Names that mean Noble

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Aadilen Tamil Noble, Honorable
Aadolf Finnish Noble, Honorable, Wolf
Aadolfiia Finnish Honorable, Noble, Exalted, Wolf
Aadolfiina Finnish Noble, Exalted, Honorable, Wolf
Aailyah Exalted, Towering, Tall, Highest Social Standing
Aaira Arabic Noble, Honourable, Respectful
Aairah Arabic Noble, Respectful
Aaiza Noble, One who has Honor
Aake Old Norse Noble, The Ewe, Representative of Ancestors, Sword Tip
Aaku Representative of Ancestors, Noble, The Ewe, Sword Tip
Aalasia Old High German Germanic Of a Noble Kind, Noble, German Origin and Means Noble
Aaleasha Sanskrit God Gifted, Of a Noble Kind, Silk of Heaven
Aaleya Hebrew Arabic Noble, To Ascend, Rising, The Ascent
Aaliah Hebrew Arabic Highest Social Standing, Noble, Exalted
Aaliesha Sanskrit Protected by God, Silk of Heaven, Of a Noble Kind
Aalieyha Hebrew High, Rising, High-born, Excellent
Aaliit Greenlandic Noble and Fighting, Nobility
Aalipa Greenlandic Noble and Bright, Brilliant, Honorable, Highborn
Aalipak Greenlandic All and Illustrious, Of Noble Lineage, Honorable, Highborn
Aaliparti Greenlandic Highborn, Noble Famous, Bright, Brilliant
Aalissi Greenlandic Of a Noble Kind, Nobility
Aalon Rock, Comely, Both a Diminutive of Albert, Handsome
Aaltruide Germanic Of Noble Force, Honorable, Strength, Power
Aalyia The Ascent, Ascending, To Ascend, Rising
Aaria Indian Noble, Worshipped, Honoured
Aaricia Scandinavian Proud Distinguished But Noble Princess
Aarick Rule with Mercy, Sacred Ruler, Noble Leader, Alone-Ruler
Aarik Noble Leader, Rule with Mercy, Ruler of All, Alone-Ruler
Aariyan Tamil Illustrious, Educated Man, Guru, That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength
Äärlanni Outl, ish, From the Nobleman's Land, Foreigner
Aart Dutch Rock, Noble Strength, The Bear, Stone
Aarto Whole, Healthy, Rock, Stone, The Bear
Aaryaa Goddess Parvati, A Noble Lady, Durga
Aaryaman Hindi Aristocratic, Noble-Minded
Aaryana Noble, Best
Aaryav Noble Person
Aata Created by God, One of Twins, Red, Wolf
Aati Greenlandic Holy Hearted, Donation, He Who Comes After, Ruby
Aato Red Earth, First Human Being, Enlightened, Wolf
Aatohviina Wolf, Noble, Honorable, Exalted
Aatolfi Greenlandic Noble, Wolf, Honorable
Aatoli Noble, Wolf, Honorable
Aatolppi Noble, Wolf, Honorable
Aatoltti Noble, Wolf, Honorable
Aatolva Noble, Wolf, Honorable, Exalted
Aatolvi Noble and Wolf, Honorable
Aatolviina Exalted, Noble, Wolf, Honorable
Aatovi Noble and Wolf, Honorable
Aatu Old High German Finnish Wolf, Honorable, Noble
Aatukka Noble and Wolf, Black, On High, Blessed