170+ Vintage Names for Your Modern Baby

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Choosing a name for your baby is more than just a ceremonial rite. It's about capturing the essence, the vibe, and the hopes you harbor for your little one.

In a world of Nevas and Aidens, opting for something vintage can infuse your baby's identity with time-honored grace and originality. Imagine your son, Arthur, emanating a chivalrous charm right from his cradle, or your daughter Hazel capturing the untamed beauty of nature with her very presence.

A name like Isaac can pull its weight from biblical times without feeling like a relic, and what's more classic than an elegant Anna or a regal Deborah? These aren't just names; they're capsules of heritage, ethos, and often, innate elegance.

So, let's embark on this intriguing odyssey through names that span the flavors of classic regality, bohemian artistry, biblical history, natural majesty, and simplistic charm.

Classic & Regal Girls' Names

The names that populate this list evoke the grandeur of palaces and the enduring legacy of historical dames. Far from antiquated, these monikers inject your darling daughter with a dose of timeless grace.

1. Abigail

Of Hebrew lineage, meaning 'father's joy.' This name often decorates religious and historical texts, lending it a timeless allure.

2. Adelaide

Rooted in German heritage, this name translates to 'noble natured.' Its European undertones make it eternally classy.

3. Alice

A derivative of the Old French, signifying 'noble.' Endowed with whimsy by literary figures like Lewis Carroll, it's nostalgically refreshing.

4. Amelia

With German roots, it means 'work.' A moniker that effortlessly marries the vintage with the contemporary, like the aviator Amelia Earhart.

5. Beatrice

Originating from Latin, this name means 'she who brings happiness.' Elevated by literary giants like Dante, it's drenched in antiquated sophistication.

6. Charlotte

An Old French derivation, meaning 'free man.' The regality in this name is hard to overlook, just like the Queen City it often represents.

7. Eleanor

Of Old French and Provencal origins, meaning 'light.' First Ladies and European royalty often donned this name, affording it a dignified air.

8. Elizabeth

A Hebrew creation, translating to 'God is an oath.' Queens and authors alike have borne this name, making it both regal and versatile.

9. Emily

Stemming from Latin, it means 'industrious.' The likes of poets such as Emily Dickinson have immortalized its elegance.

10. Florence

Latin in origin, meaning 'to flourish.' Echoes of the Italian city and the Florence Nightingale give it worldly appeal.

11. Grace

Derived from Latin, meaning 'charm.' It's a name that's as poetic as it is aristocratic.

12. Katherine

With Greek roots, this name translates to 'pure.' From historical figures to modern celebrities, it remains evergreen.

13. Margaret

Originating in Greek, meaning 'pearl.' Known for its versatility, with nicknames ranging from Maggie to Peggy.

14. Mary

Rooted in Hebrew, meaning 'bitter.' Despite its meaning, it has been a favorite name throughout history, symbolizing purity and virtue.

15. Victoria

Of Latin origin, meaning 'victory.' The name screams of royal insignia and vintage affluence, cemented by the British queens.

Classic & Regal Boys' Names

Majestic and enduring, these names echo the hallways of castles and the annals of empires. They gift your little prince an aura of dignity that never fades, even when mud pies are his current empire.

16. Albert

Of Germanic origin, it means 'bright, noble.' Think Albert Einstein; this name is synonymous with genius and classical wisdom.

17. Alexander

Hailing from Greek roots, meaning 'defender of the people.' It has maintained its grandeur from antiquity to modern geopolitics.

18. Benjamin

Of Hebrew descent, translating to 'son of the right hand.' A name of strength and biblical prestige, it stands the test of time.

19. Charles

Originating in Old French, meaning 'free man.' Notable Kings and literary giants like Dickens have made this name both regal and creative.

20. Edward

Derived from Old English, it means 'wealthy guard.' With a string of British Kings named Edward, it's steeped in noble history.

21. George

Hailing from Greek, meaning 'farmer.' This name has been favored by royals, and even mythical dragon slayers.

22. Henry

Of Germanic roots, meaning 'home ruler.' It's a name that's been held by numerous kings, making it perennially authoritative.

23. James

Stemming from Hebrew, meaning 'supplanter.' Presidents, authors, and explorers keep this name ever-relevant.

24. John

Of Hebrew origin, meaning 'God is gracious.' Its ubiquity across cultures and eras makes it an enduring classic.

