1000 popular english boy names

Here is the updated list of top 1000 popular English names for boys ranked according to the official figures of the boy name in English-speaking regions around the globe.

 1NoahWanderer, Motion, Comfort, Peaceful
 2LiamProtection, Desire, Helmet, Composition
 3WilliamWill Desire, Valley, Resolute Protector, Protectio
 4JacobHeel Grabber, One who Supplants, Supplanter, Yahwe
 5OliverElf Army, Name of Tree which Gives Olive Oil, Warr
 6JamesA Cheerful Boy, Holds the Heel, One Who Supplants,
 7MasonStoneworker, Stone Worker, To Make
 8EthanStrong, Heaven, Durable, The Enduring
 9AlexanderWarrior, Defender of Men, Protect and Man, Manly
 10BenjaminBorn of the Right Hand
 11LoganRound Hill, Log in Water to be Still and at Peace,
 12LucasMan from Lucania, Daylight Babies, Bringer of Ligh
 13DanielJudge is God
 14ElijahSweet, Beautyful, Beautiful, Smart
 15MichaelWho is Like God?, Messenger of God
 16HenryHouse and King, Power, Home Ruler, Lord of the Man
 17JackGod is Gracious, Son of Jack, One Who Supplants
 18JosephIt will Enlarge, God Would Multiply, Yahweh Will A
 19MatthewGift of the Lord
 20SamuelGod is Heard, Hear, Powerful
 21AidenPowerful, Born of Fire
 22JoshuaJehovah Saves, Funny, God Helps, Yahweh is Salvati
 23DavidDearly Loved, Beloved, Courageous Hero who Killed
 24JacksonGod is Gracious, Son of Jack
 25IsaacHe will Laugh, Laughter, Laughing One, God Smiles
 26SebastianMajestic, Exalted, Vehement Protector, Revered
 28DylanThe Sea, Son of the Waves
 29CarterDriver of a Cart, Carter
 30ThomasGemini, Twin
 31GabrielGod is Strong, God's Strength, Christan
 32LukeShining, Bringer of Light, Bright, From Lucania
 34AnthonyPraiseworthy, Priceless, Inestimable, Flower
 35OwenWell-Born, Born of Yew, The Lord is Gracious, Yout
 36WyattThe Elements Wit MeaningCheck Wide, Small Fighter,
 37AndrewThe Brave, Warrior, Manly and Strong, Masculine
 38ChristopherBearing Christ, Christ-bearer, To Carry
 39RyanKingly, Esteem, Descentdant of Rían, Little Ruler
 40LeoThe Lion, Leo, Brave, Strong
 41JaxonSon of Jack, God has been Gracious
 42NathanGiven, Protector, Lord, Give
 43CalebBold, Messenger, Whole Hearted, Faith
 44LeviJoined, Garland, Guide, United
 45GraysonSon of Grave
 46JulianDown-bearded Youth, Jove's Child, Julia, Soft Bear
 47HunterHunter, A Huntsman
 48GeorgeWorker of the Earth, Farmer, Earthworker
 49CharlesFree Man, Husband, Strong, Full-grown
 50ChristianAnointed Christian, Belonging to Christ
 51AaronHe Who Comes After, High in Hebrew, Tall, Enlighte
 52IsaiahThe Salvation of the Lord, Gods Helper
 53EliAscent, The Lord will Help, Defender of Mankind, H
 54ConnorHound Lover, King, Wolf, Ulster
 55JonathanYahweh has Given, Gift of Jehovah
 56LincolnLake Colony, Lithe
 57LandonLong Hill Ridge, From the Grassy Plain
 58JosiahThe Lord Supports, Jehovah has Healed
 59AdamMolded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Ea
 60CameronSimilar to a Clan Name, Crooked Stream, Bent Nose
 61TheodoreGod's Gift
 62AdrianRich, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
 63JeremiahGod will Uplift, Yahwe Uplifts, Lord Exalts
 64RobertRobert Burns the Poet, Bright, Glory and Brilliant
 65MateoGod's Gift, Gift of Yahweh
 66HudsonHugh's Son, Mind, Spirit
 67NicholasVictory and People, Victorious Person
 68AustinThe August, Variant of Augustine, Helpful, Dignity
 69OscarGod's Spear, Deity, Lover of Deer, Ase
 70DominicOf the Lord Belonging to God, Form of Dominick
 71JordanThe Descending, One who Descends, Olive Tree, Lead
 72EvanYahweh is Gracious, Born of Yew, Young Warrior, Ri
 73ZacharyYahweh Remembers, Renowned by God, Whom Jehovah Re
 74CharlieDarling, Handsome, Strong, Husband
 75ColtonTown of Colt-breeding, Dark Settlement
 76AsherKnowledgeable, Blessed, Happy, Felicitous
 77BraydenDescendant of Bradan, Broad Hillside
 78AngelPari, Messenger of God Angel
 79NolanPower, Northern Country, Descendant of Nuallan
 80MaxLittle Maximus, By the Great Stream, Greatest, A S
 81HarrisonSon of Harry, Harry's Son
 82HarryPowerful, Army Man, Ruler of an Enclosure, House
 83EzraGod's Help
 84TylerRoofers, Maker of Bricks, Tiles, Inspired By a Fam
 85EastonEastern Town
 86JaceA Healing, Moon, Heal, Nickname
 87JaxsonSon of Jack
 88ParkerKeeper of the Forest
 89CooperSeller, Surname
 90IanGod is Merciful
