Names that mean Noble

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Are you on the hunt for a name that oozes dignity, honor, and aristocracy? What about names that mean 'noble'? We've crafted an aristocratic list of baby names that mean 'noble'. Think about names like Patrick, an Irish name that signifies 'noble', or Alice, a German name that translates to 'noble'.

Isn't there something inherently regal and distinguished about a name that means 'noble'?

Immerse yourself in our list of baby names that mean 'noble'. The perfect name, embodying dignity and honor, could be just a scroll away.

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Arthur was a Great King Lives In 6Th Century, The Bear, Stone, Noble
Noble Sort, Nobility
Mistress, Noble Woman, Queen of the Gods, Lady
Power, The Noble Strong, Honorable, High and Royal
To Sing, Pure, Man, Very Holy Woman
Of the Noble Sort, Woman from Lydia, Midas and Croesus, Happiness
Royal, Noble, Patrician, Fighting Man's Estate
Brightness, Sweet, Honorable, Nobility
Noble and Fight, Son of the Highborn, Alice
Elegance, The Oldest Daughter, Kind, Decorated
Honoured, Aria, Great, Noble in Sanskrit
Honorable, Lovely, Bright Beautiful, Silk of Heaven
Noble, Little Rock, Peace, God of Shine
Honorable, Noble
Honorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
Elevated, God, Sublime, Lofty
To Ascend, High-born, Rising, The Ascent
Quick-moving, Speckled, Noble, Son of a Nobleman
Noble, German, Joy, Sweet Angel
Village, Noble, Peacock Town, Royal
Of Noble Figure
Strength, Noble, Brave, Hill
Honorable, Noble
Free-born, Religious, He Who is with the Illustrious, Acolyte
Defender of Men, Protector, Noble
German Origin and Means Noble
Excellent, Dusky, The Black, Greek
High, Little Rock, Defender of Man, Noble and Shining
Noble, Variation of Adam from the Red Earth, Fire, Man
Protector, Forehead, All, Noble
Honorable, Noble
Tribe near the Black Sea, Rock, Comely, Noble
Of the Aryan Race, Honorable, Warrior, That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength
Victor, Noble Friend, Hairless, Conqueror
Kind, Beneficent, Exalted, Precious and Distinguished
Delight, Noble, Small Winged One, Heart
Born of Intellect, Saints, Sword, Shining
Highest Social Standing, The Ascent, Ascending, Noble
All and Illustrious, Honorable, Nobly Famous, Brilliant
Helper of Mankind, Repel, The Defender, Protect
Related to Elf, Everything and Friend, A City on a White Hill
Precious and Distinguished, Friendly, High-born, Exalted
God Gifted, Of a Noble Kind, Silk of Heaven
God's Promise, My God is Perfect, Nobility, Variant of Elizabeth
Lofty, Supreme, High, Noble
Safety, Protection, Noble and Peace
One who has Honor, Noble
Born Lucky, Noble, Well-born
Noble and Eager, Spanish Form of Alphonse, Embattled, Ready for Battle
Of, Noble, Honorable, Old
Noble, Small Winged One, Honorable, Love
Brilliant and Raven, Will, Shining Pledge, Bright Warrior
Noble Race, Yew
Lady, Noblewoman, Form of Sarah, Princess
Ash Tree Settlement, Noble Stone, From the Eastern Town
Exalted, Noble, The Ascent, To Ascend
Highborn, My Ornament, Awe-inspiring, Of a Noble Kind
Bronck's land
Strong, Powerful, Lightning, Noble
All Knowing, Alvin, Noble Friend, Elwin
The Word Adin Which is of the Meaning Slender Delicate, Ornamented, Decorated, Gentle
Beautiful, Fire, Beauty, Virgin
Young Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies, Free-born, Honorable Births, Acolyte
Helmet and Famous, Well-Known, Noble, Honorable
Noble, Honorable
A County in Northern Ireland, Land of Eoghan, Young Soldier
Lake, Adornment, Waterfall, Kind
Exalted, Elevated, Obedient, Platinum
Of Noble Figure
Noble, Honorable