25. Nicholas

Greek in lineage, translating to 'victory of the people.' From St. Nick to Tsar Nicholas, it carries a diverse historical weight.

26. Robert

Originating in Old German, meaning 'bright fame.' It has been a stalwart in literature and politics alike.

27. Samuel

With Hebrew roots, it means 'heard by God.' It's rich in religious and cultural references, often abbreviated to the charming 'Sam.'

28. Theodore

Of Greek origin, translating to 'God-given.' Think Theodore Roosevelt; the name exudes an energetic charisma.

29. William

Originating in Old German, it means 'strong-willed warrior.' From Shakespeare to Bill Gates, this name's got a wide-ranging legacy.

30. Winston

Of Old English descent, meaning 'joy stone.' Immortalized by Winston Churchill, it epitomizes resilience and valor.

Bohemian & Artsy Girls' Names

These names are poems in themselves—evoking an indie film filled with whimsical sequences and ethereal landscapes. Your baby girl will inherit not just a name but a lifestyle mantra.

31. Aurora

Latin in origin, signifying 'dawn.' It's a name awash with celestial and mythical connotations, reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

32. Celeste

Rooted in Latin, meaning 'heavenly.' Its ethereal nature makes it ideal for those inclined towards the poetic and mysterious.

33. Daisy

An Old English creation, signifying 'day's eye.' It's an emblem of innocence and nature, further immortalized in literature like "The Great Gatsby."

34. Elodie

Hailing from Greek roots, it means 'marsh flower.' It has a harmonious sound and an innate, aesthetic allure.

35. Esme

Derived from Old French, meaning 'esteemed' or 'loved.' The name hit the literary jackpot when featured in J.D. Salinger's "For Esmé—with Love and Squalor."

36. Fern

Of Old English lineage, it's a simple, green, and earthy name. It evokes images of dense, mystical woodlands.

37. Flora

Originating in Latin, meaning 'flower.' It has Roman goddess undertones and is akin to the Renaissance in spirit.

38. Gemma

Latin in origin, meaning 'gem' or 'jewel.' It sparkles just like the precious stones it's named after.

39. Iris

Of Greek origin, representing both the 'rainbow' and the 'messenger of the gods.' It's as versatile as it is striking.

40. Ivy

Old English in origin, referring to the climbing plant. It has climbed its way into modern favor while maintaining its vintage appeal.

6 Month Old Baby in Vintage Attire

41. Juniper

Latin roots make this name synonymous with the evergreen shrub. It's as vibrant as it is unusual.

42. Maeve

Rooted in Irish folklore, meaning 'she who intoxicates.' It's brimming with enchantment and royal allure.

43. Ophelia

Of Greek descent, meaning 'help.' Shakespearean drama has elevated its visibility and emotional intensity.

44. Pearl

Simply means the jewel from the ocean. It's the epitome of timeless elegance.

45. Willow

Derived from Old English, named after the willow tree. It's flexible in meaning, representing both resilience and grace.

Bohemian & Artsy Boys' Names

Offbeat yet sincere, they're crafted for the aspiring artist or world wanderer in your life. Each one is a passport to a more eclectic, colorful world.

46. Atticus

Of Greek and Latin roots, meaning 'man of Attica.' It gained literary immortality through Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird."

47. August

From the Latin 'Augustus,' signifying 'consecrated' or 'venerable.' It exudes both warmth and grandeur.

48. Ezra

With Hebrew origins, meaning 'help.' A name of simple structure but complex historical depth, celebrated in biblical and modern contexts.

49. Felix

Of Latin descent, it means 'happy, fortunate.' Its jocular spirit seems to transcend time.

50. Finn

Rooted in Irish folklore, meaning 'fair.' Known for its brevity and connection to legendary figures like Finn MacCool.

51. Jasper

Of Persian origin, meaning 'bringer of treasure.' It's as colorful and intricate as the gemstone it's named after.

52. Julian

Roman in lineage, related to 'youthful' or 'downy.' It's a name that has preserved its crispness over millennia.

53. Leo

Simply means 'lion' in Latin. It roars with both historical gravitas and zodiacal mystique.

54. Oscar

Of uncertain origin, possibly meaning 'deer-lover' in Gaelic. Its literary and cinematic associations give it multidimensional charm.

55. Otto

Germanic in nature, meaning 'wealth.' It's both palindromic and historically opulent.

56. Phoenix

Greek in origin, named after the mythical bird that rises from its ashes. A symbol of endless renewal.