 91JasonHealing, Healer, Mythical Leader, The Lord is Salv
 92GavinFalke, White Hawk
 93JoseGod will Add Another Son
 94CarsonCoastal Rocks, Son of Carr, Mossy Place, Rock
 95EliasThe God is My Lord, Name of One Prophet
 96ChaseHunter, Huntsman
 97EdwardWealthy Guardian, Guard of His Wealth
 98KevinGentle, Loved One, Handsome, Comely
 99RomanMan from Rome, Citizen of Roman
 100XavierSaviour, Splendid, Owner of a New Home, Bright
 102KaydenCompanion, Son of Cadán, Friend, Gentle
 103MuhammadThe Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised, Name of the Las
 104BrandonSword, Gorse Hill, The Elements Brom MeaningCheck
 105BlakeWhite, Blonde, Pale-skinned, Dark
 106LeonardoStrong, Hardy, Brave, Lion
 107NathanielGod has Given
 108GreysonSon of the Gray-haired Man
 109BentleyMeadow of Grass, Wood
 110VincentConquering, One Who Overcomes, Prevailing, Victor
 111MilesPeaceful, Love, Servant, Soldier
 112LucaBorn At Daybreak, Light, Daylight Babies, The Brig
 113SawyerWood Worker, The Sawyer
 114BrysonSon of Bryce
 115SantiagoSt, Saint Iago
 116TristanOutcry, Dedicated to Mars, From the Celtic Name Tr
 117ArthurArthur was a Great King Lives In 6Th Century, The
 118ColeDarkly Complexioned, Coal, Prince of Red Roses, Th
 119MaxwellSurname, Mack's Well, Dweller by the Spring, Great
 120MicahWho is Like Yahweh?
 121RyderOne who Rides, Knight, Horseman, Rider
 122DeclanFull of Goodness
 123KaiQuarrel, Katharina, The Element Gaudere Which Mean
 124DamianConqueror, Fertility, Tamer, To Tame
 125JudePraised, Generosity, Who Gives Glory to Yahweh
 126AlexProtect and Man, Defender of Men, Manly
 127LuisStruggle, Battle, War, Loud
 129EzekielGod Strengthens
 130Axel(God The) Father is Peace
 131JustinThe Just, Righteous, Singer, Judicious
 132AlfieCounsel, Form of Alfred, Ready for Battle, All and
 133WesleyWest Clearing, Leaning Against a Family Or Place N
 134RileyCourageous, Descendant of Roghallach, Valiant, Dwe
 135WestonWest Town, From the Western Settlement
 136MaverickMaverick, A Wild Nonconformist an Independent Free
 137JamesonSupplanter, Son of James
 138EverettStrong as a Wild Boar, Everard
 139TheoGod's Gift, Gift of God
 140JuanGod is Merciful, Graceful, Beautiful
 141BraxtonBrock's Town, Bracc's Settlement
 142SilasThree, Forest, Wood Dweller, The Third
 143AshtonAsh Tree Enclosure
 144EricSole Ruler, Ever-powerful, Honor and Powerful King
 145KaidenSon of Cadán, Friend
 146CamdenEnclosed Valley, From the Twisting Valley
 147JakeHeld by the Heel, He who Supplants, God is Graciou
 148CarlosArmy, Man, Manly, Husband
 149DiegoHolder of the Heel, Supplanter, One Who Supplants,
 150IvanGift from God, Archer, Yahweh is Gracious
 151FreddiePeace and King, Elf, Safety, Diminutive of Frederi
 152FinleyBlond Warrior / Hero, White, Fair-haired Courageou
 153JonahThe Dove
 154EmmettHard Working, Emma, An Ant, Industrious
 155ArchieGenuine Courage, Brave, Form of Archibald, Very Bo
 156ElliotGod is My Salvation, Old Welshman, Form of Elijah,
 157AbelVanishing, Fragility, Vapour, Healthy
 158JesusGod Helps, Yahweh is Salvation
 159KingstonKing is One of Several Titles Occasionally Used as
 160GiovanniYahweh is Gracious, God is Merciful
 161JesseLord Exists, Glorious Praise, Gods Gift, He (God)
 162JoelGod is Gracious, Powerful, Work-power, Strong
 163BennettThe Blessed, Blessed
 164RykerBrave One, Composition from Rulers, Dominant Ruler
 165PatrickNobleman, Patrician, Noblewoman
 166ElliottThe Lord is My God, Form of Elijah
 168MaddoxSon of Madoc
 169RowanRed Haired Surname, Name of a Tree, Red-haired
 170HaydenFrom the Hedged Valley, The Rosy Meadow, Heathen
 171TimothyGod the Honourable, Name of a Saint
 172EmmanuelGod with Us
 173BryceQuick-moving, Speckled, Noble, Son of a Nobleman
 174AlanNoble, Little Rock, Peace, God of Shine
 175BrantleyLee, Proud, Firebrand, Sword
 176FinnLaplander, The Element Fionn Which Means White Fai
 177MalachiMessenger, My Angel
 178AntonioBeyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy, Priceless, Of
 180VictorConqueror, Victor, Champion, One who Conquers, Vic
 181MohammedForm of Muhammad Praised One, Filled with Praise,
 182RichardDominant Ruler, Brave, King and Strong, Hard
 183JasperThe Name of a Gemstone, Jasper-stone, He who Guard
 184KingMonarch, Ruler, King, Yumi
 185MiguelWho is Like God, Who is Like God?
