Ada name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 5th, 2023
Gender: Girl
Origin: Hebrew, German and Germanic
Usage: Arabic, English, Arabic, English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, German, Old High German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Icelandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Ada ay-dah
Meaning: Fulfilling a Duty, Paying, Beauty, Elegance, Graceful Manner, Pure, Noble and Kind
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What does Ada mean?

Customary and Venerable unisex name Ada is originated from German, Hebrew and Germanic and is used particulary in Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, English, Telugu, Old High German, Norwegian, Marathi, Swedish, Polish, Hindi, Arabic, Tamil, German, Hungarian and Romanian languages, Ada means "Fulfilling a Duty, Paying, Beauty, Elegance, Graceful Manner, Pure, Noble or Kind".

Ada is variant of Adiel. Adiel is variant of cherished Adil. Adiel is Latin cognate of The Hebrew Name עדיאל Meaning Ornament of God. Adiel means The Elements Adi Meaning Ornament is originated from Hebrew and Arabic.

Ada is variant of rooted Agda. Agda is form of everlasting and famed Agatha. Agda is Swedish equivalent of Agdha. Meaning of Agda is The Good is originated from Old Greek..

Ada is celebrated on September 16th.

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How do I pronounce Ada?

Two syllabled Ada is most commonly pronounced as ay-dah. There are multiple ways to say the baby name, i.e., a-da.

Variants of Ada

Adah, Adabella, Adiel, Agda, Adil, Alla, Agatha, Adelheid, Adalinda, Addah, Adal, Alli, Aila, Ala, Aagje, Agathangelos, Agathe, Adalheid, Lettie, Aleida, Adalheidis, Adaliz, Adelais, Adela, Adelaide, Adalhaid

Nicknames for Ada

Given name Ada is already a short name, but some possible candidates include:

Names that rhyme with Ada

How popular is the name Ada?

Ada is a popular in United States where over 96038 new-borns have been given the name since 1880. The name is current favorite of the parents, in 1880, the moniker grabbed the 33rd spot and 1943 baby girls were given the name.

Moreover, the moniker has been to the top 50 baby names 10 times Also, Ada is a popular name in England and Wales given to over 2941 babies in 29 years.

Currently the name is hotter than ever, 811 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 65th position. Moreover, the first name has been to the top 100 baby names 1 times

In France, Ada is a unique name where it has been in use since 1994 and has secured the place in top 2000 names.

Recently in 2018, it ranked 1119th when 37 girls were named Ada. Over 279 people have been named Ada in France. But Ada is a popular baby name in Nigeria where every 1 in 2000 have the name as well as in, Italy, Honduras, Mexico, Poland, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Niger, England, Cuba, Colombia, El Salvador, Gabon, Paraguay, India, Nicaragua, Mali, Guatemala and Russia.

As per our research, over 470000 people has been named Ada globally.

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Ada in Nordic countries

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What numbers say about Ada?

The letter A as your capstone reveals how you look at life and people in general. You are always open to experience something new. Set up a positive mindset and enjoy. You prefer to follow your intuition rather than follow rules and suggestions. You are an adventurer who likes to live on the edge but planning your future and your next moves make you feel secure. The capstone of your name reveals your true personality, your skills, and unique abilities.

Go through the following names similar to Ada

  •  Bakkar - Meaning of Bakkar is A Reciter of the Quran or Author is used in Sindhi and Arabic is given to boys
  •  Kamil - Of Sanskrit and Latin origin, Outlandish Kamil means "Acolyte, Complete or Beautiful" and is largely used in Indian, Polish and Danish is used as a unisex name
  •  Parvin - Far-out Parvin notably is used in Tamil, Persian and Arabic, meaning of Parvin is "Cluster of Stars, Star or Name of a Constellation" aimed at both genders came from Old Persian
  •  Thasni means River is specifically used in Arabic and Tamil is used for girls
  •  Nahar - Girl name Nahar means "The Day or Tributary" is used in Hindi, Tamil and Gujarati
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Sibling Names for Ada

Ada is a beautiful and unique name that comes from a variety of sources. It has the perfect mix of old-world charm and modernity. If you are thinking about choosing this precious moniker for your little one, here are some of the best sibling names for Ada:

For a sister

Brother for Ada

Famous people named Ada

  • Ada Everleigh,
  • Ada Negri, Italian poet and writer
  • Ada Verdun Howell, Australian author and poet
  • Ada Howard, first president of Wellesley College
  • Ada Leverson, British writer
  • Ada Louise Huxtable, architecture critic and writer on architecture
  • Ada Maris, Mexican-American actress
  • Ada Dyas, Irish actress
  • Ada Sawyer Garrett, late 19th century Chicago socialite
  • Ada Crossley, Australian singer
  • Ada James, suffragist, social worker, and reformer
  • Ada Marshania, ethnic Abkhaz and the Deputy of Supreme Council of the 'de jure' Government of Abkhazia in exile
  • Ada Evans, Australian lawyer and the first female law graduate
  • Ada Blackjack, Iñupiat woman
  • Ada Roe,
  • Ada Udechukwu, Nigerian artist and poet associated with the Nsukka group
  • Ada de Warenne, Scottish princess
  • Ada King-Milbanke, 14th Baroness Wentworth, British peer
  • Saint Ada, saint from Le Mans, France
  • Ada Lovelace, English mathematician and writer, chiefly
  • Ada Adler, Danish classical scholar and librarian
  • Ada Vélez, Puerto Rican female professional boxer
  • Ada Nicodemou, Australian-born Greek Cypriot actress
  • Ada Ellen Bayly, a
  • Ada Cambridge, English-born Australian writer
  • Ada Kok, former swimmer
  • Ada of Caria, member of the House of Hecatomnus and ruler of Caria during the mid-4th century BC
  • Ada Choi, Hong Kong actress best
  • Ada Clare, American actress and writer
  • Ada Jones, English-American popular singer
  • Ada "Bricktop" Smith, American dancer, jazz singer, vaudevillian
  • Ada Dwyer Russell, actress
  • Ada Albrecht, Argentine author
  • Ada Rehan, American actress and comedian
  • Ada Kepley, first American woman to graduate from law school
  • Ada Williams, baby farmer
  • Ada L. Smith, American politician from New York
  • Ada Deer, activist opposing federal termination of tribes
  • Ada English, Irish revolutionary politician and psychiatrist
  • Ada Dietz, American weaver best
  • Ada Cornaro, prominent Argentine film and theatre actress
  • Ada Falcón, Argentine tango dancer
  • Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher, key figure in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Ada Kouri Barreto, eminent cardiologist
  • Ada Reeve, English actress of both stage and film
  • Ada Pometti in ...altrimenti ci arrabbiamo! as Actress
  • Ada Ben-Nahum in movie Fishke Bemilu'im as Writer
  • Ada Boshell portrayed the vital role of Mrs. Andrews in 1915 drama film Not Guilty.
  • In 1977 adventure and drama flick, Frauen im Liebeslager, Ada Tauler characterized Angela.
  • Ada Chaseliov, from 1973 comedy movie Um Virgem na Praça, who portrayed the N.
  • In 1914, Ada Clyde played the role of Mrs. Lee In movie The Silence of Dean Maitland.
  • In 1944 adventure and comedy film, Circo equestre Za-bum, Ada Dondini characterized .
  • In 1914, Ada Gifford portrayed the role of Marie Forrest, an Actress in comedy film A Florida Enchantment.
  • In 1934 action and adventure film, Frontier Days, Ada Ince characterized Beth Wilson.
  • In 1917 action, crime flick, Das Geheimnis der Briefmarke, Ada Kramm played N.
  • In 1997 flick, Len & Lys, Ada Livingston played Ashten.
  • Ada Marangoni portrayed minor role of N in 1915 adventure film Maciste.
  • Ada May portrayed key role of Claudette in 1933 musical movie Dance, Girl, Dance.
  • Ada Palmer characterized minor role of Eliza Collins in 1922 comedy movie A Will and a Way.
  • In 1962, Ada Sheremetyeva played the role of Irina in romance movie Molodo-zeleno.
  • Ada St. Claire characterized the leading character of Aunt Jane in 1917 comedy movie The Runaway.
  • Ada Tschechowa, from 1942 drama flick Mit den Augen einer Frau, who characterized Marie-Luise v. Ditmar - 18 Jahre.
  • Ada Vojtsik played the leading role of Anna Kulikova in 1936 crime, drama movie Partiynyy bilet.
  • In 1934 flick, Paraninfo, Ada Cannavò portrayed N.
  • Ada StClare played minor character of Ma Townie in 1923 comedy movie Townies and Hayseeds.
  • Ada Ameh played the role of Mama Vero in comedy, drama film Atlas.
  • In 2012 drama, romance flick, Sin Palabras, Ada Vergara De Solano characterized Azucena.

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