57. Rufus

From the Latin, meaning 'red-haired.' Its quirky sound and vibrant meaning give it an artistic flair.

58. Silas

Of Latin and Hebrew origins, meaning 'man of the forest.' It conjures images of both biblical figures and natural landscapes.

59. Soren

Of Danish origin, meaning 'stern.' It has philosophical weight thanks to the Danish thinker Søren Kierkegaard.

60. Wyatt

Rooted in Old English, meaning 'brave in war.' It's a name that combines ruggedness with poetic leanings, epitomized by figures like Wyatt Earp.

Romantic & Vintage Boys' Names

From waistcoats to war heroes, these names are a sojourn down cobblestone streets and misty moors. They're the gentlemen of yore, rejuvenated for the modern age. In each syllable, a bygone tale of chivalry and old-world charm.

61. Alistair

With Scottish roots, this name embodies chivalry and distinction, often linked with British nobility.

62. Arthur

A name synonymous with legendary kings and knights, it stands tall in its enduring appeal.

63. Calvin

Although primarily famous for Calvinism in theology, this name has a modern preppy charm.

64. Edmund

It has an old-world elegance and hints of literary flair, thanks to Edmund Spenser, the Elizabethan poet.

65. Gabriel

A name that evokes both strength and eloquence, its biblical background adds gravitas.

66. Hugh

Brief yet mighty, Hugh emanates sophistication, harkening back to old English nobility.

67. Isaac

A timeless choice, Isaac mingles biblical gravity with a light, contemporary feel.

68. Louis

Whether pronounced "Lew-is" or "Lew-ee," it offers a dash of French refinement.

69. Oliver

A darling of literature and the modern baby name charts, it's both classic and current.

70. Quentin

A less common but equally stylish name, often associated with filmmakers and novelists.

71. Sebastian

This name drips with romantic allure, partly because of its Shakespearean roots.

72. Tristan

Evokes knights and lore, especially Tristan and Isolde's tragic love story, adding to its romantic patina.

73. Vance

A name that sounds as adventurous as it does vintage, perfect for a little trailblazer.

74. Vincent

With artistic overtones courtesy of Vincent Van Gogh, it's a name befitting a creative spirit.

75. Wesley

English in origin, it's a charming moniker that echoes both tradition and modernity.

Romantic & Vintage Girls' Names

These names breathe life into forgotten love letters and sun-faded photographs. Instilling your little girl with an air of poetic nostalgia, these names are a love song to yesteryears.

76. Arabella

Of Latin origin, it means 'yielding to prayer.' This name's inherent melodiousness conjures an air of sophistication and allure.

77. Cecilia

Rooted in Latin, meaning 'blind to one's own beauty.' Its lyrical sound embodies a sense of poetic grace.

78. Daphne

A Greek creation, referring to the 'laurel tree.' Fabled in mythology, it symbolizes both beauty and metamorphosis.

79. Evangeline

Originates in Greek, meaning 'bringer of good news.' The name is imbued with both spiritual and literary enchantment.

80. Felicity

From Latin, translating to 'happiness.' The name itself seems to smile, oozing joy and effervescence.

81. Genevieve

Of French and Germanic roots, meaning 'tribe woman.' The name conjures visions of medieval romance and modern elegance.

82. Isolde

Of Celtic and Old German origin, meaning 'ice ruler.' Known from the tragic romance of Tristan and Isolde, it's saturated with passionate lore.

83. Juliet

Of English derivation from Latin, meaning 'youthful.' Shakespeare made it iconic; its romantic provenance is undeniable.

84. Liliana

Rooted in Latin, it's a more extravagant form of 'Lily.' The name blooms with both subtlety and complexity.

85. Mirabelle

Of Latin origin, meaning 'wondrous beauty.' The name glides off the tongue, leaving a trace of awe in its wake.

86. Rosalind

Of Old German and Latin lineage, meaning 'gentle horse' or 'beautiful rose.' Its Shakespearean usage adds an extra layer of poeticism.

87. Scarlett

An English name, meaning 'red.' Its vibrancy is further accentuated by literary figures like Scarlett O'Hara from "Gone with the Wind."

88. Seraphina

Hebrew in origin, linked to 'seraphim,' the highest order of angels. It's drenched in both celestial grandeur and divine mysticism.

89. Valentina

Derived from Latin, meaning 'strength and health.' It doesn't just speak of love but also embodies resilience.

