Names that mean One

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Aabjørn The Good, Sagacity, Chaste, Full of Knowledge and Wisdom
Aadhan Hindi Be First, Curious One
Aadharshana Tamil One who has Principles, The Sun, Ideal, Lord Shiva
Aadhikesavan Hindi One who is Ideal for Others
Aadhila Tamil Upright, Justice, Honesty, Just
Aadhimulam Hindi One who is Very First of Everything
Aadhiseshan Hindi Any One
Aadhyan Hindi One who is Rising, Name of a Prophet, Coming Up, A Nabee
Aadila Arabic Just, Justice, Upright, Honest
Aadrit Sanskrit One who is worshiped, Respected, The name is believed to be originated from "Aadar" which means respect
Aadvay Hindi Unique, United, One
Aadya Sanskrit Goddess Parvati, One who is Always First and Best, The Earliest
Aafrene Sanskrit One who Encourages Others
Aafrenn Sanskrit One who Encourages Others
Aagasthiya Tamil Agasthiyar Munivar, One of the Saptarshis
Aagney Son of the Fire God, The Great Warrior, Karna
Aagyapal Punjabi One who Obeys
Aaiza Noble, One who has Honor
Aajaraq Greenlandic Ther You Are, Little One
Aajeesh Tamil Meaning Not Defeated by Anyone, A Male Given Name Used In India
Aajish Tamil God of Dev, Not Defeated by Anyone
Aajon Garland in Tamil, Enlightened One, Tall, Light Bringer
Aaka Greenlandic Vine, Creeper, Bad, Weed
Aakavi Tamil The One has a High Poetic Skill
Aakilah Excellent, Kluge, Sensible, Posh
Aakko Strong One, The Enlightened, High Father, Lift Up
Aakusti The Dignified, Venerable, Holy, Summer
Aaliyah Hebrew Arabic English (Modern) Exalted One, To Ascend, Bright, Tall
Aalut Greenlandic Enlightened, Mountain Dweller, On High, Blessed
Aameena Faithful, Trustworthy, Peaceful, Honest
Aamena Reliable, The Word Amin Which is of the Meaning Faithful Truthful Trustworthy, Trusted, Peaceful
Aamish Honest
Aanaaraq Greenlandic There is the Little One!
Aanadhitha Happy One
Aanandhi Tamil The Happiest One
Aanandi The One who is Happy, Full of Joy, Cheerful, Blissful
Aanandit Joyous, One who Spreads Joy, Full of Bliss
Aanantha Tamil The Happiest One, Joy, Bliss
Aananthi Tamil The Happiest One
Aananthy Tamil Happiest One
Aanathan Tamil Happiest One
Aanathi Tamil Everlasting One, Eternal
Aanavi Hindi One with a Heart Like Ocean, Kind to People
Aanish Tamil Close Friend, Companion, Punctual, Lord Shiva
Aanishka Hindi Who has Friends, No Enemies
Aanka Greenlandic Lofty, Adler, Exalted High, Light Bringer
Aapa Friend, Darling, Beloved, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Aape Beloved One, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad, Darling, Friend
Aapi Beloved One, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad, Darling, Friend
Aapikka Friend, Beloved, Darling, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad