Omar name meaning

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Arabic
Usage: Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Malay, English and Hebrew
Pronunciation: o-mar
Meaning: An Era, The Highest of Muhammads Followers, Long-lived, Elevated, Flourishing, Long-Living, Prosperity and Flowering
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What does Omar mean?

Preeminent and Ceaseless Omar's origin is Arabic, meaning of Omar is "An Era, The Highest of Muhammads Followers, Long-lived, Elevated, Flourishing, Long-Living, Prosperity or Flowering" and is used for both sexes is chiefly used in Hindi, Tamil, English, Marathi, Arabic, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Malay, Hebrew and Gujarati.

Omar is version of preeminent Umar. Umar is version of imperishable and desirable Omar. Umar's meaning is Longevity, To Enjoy, to Get on Well and Variant of Omar is of Arabic origin.

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How do I pronounce Omar?

o-mar is the most common way to pronounce two syllabled Omar.

Variants of Omar


Nicknames for Omar

The baby name Omar is already a short name, but some possible candidates include:

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How popular is the name Omar?

Omar was a popular name in United States. Over 97226 babies have been given the given name in 181 years. At the peak of its usage in 2006, the moniker grabbed the 131st spot and 3214 baby boys were given the name.

However after 181 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts but still going strong on charts. Additionally, the given name has been in the top 500 baby names a whooping 62 times Also, a popular name in Spain with over 4365 new-borns have been given the name since 2002.

Currently the moniker is on a rise, in 2010, 525 boys were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 87th position. Additionally, the first name has been in the top 100 baby names 8 times

A common name in England and Wales having over 5247 recievers in 23 years of usage.

Recently the name is rising, in 1996, it ranked 150th when 275 parents chose the moniker for their baby boys. Also, Omar is common in France where over 10389 new-borns have been given the name since 1948.

Currently the name is hotter than ever, 360 boys were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 184th position. Also, A common name in Netherlands having over 505 recievers in 5 years of usage.

Presently peaked at the charts, it ranked 146th when 119 parents chose the moniker for their baby boys. Also, In Sweden, Omar was once a common name since emerging in 2016 it has been given to over 477 babies.

At the peak of its usage in 2017,. However after 3 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts but it is still going strong.

Omar is a familiar baby name in Switzerland, it has been in use since 1998 and was able to reach the top 200 names.

In 2014, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 167 on boy names chart when 53 babies were given the name Omar. Over 627 people have been named Omar in Switzerland.

Also, in Belgium, it has been in use since 1995 and was able to reach the top 200 names. Recently in 2018, 96 babies were given Omar and it reached its peak ranking, 122 on boy names chart.

Over 1188 babies in Belgium have been named Omar.

Omar is an uncommon baby name in Ireland where it is still in use. However things change on global perspective, Omar is extremely popular in Egypt where every 1 in 200 have the name as well as in, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Morocco, Iraq, Bangladesh, Algeria, Colombia, Argentina and Yemen.

Also the baby name is popular in Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Jordan, Venezuela, Senegal, Philippines, Libya, Kenya, Tunisia, Cuba, Malaysia, Gambia, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Peru, Chile, Mozambique, Palestine, Lebanon, India, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, DR Congo, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Russia, Ethiopia, Bahrain, Nicaragua, Iran, Djibouti, Panama, England, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Oman, El Salvador, Comoros, Canada, Qatar, Guatemala, Italy, Burundi, Rwanda and Puerto Rico.

At least, 3660000 people globally have carried Omar as their given name according to our estimate.

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Omar in Nordic countries

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Here's what numbers has to say about Omar

You often doubt your purpose, skills, and existence. You are an intuitive person who sees through people and their intentions, which can be irritating sometimes. You fall in and out of love easily but without hard feelings. You are a jealous and passionate lover. Allow yourself to think more freely. You are all about justice and can't stand people who interfere in other people's lives. Sometimes, you should talk about your issues and let people in.

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  •  Maleehah - Maleehah's meaning is Salty or Brownish Color is used in Sindhi and Arabic is used as a baby girl name
  •  Raeesah means Noble Lady or Princess is used specifically in Sindhi and Arabic is used as a baby girl name
  •  Fudayl - Used principally in Arabic and Sindhi, Fudayl means "Scholar or Learned" is originated from Arabic is aimed at both genders
  •  Navroz means Parsi Festival to Celebrate the New Year or A Parsee Festival is chiefly used in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil and originated from Sanskrit is a boy name
  •  Hasani - Of Arabic origin, Offbeat Hasani is a gender insensitive name, Hasani means "Beautiful or Handsome" is used prevalently in African and Arabic
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Famous people named Omar

  • Omar Torrijos, Commander of the Panamanian National Guard and the 'de facto' dictator of Panama
  • Omar Bongo, Gabonese politician
  • Omar Bakri Muhammad, Syrian Salafi Islamist militant leader,
  • Omar Cabezas, Nicaraguan author, revolutionary and politician
  • Omar Rezaq, only surviving hijacker of EgyptAir Flight 648
  • Omar Ali Saifuddin I, 18th Sultan of Brunei
  • Omar Karami, 29th Prime Minister of Lebanon on two separate occasions
  • Omar Charef, Moroccan football player who
  • Omar Khayam, British Muslim and convicted drug dealer
  • Omar Knedlik, American inventor and businessman
  • Omar Blondahl, musician
  • Omar Catarí, At the 1984 Summer Olympics he won the bronze medal
  • Omar Ebrahim, English baritone vocalist and actor
  • Omar Brown, Jamaican sprinter
  • Omar Gaither, American football linebacker of the National Football League
  • Omar Brissett, George's SC
  • Omar Ahmad Omar al-Hubishi, became wanted
  • Omar Daoud, Libyan international footballer
  • Omar Linares, former Cuban baseball player
  • Omar Wasow, Assistant Professor of Politics at Princeton University
  • Omar Tyree, African-American novelist
  • Omar Hammayil, mayor of Al-Bireh in the State of Palestine
  • Omar Toft, American racing driver
  • Omar Badsha, South African documentary photographer, artist
  • Omar al-Tikriti, son of Sabawi Ibrahim al-Tikriti and nephew of Saddam Hussein
  • Omar Hayssam, Syrian-born Romanian financier
  • Omar Rebahi, Algerian judoka
  • Omar Altimimi, Dutch national of Bolton
  • Omar Kent Dykes, American blues guitarist and singer, living
  • Omar Khayyam, Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet
  • Omar Abdel-Rahman, blind Egyptian Muslim leader
  • Omar Bradley, senior officer of the United States Army during and after World War II
  • Omar Sharif, Egyptian actor of Lebanese origin
  • Omar al-Bashir, Sudanese politician
  • Omar Sívori, Italian Argentine football player and manager
  • Omar Infante, He has played
  • Omar Epps, American actor, rapper
  • Omar Ahmad, founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations
  • Omar Daal, former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Omar Vizquel, Venezuelan former professional baseball shortstop
  • Omar Rodríguez-López, American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter
  • Omar Ali Saifuddien III, 28th Sultan of Brunei
  • Omar D. Conger, U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator
  • Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Turkish musician and composer,
  • Omar Ali Saifuddin II, 23rd Sultan of Brunei
  • Omar Samad, Senior Advisor to Dr
  • Omar Mukhtar, leader of native resistance
  • Omar Bravo, retired Mexican footballer who played as a striker
  • Omar Abdullah, Indian politician and the scion of one of the most prominent political families of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Omar Minaya, current Special Assistant to the General Manager of the New York Mets
  • Omar Gooding, Omar M. Gooding Sr

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