Cliff meaning and origin

Gender: Boy
Origin: Old English and Saxon
Usage: English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
Pronunciation: \"pronunciation
Meaning: Form of Clifford and Ford Near the Cliff
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Cliff means Form of Clifford or Ford Near the Cliff is used as a baby boy name has its roots in Saxon and Old English is dominantly used in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, English and Danish. Cliff is variant form of Radcliff. Radcliff's meaning is From the Red Cliff is used in English came from Old English. Cliff is a variant form of celebrated and evergreen Clifton. Also Clifton is another transcription of Old English clif = 'cliff', 'slope', 'riverbank';TUN. Of Old English origin, Admired and Ceaseless Clifton, Clifton means "Settlement by the Cliff and From a Town Near a Cliff". Cliff is variation of well-liked and enduring Clifford. Also Clifford is variant transcription of Old English clif = 'cliff, slope, riverbank';ford = 'ford'. Of Old English origin, Well-Liked and Enduring Clifford, Clifford means "Near a Slope, Ford Near the Cliff and Name of a Place". Cliff is variation of persistent and loved Clive. Clive is derivative of Clifford. Clive means Similar to a Family and Place Names, Slope and Cliff and Heath came from Old English and Saxon..

Variants of Cliff

Clive, Radcliff, Clifford, Clifton, Cleve

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Popularity of Cliff

Cliff is a common name in United States given to over 9050 babies in 139 years. When at the peak of its usage in 1886, the moniker grabbed the 357th spot and 309 baby boys were given the name. Moreover, the first name has been to Cliff is an uncommon baby name in Ireland where it may not be used now. During its 31 years of usage in France, it had made up to just the top 800 boy names. Over 212 babies in France have been named Cliff.

Cliff is a rare baby name in Belgium however it is still in use. But Cliff is a popular baby name in Canada where every 1 in 4000 have the name as well as in, England and Kenya. At least, 100000 people around the globe have been given the name as per our estimate.

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Cliff in Nordic countries

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What numbers say about Cliff?

You have trust issues and anger management problem that you seem to be handling pretty well. Number 9 as your expression no represents your higher purpose in life. Having letter I as your first vowel represents your elegance, impulsive attitude, big heart, and gentle soul. As every person has its flaws, you are not an exception. You have some crazy dreams you want to achieve one day. You are a shy introvert with big dreams.

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Namesakes of Cliff

    Cliff Shaw, systems programmer at the RAND Corporation
  • Cliff Wright, artist, book illustrator and advertising artist
  • Cliff Arnebeck, Clifford O. "Cliff" Arnebeck, Jr
  • Cliff Hare, member of Auburn University’s first football team
  • Cliff Gallup, American electric guitarist
  • Cliff Breitkreuz,
  • Cliff Lee, ceramic artist
  • Cliff Montgomery, captain of the Columbia Lions football team that won the 1934 Rose Bowl Game
  • Cliff Hanley, journalist, novelist
  • Cliff Hucul, former driver
  • Cliff Eisen, Canadian musicologist and a Mozart expert
  • Cliff Eyland, Canadian painter, writer and curator
  • Cliff Yiskis, NASCAR driver from Cupertino, California
  • Cliff Slaughter, British socialist activist and writer
  • Cliff Bergere, American stuntman and racecar driver
  • Cliff Woodbury, American racecar driver
  • Cliff Lumsdon, Clifford Douglas "Cliff" Lumsdon Jr
  • Cliff Dickeson, former New Zealand cricketer
  • Cliff Biggers, comic book writer and journalist
  • Cliff Ellen, Australian actor
  • Cliff Padgett, American motorboat builder who built racing boats
  • Cliff Hague, British town planning practitioner and Emeritus Professor of Planning and Spatial Development at Heriot-Watt University
  • Cliff Muntu, sophomore student of IPDN
  • Cliff Turney, Australian educationalist
  • Cliff Temple, leading British athletics journalist, author
  • Cliff Burwell, American pianist and composer
  • Cliff Garrison, pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Cliff Foenander, Australian musician
  • Cliff Jones, British computer scientist
  • Cliff Richards, comic book artist
  • Cliff Richard, British pop singer, musician, performer
  • Cliff Robertson, American actor with a film and television career that spanned half a century
  • Cliff Burton, American musician and songwriter
  • Cliff Edwards, American musician, singer, actor and voice actor,
  • Cliff Stearns, Clifford Bundy Stearns Sr
  • Cliff Johnson, American game designer
  • Cliff Arquette, American actor and comedian
  • Cliff Bleszinski,
  • Cliff Thorburn, Canadian retired professional snooker player
  • Cliff Wilson, Welsh professional snooker player
  • Cliff Drysdale, former top-ranked professional tennis player of the 1960s and early 1970s
  • Cliff Finch, American politician
  • Cliff Cullen, politician in Manitoba, Canada
  • Cliff Allison, British racing driver from England,
  • Cliff Curtis, New Zealand actor
  • Cliff Martinez, American musician and composer
  • Cliff Williams, member of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC as their bassist and backing vocalist
  • Cliff Griffith, American racecar driver
  • Cliff Floyd, Cornelius Clifford Floyd, Jr
  • Cliff Branch, retired American football wide receiver
  • Cliff Michelmore, English television presenter and producer

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