Female Version of John, The Lord is Gracious, Has Shown Favor, Well-born
Nobility, Feminine of Alexander, Noble, High
Female Version of Brian, Strength, Virtuous, Innocent and Very Intelligent
Truthful, Of Noble Figure, Nobel, Small Winged One
Deed, Generous, Magnanimity, Noble Nature
One who receives pain
Armed and Sweet, Noble Friend, Elfin, Magical
Honorable, Noble
Nobility, Power, Noble Strength, Form of Audrey
Power, Noble, Nobility, High and Royal
High, Form of Brie, The Exalted One, Broth
Well-born, Well Born, Form of Eugene, Noble
Of noble birth, He fights for what is his
Helper and Defender of Mankind, He Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Noble
Of a Noble Kind
Of the Nobility, Noble
Noble, Honourable, Respectful
Truthful, Of a Noble Kind, Variant of Alice
Tender Beauty, Honey, Serpent, Noble
High-born, Ascending, Exalted, Rising
Noble, That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength, Illustrious, Guru
Honorable, Noble
Honorable, Wolf
Chief, Nobleman, Noble, Freeman
Exalted, One who can Hear, Wife of Ancaeus, Noble
Bright, Honorable, Noble, All and Illustrious
Old Friend, Noble Strength
A County in Northern Ireland, Land of Eoghan, Young Soldier, English
Lively, Troop, "Spear" and "Guardian", White
Spotted, Son of a Nobleman, Great Ambition, Noble
Form of Sarah, Noble Lady, Noblewoman, Princess
Father of the Young Camel, Noble
Of Noble Figure
From the Old Forest, Noble Woods
Small Village, From the Mountain Town, Home-lover's Estate or Hill with Grass
Exalted One, The High, Of a Noble Kind
Adelheid, Tale, Of Noble Figure
Noble Strength, Nobility
Noble, High-born, Sincere, Brave
Soldier, Armored Warrior, Noble
Wise, Nabil, Posh, Another Name for God
Of a Noble Kind
-Lina, Brilliant, Shining, Lin
Melanie, Mel, Gentle One, Blend of Melissa and Linda
Noble and Fight, Lust, Small Winged One, Nobility
Elf Friend, Protector, Deep, Guard
Nobleman, Noblewoman, Noble, Abbreviation of Patricia
Of Noble Descent, Well-Born, Sweet Spoken
Form of Patrick, Royal, Warrior's Town, Fighting Man's Estate
Companion of Prophet Muhammad, Jewel or Ornament, The First, Go-Getter
Clearing surrounded by box trees
The Word Cynebeald with the Meaning Kin Bold Brave King, Cyneburga's Field, Regal Hill, Chief War
Patrician, From the Warrior's Town, Noble
Noble, Bright, Power, White
Both a Diminutive of Albert, Oak, Handsome, Fair
Most Noble, Exalted Brother, Diamond, Exaltation of Life
Last, the end or great
Embattled, Eager, Fight, Noble and Fast
Helper to the Priest, Attendant of Temple, Free-born, From a Roman Family Name
Noble, Protector, Honorable
Hardy, Brave, Honorable, Noble
Exalted, His Highness, Elf, Elfe
Noble., Noble, Righteous, Aedel
One who is Noble
Of a Noble Kind, Nobility, Similar to Alice
Of the Noble Sort, Protected by God, Silk of Heaven
Finer, Excellent, Ascending, Exalted One
Sweet, Kind, Honorable, Brightness
Lovely, Honorable, Noble, Variant of Helen
Helper and Defender of Mankind, To Defend, Repel, Manly
Of a Noble Kind
Noble Friend, Diminutive of Alvin
Alone-Ruler, Sacred Ruler, Noble Leader, Composition Nature Spirit
Of a Noble Kind
Well Born, Noble, Well-Born
Abbreviation of Elisabeth, Of a Noble Kind
Helvius, Good Elf, Elfin, Noble and Guardian
Noble and Guardian, Elfin, Bright, Good Elf
God is gracious
Well-Known, Will-helmet, Honorable, God's Protection
The Element Hajara Meaning to Emigrate, Wife of Prophet Ibrahim, Generous, Flight
Nobility, Sweet, Noble, Brightness
Star of the Sea, Fulfilling a Duty, Decked, The Oldest Daughter
Allure, charm and to entice
Magnificent, Innovator, Illustrious Glorious, Another Name for the Quran
To Soothe, Bearer of the Light, Scorpion, Handsome
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