Frost name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 17th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: English
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Frost f-ro-st
Meaning: One who is Cold
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What does Frost mean?

Originated from English, Unwonted Frost is a boy name, Frost means "One who is Cold".

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Is the name Frost suitable for a newborn?

Frost is an appropriate name for a newborn boy with British origins. It carries traditional English connotations of winter and the chilly season. It implies strength, endurance, and resilience, as well as a sense of adventure which could be very inspiring for the little one.

The meaning behind the name suggests that he will always strive to remain steadfast no matter what challenges life may bring. In addition to its attractive appeal, Frost is also easy to pronounce and spell - making it an ideal choice for parents looking for a unique yet meaningful baby name.

How do I pronounce Frost?

The three syllabled name Frost is commonly pronounced as f-ro-st.

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How popular is the name Frost?



Frost in Nordic countries

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Here's what numbers has to say about Frost

You often trust the wrong people when it comes to relationships. You live for the things that matter like friendship, kindness, cruelty-free world, and dreams. You know a way out but prefer to dwell in your comfort zone. Handling the problems and life situations of others keeps you distracted from your own. You think highly of yourself and don't care what others have to say about your way of life or life in general.

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Sibling Names for Frost

If you're looking for a unique and striking name for your new baby, Frost may just be the perfect choice. But pairing a standout name like Frost with the right sibling names can be a challenge. To help inspire you, we've put together a list of complementary names that will work beautifully with Frost.

Sister to Frost

Brother for Frost

Famous people named Frost

  • Frost, Arturo Molina, Jr
  • Frost, were an Australian pop rock band, which
  • Frost Like Ashes, Christian black metal band that
  • Frost Asiedu portrayed the vital role of Ajovi in 2009 drama film Punctured Hope: A Story About Trokosi and the Young Girls' Slavery in Today's West Africa.

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