90. Vivienne

Of French origin, meaning 'life.' Its Old World charm is amplified by modern high-fashion connotations.

Biblical Girls' Names

These names connect your daughter to a lineage of faith and purpose. Each one is a shard of history, refracted through the lens of timeless virtues.

Baby Girl's Portrait

91. Anna

Simple but majestic, Anna has roots in the Bible, bringing to it a sense of graceful timelessness.

92. Deborah

A strong biblical name signifying a prophetess and judge, it commands respect and authority.

93. Esther

A regal choice linked with a courageous queen in the Bible, embodying bravery and beauty.

94. Hannah

Its biblical roots bring a blend of grace and longevity to this evergreen name.

95. Leah

A deeply rooted name that signifies 'weary' in Hebrew, yet remains a symbol of timeless beauty.

96. Lydia

An evocative name linked with early Christianity, it offers both a religious and a historical edge.

97. Martha

While it might evoke domesticity due to the biblical story, Martha has a steady, unshakable charm.

98. Naomi

With its pleasant meaning ('pleasantness'), Naomi fits right into both religious and modern narratives.

99. Phoebe

The name has a biblical background as a deaconess and is also a symbol of radiance.

100. Rachel

Famed in religious text and modern culture alike, it represents the epitome of eternal grace.

101. Rebekah

A different spelling for a venerable name, it adds a touch of distinction.

102. Ruth

One of the most celebrated women in the Bible, the name is synonymous with loyalty.

103. Sarah

Mother of nations, it is a name that has stood the test of time.

104. Susannah

Often overlooked, this biblical name means 'lily' and has a sweet, old-fashioned charm.

105. Tabitha

Known in the Bible for her good works, it's a unique name that echoes vintage sentimentality.

Biblical Boys' Names

Both archaic and eternal, these monikers speak to both the heavens and the earth. Bestow upon your son a name from these scriptures, and you've penned the first line of his life's psalm.

106. Aaron

A high priest in biblical lore, Aaron also carries contemporary coolness.

107. Caleb

Though rooted in antiquity, Caleb resonates with modern parents due to its strong, distinct sound.

108. Daniel

Known for bravery and wisdom in the Bible, Daniel remains a solid, ever-popular choice.

109. Elijah

A prophet in the Old Testament, the name also carries a lyrical quality that has elevated its modern usage.

110. Ethan

While it’s biblical, it's also contemporary and cosmopolitan, resonating across cultures.

111. Josiah

A biblical king, the name is dignified but not ostentatious.

112. Micah

Though less common, its soft, poetic sound makes it a unique pick with biblical weight.

113. Nathan

Rooted in Hebrew history, it’s a universally friendly name.

114. Noah

While ancient in origin, its appeal in recent years has been nothing short of meteoric.

115. Solomon

Known for his wisdom, Solomon offers an intelligent, if hefty, option.

116. Seth

Not as grandiose as some biblical names, but just as enduring.

117. Tobias

A name with Hebraic roots and a modern twist, often shortened to Toby.

118. Zachary

Both strong and charming, Zachary offers historical depth and modern appeal.

119. Zeke

Often a nickname for Ezekiel, Zeke packs a lot of zest in just one syllable.

Nature-Inspired Vintage Girls' Names

Picture wildflowers swaying in a meadow and the dappled sunlight filtering through a forest canopy. These names connect your daughter to the earth, infusing her existence with the essence of the natural world.

120. Autumn

A name that embodies a season of change and maturity, perfect for a poetic spirit.

121. Blossom

A fresh, blooming name that evokes images of springtime and new beginnings.

122. Hazel

Resonates with those who find beauty in nature’s subtleties, also popularized by literary works.

123. Laurel

A symbol of victory in ancient times, it offers both nature and mythology.

124. Lily

Simple yet striking, it's a floral name that stands the test of time.

125. Magnolia

Rich in southern charm, it's perfect for those wanting to blend tradition and beauty.

126. Olive

Beyond its peace-symbolic olive branch, it’s also adored for its quirky yet classic vibe.

127. Poppy

A lively name that is both charming and irreverent.

128. Rose

It's not just a flower but an emblem of love and beauty.

129. Ruby

As vibrant as the gemstone, Ruby is both brilliant and timeless.

130. Summer

For those born in or loving the sunniest season, it’s a bright and optimistic choice.

131. Violet

Beyond its floral connotation, it echoes both antiquity and modern trends.

