Names that mean Yew

Updated: June 5th, 2024
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Well-Born, Born of Yew, The Lord is Gracious, Youth
God's Gift, Climber, An Evergreen Climbing Ornamental Plant, A Vine
Yahweh is Gracious, Born of Yew, Young Warrior, Right Handed
Noble Race, Yew
Moon, Shrub, Pretty, Yew
Brilliance and radiance
Green River, Boar Friend, Handsome and Fair, Army
Yew Wood was Used for Bows, Archer, Born Army, Composition
White, Yew, Marine Friend, Warrior
Gracious Gift of God, Shrub, Flute, Yew
Yew, Young Archer
Yew, God is Merciful, Shrub, The Archeress
Bow Army, Archer-Soldier Bowman, Yew Wood, Composition
Life, Yew Tree, Alive, Archer's Wood
The Archeress, Shrub, Yew
Army, Form of Irving, Place Name, Beautiful
Doorkeeper and river mouth
Young Warrior, Right Handed, God is Merciful, Born of Yew
The Lord is Gracious, Born of Yew, Help from Allah, Rich and Friend
Climbing Vine Plant, Shrub, Fragrant, Climber
The Element Ebor Which is of the Meaning Yew
Born from the Yew Tree, Youth
The Archer, Yew, Shrub
Climbing Vine Plant, God's Gift, Climber, Fragrant
Yew Wood, Archer, The Archeress
Yew, Young Archer
Ivy, A Vine, Flower Name, Rose Bush
Welshman, Young Warrior, From Wales, Right Handed
Composition, Warrior, Archer's Bow, Yew
Beauty of the faith
Yew, Winner, Luck, Shrub
Yew Wood, Shrub, Archer's Bow
The Lord is Gracious, Help from Allah, Brave Friend, Youth
Hawk of royalty
Young Archer, The Archeress, Yew Wood
Young Warrior, Right Handed, God is Merciful, Born of Yew
Young Fighter, The Lord is Gracious, Help from Allah, Born of Yew
Life, Yew Wood, Archer
From the Farm of Yew Trees, Farmer, Earthworker
Ivy Plant, Fragrant, Climber, Shrub
Shrub, Yew, Form of Ivy
The Archer, God's Great Gift, From the Yew Tree, Yahweh is Gracious
Young Archer, Yew Wood, Archer's Bow
The Word Iv with the Meaning Yew, Shrub
Archer, Yew Wood, Diminutive of Yvonne
The Archer, Yew, Shrub
Meadow, From the Yew Tree Valley, Bright, Noble
Sublime, Rich, Of Noble Figure, Meadow
Day of God
Right Handed, The Lord is Gracious, Young Warrior, Born of Yew
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