Audree name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 9th, 2023
Gender: Girl
Origin: English
Usage: English
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Audree a(u)-dree
Meaning: Noble Strength and Nobility
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What does Audree mean?

Unfamiliar Audree has its origin in English language bestowed upon both boys and girls, used in English, Audree means "Noble Strength or Nobility". Audree is version of imperishable, famous and virtuous Audrey.

Audrey is form of Edeltraud. Also Audrey is variant form of Eldreda. Audrey is English form of Æthelthryth. Meaning of Audrey is Honorable and The Noble Strong is rooted from Old English, Celtic and Old High German.

How do I pronounce Audree?

The two syllabled name Audree is pronounced, a(u)-dree. The name can also be pronounced as aud-ree.

Variants of Audree

Audrey, Adeltraud, Edeltraud, Eldreda, Æthelthryth, Auda, Audreyanna, Altraud, Aaltruide, Audra, Ada, Auða

How popular is the name Audree?

In United States, Audree was once a common name since emerging in 1904 it has been given to over 3223 babies. At the peak of its usage in 2013,. However after 102 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts but it is still going strong.

Audree is a rare baby name in England and Wales where it is still in use. And also in France. Also, Audree is a familiar name in Canada. At least, 3000 people around the globe have been given the name as per our findings.

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Here's what numbers has to say about Audree

Your creativity allows you to express your emotions. People admire your charm and independent attitude about everything. You are an active person who always plans every detail but has plan B in your sleeve, in case something goes wrong. You don't believe much in love. However, deep inside, you secretly wish to find someone who will prove you wrong. You often make other feel like they are better than you in order to make them feel good about themselves.

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Sibling Names for Audree

If you're considering the name Audree for your baby girl, you might be wondering what names would make good choices for her siblings. Whether you're looking for names that complement Audree's unique and elegant sound or that share a similar style or meaning, we've compiled a list of ideas to inspire your search. Here are some sibling names to consider for Audree!

Sister to Audree

For a brother

Famous people named Audree

  • Audree Norton in The Silent Cry as Actress
  • Audree Wilson in Brian Wilson: I Just Wasn't Made for These Times as
  • Actor Audree Chapman, known for movie Moving

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