132. Wren

A petite bird with a large vocal range, perfect for a small package with big potential.

Nature-Inspired Vintage Boys' Names

Baby Boy in Vintage Pram

The names here unleash a wilderness vibe that's both feral and nurturing. Each choice isn't just a name; it's an open invitation to a life of exploration and natural wonder.

133. Ash

A name as strong as the tree it represents, with a straightforward simplicity.

134. Birch

Uncommon but resonant, evoking forests and nature's serenity.

135. Cliff

As solid as the geological formation it denotes, Cliff brings to mind rugged landscapes.

136. Forrest

A name that instantly transports one to green canopies and tranquil settings.

137. Glenn

Evoking valleys and natural majesty, Glenn offers a touch of Scottish charm.

138. Hawk

Sharp and focused, the name mirrors the qualities of the bird of prey it represents.

139. Jay

A small bird with a big personality, apt for a lively and spirited child.

140. Reed

A slender plant but a strong name, Reed offers a unique nature-inspired choice.

141. River

Evokes flowing water and continuous movement, apt for a free-spirited child.

142. Rowan

A tree name with Celtic roots, it exudes a mystic, natural aura.

143. Sage

A name that’s both a plant and a synonym for wisdom.

144. Sky

A broad and endless canvas, the name offers a world of possibilities.

145. Storm

For the tempestuous and impactful, a name that is as strong as it is emotive.

146. Wolf

A symbol of loyalty and community in the natural world, Wolf is a bold and untamed name.

Short & Sweet Vintage Girls' Names

A dash of sugar, a sprinkle of sass—these names are the epitome of brevity with flair. Each diminutive moniker packs a wallop, proving that sometimes less truly is more.

147. Ada

Rich in historical significance, Ada is a sweet yet strong name.

148. Ava

Old Hollywood glam meets modern sleekness in this two-syllable gem.

149. Bea

A shortened form of Beatrice, it’s as lovely as it is succinct.

150. Eve

The name exudes simplicity and origins, reflecting both biblical and everyday essence.

151. Ida

Vintage yet fresh, it’s a name that captures an old-world elegance.

152. Joy

A name that promises happiness and radiates positivity.

153. Kate

A timeless classic that’s both regal and accessible.

154. May

A springtime name that’s both a month and a beacon of potential.

155. Nell

A nostalgic throwback that’s cute and quirky.

156. Opal

A gemstone name that’s both colorful and captivating.

157. Tess

Often a diminutive of Tessa or Theresa, it’s a name that stands well on its own.

158. Vera

A name that promises truth and delivers classic charm.

159. Wynn

A unique name that signifies joy and happiness, a little off-the-beaten-path.

160. Zara

Exotic yet accessible, it’s a name that’s both stylish and significant.

Short & Sweet Vintage Boys' Names

Snappy and spirited, each name on this list is like a firm handshake—short, impactful, and undeniably memorable. A compact name doesn’t mean a small personality; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

161. Ben

A name that packs history and modernity into just three letters.

162. Cole

Dark yet sleek, it’s a name that has a contemporary feel.

163. Drew

Often a nickname, it holds its own as a full-fledged name.

164. Gus

Short for Augustus or Gustave, it has an old-soul vibe.

165. Ike

With presidential allure, Ike is a casual yet dignified choice.

166. Jack

As versatile as they come, Jack is both an everyman and a hero.

167. Luke

The name carries both biblical weight and a dash of sci-fi intrigue.

168. Max

Maximum impact in a minimal package, suitable for a dynamic individual.

169. Ned

While often short for Edward, it’s a strong standalone name.

170. Ray

A beam of light or a tribute to a bygone era, Ray encapsulates simplicity.

171. Sam

Often a diminutive of Samuel, it’s an American classic.

172. Tom

Ageless and reliable, often used as a diminutive for Thomas.

173. Will

Whether it’s short for William or not, Will exudes a decisive force.

174. Zack

A modern twist on the timeless Zachary, but stands strong on its own.

Wrap Up

Whether you lean towards the profound spirituality of biblical names like Noah and Ruth, or find yourself enamored with the raw essence of nature-inspired monikers like River and Blossom, you're not just labeling your child; you're handing them a narrative, a backstory right from the start.

Our meticulously curated vintage names run the gamut—each with its own allure and significance. So, as you jot down your favorites, remember that a name is more than just a word—it's the first stroke on the canvas of one's life. May you pick one that paints the perfect picture!

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