of God
Safety, Peace, Rich, Power
Trust Safety, Protection, Hero, Comfort
Powerful, Elf Power, Holy Peacemaking, Safety
Sheltering, Protection, Strength, Student Scholar
The Ewe, Doe, Wise Protection, Variation of Raymond
Perfectly Healthy, Helmet of God, Sacrifice, Safe
Wealth and Protection, Wealthy Protector, Guardian of Property
Olive Tree, Protection, Life, Too: Sign
Bright, Desire, Will and Helmet, Protection
Law, Advice, Protector, Rule
Sea of Sorrow, Lord Krishna's Devotee, The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, Glory
Protection, Advice, Protector
Lioness, Protection
Abbreviation of Olivia, Crown, Life, Lividus
Ruler, Safety, Power, Peace
Ewe, Female Sheep, Wise Protection, Grace
Hill, Son of Tolmai, Slava, Bron
Pet Name for Marilyn or Miriam, I am, Star of the Sea, Helmet
Powerful, Power, Peace, Protection
Desire, Helmet, Resolute Protector, Protection
Desire and Protection, Will, Protect, Feminine Variant of William
Well-Known, Will-helmet, Honorable, God's Protection
Protection, Safety, Desires Peace, Will
Grace, Doe, The Ewe, Wise Protection
Daisies, Wealth and Protection, Man from South Munster, Flower Name
The Words Burh Which Means Protection Fortress Castle, Bright Settlement, Place Name, Fortified Enclosure
Peace, Safety, Power, Protection
Security, In Protection, Good
Native of Larissa, Graceful, Protection, Crowned with Laurels
Protection, Protect, Will Helmet, Form of William
Protection, Guards Wisely, Decision Protector, Advice
Peaceful Ruler, Rich, Peace, Tranquil Leader
Doe, Female Sheep, Ewe, Grace
Rich, Elf Power, Peace, Protection
Clean, Council, Protection, Beautiful Princess
Will, Lord Krishnas Devotee, The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, Prosperous
Rich, Peace and King, Ruler, Safety
Fame, Horse Protector, Protection
Composition, Helmet, Desire, Protection
Protection, Powerful, Tranquil Leader, Safety
Advice, Decision Protector, Guards Wisely, Strong Defender
Helmet, Protection, Desire, Will
Variation of Raymond, Wise Protection, Female Sheep, The Ewe
Form of Olivia, Too: Sign, Olive Tree, Ancient Roman Name
Will Desire, Will-helmet, Protect, Valley
Desire, Protection, Will and Helmet, Composition
Grace, The Ewe, Wise Protection, Female Sheep
Composition, Will and Helmet, Desire, Protection
Gracious Defender, Stem End from Desmond, Munster, Wealth and Protection
Protect, Protection, Resolute Protector, Form of Wilhelmina
Respectful, One who Gives Protection, Protected
Unwavering Protector, Valley, Will-helmet, Will
Protecting Hands, Decision Protector, The He-Goat, Dutch
Shield, Shelter, Strength, Student Scholar
Peace, Safety, Powerful, Power
Garden, An Enclosed Yard, Enclosure, Protection
Fight and Know, Enclosure, Protection, Comrade In Arms
Will and Helmet, Valley, Resolute Protector, Will-helmet
Safety, Peace, Ruler, Power
Protection, Will and Helmet, Unwavering Protector, Valley
Surrender, Joy, Injuring, Protection
Godly Protection
Protection, Desire, Helmet, Composition
Welfare, War, Fence, Battle Stronghold
Peace, Young Bear, Protection, Peaceful Hun
God Protector, Divine Protection
Resolute Protection, Composition, Helmet, Will
Fence, Fight, Of Old Age, Warrior
Prosperous Protector, Wealthy Guard, Wealth and Protection
Protection, Helmet, Will, Desire
Powerful, Peaceful Ruler, Elf, Rich
Protection, Guardian of Peace, Safety
Variant of Walter Rules, Strong, From Wales, Army Ruler
Munster, Wealth and Protection, Gracious Defender
Unmerited Favor, Graceful, Nice, Beauty of Form
Kingly, Valley, Protection, King Like
Divine Helmet, God, Ass
Peace, Man, Elf Power, Safety
Rich, Powerful, Protection, Power
Grace, Wise Protector, Counsellor, Protection
Female Sheep, Doe, Wise Protection, Variation of Raymond
Wealth and Protection, Guardian of Possession
Peace from God, Protection, Safety
God's Protection, Follower of a Nobleman, Ass, God-helmet
Desire, Will and Peace, Protection, Resolute
Protector, Victorious Defender, Victory, Protection
Female Sheep, Ewe, Variation of Raymond, Doe
The Ewe, Variation of Raymond, Eagle, Angel
Shield, Eternal Life, Love and Beauty, Student
Wealth and Protection, Gracious Defender, Stem End from Desmond, Munster
Beauty, Protection, Protected by Grace, Gracious Protector
Desire, Will, Helmet, Protection
Wonderful, Miroslawa, Lord Krishna's Devotee, Adorable
Holds the Heel, Council and Protector, Protecting Hands, Jimmy
God, Divinely Good, A Divine Protector
God-helmet, Ass, Protection, Protected by God
Variation of Raymond, English, Ewe, Wise Protection
Form of William, Will and Helmet, Resolute Protector, Protection
Resolute Protector, Will Desire, Protect, Will-helmet
Kind, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Honorable, Brave
Protection, Victory and Peace, Safety
The Moon, Protection
Shelter, Protection, Student, Shield
Thor's Protection, Thors Protection
Hint, Protection of Hari
Wealth and Protection, Gracious Defender, Stem End from Desmond, Munster
Shielding, Armor, Coat of Mail, Armour, Protection
Desire and Protection, Will, Protect, Feminine Variant of William
Friend, Fence, Soft, White and Smooth
Glory, Will, Wonderful, Lord Krishnas Devotee
Protection, Virility
The Giver of Might and Glory, One who Gives Protection
Rich, Peace, Safety, Power
Advice, Protection, Queen, Council
Will and Helmet, Feminine Variant of William, Resolute Protector, Protect
Soul and King, Blackbird, Wonderful, Aristrocratic Lady
Protection, Seagull, Sea Gull
Seagull, Laurel, Native of Larissa, Bright
Guards Wisely, Advice, Decision Protector, Strong Defender
Helmet, Composition, Desire, Protection
Doe, Ewe, Wise Protection, Female Sheep
Gracious Defender, Stem End from Desmond, Wealth and Protection, Munster
Protection, Will and Helmet, Composition, Desire
Protect, Will, Protection, Valley
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