 186StevenWreath, The Crowned, Crowning
 187AbrahamFather of a Multitude, Faultless
 188AmirLeader, Rich, Emir, Strong
 189MarcusDefence, The Roman God of War, Mars, Of the Sea
 190PrestonPriest's Town
 191BeauBeautiful Gaze, Handsome, Pretty
 192KalebDog, Loyalty
 193GrantGreat Plains, Big, Tall
 194KyleA Place-name Referring to the Narrows, Fair and Ha
 195AidanIntelligent, Little Fiery One, Name of a Saint, Th
 196BradleyBroad Meadow, Wide Forest Clearing, Big Clearance
 197MaximusThe Greatest
 198XanderDefender of Mankind, Splendid, Protector, He Who W
 199JeremyRaise Up, God Raised, The Lord Exalts, Yahwe Uplif
 200TuckerGarment Maker, The Fuller, Tucker of Cloth
 201KarterCart Driver
 202AlejandroHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
 203MarkDedicated to the God Mars, Boundary, Horse, War-li
 204AveryElf Ruler, Alfreda, Counsel from the Elves, Rules
 205BryanVirtuous, Noble, Honorable, Consideration
 206GaelGaelic, My Father is Joyful, Blessed, White
 207NicolasVictory of the People, Victorious Person
 208GrahamSpear and Hard, Gravelly Place Gray House, Strong,
 209PeterStrong, Stone, The Rock, River
 210LouisFight, Loud, Struggle, Renowned Warrior
 211ZaydenLittle Fire, Help, Fiery, Superabundance
 212FelixLucky, Name of a Saint, The Successful, Happy
 213KadenSon of Cadán, Companion
 214ColinVictor, Young Creature, Dove, Abbreviation of Nich
 215BrianStrength, Noble, Brave, Hill
 216MylesMerciful, Servant, Inventor of the Corn Mill, Sold
 218WaylonFight, Variant of Wayland, Modern Singer Waylon Je
 219JaxHas Shown Favor, Yahweh is Gracious, Masculine For
 220DeanHollow, Elder, Valley, The Elements Dean
 221LeonBrave as a Lion, Leo, Form of Leonard, Strong
 222MatteoGift of Yahweh, Gift of God
 223AugustExalted, Summer, August, Revered
 224MiloFavour, Rival, Glory, Peaceful
 225PaulSmall, Biblical Apostle and Evangelist Paul's Lett
 226JadenGod Reigns, Thankful
 227ArloAngel, The Barberry Tree, Fortified Hill
 228OmarAn Era, Follower of the Prophet, Long-Living, Expr
 229CadenSon of Cadán
 230ZionHeaven, Homeland, Parched Place, Sign
 231ZaneThe Lord is Gracious, God's Grace, Sea-friend, Bel
 233KennethBeautiful and Wealthy, Born of Fire, Good-looking,
 234CodyHelper, Son of Óda, Helpful, Cushion
 235HugoHeart, Spirit, Intelligent, Bright Mind
 236LukasDaylight Babies, Light, Shining, From Lucania
 237RiverRiverbank, Seashore, River, River
 238RoryGlorious, Red, Great, Variant of Roderick Famous R
 239SeanGod is Merciful, Yahweh is Gracious
 240BrooksNear the Stream or Brook, Running Water, Son of Br
 241BradyDescendant of Brághadach, Spirited, Wide Island
 242JudahPraised He who is Praised, Praised
 243TobiasGod is Gracious, Born with a Star
 244DawsonSon of David, Beloved, Surname
 245CaydenSon of Cadán
 246EmilianoRivaling, Emulum, Rival, Imitating
 247HarveyPresumably Struggle, Eager for Battle, Army Warrio
 248Seth(Replacement, The Appointed, Placed
 249AndresThe Manly, Man
 250PaxtonPeaceful Town, Trader, Settlement, Homestead
 251RhettStream, Speaker, Advice, Enthusiastic
 253DerekRuler of the People
 254MessiahThe Anointed One, The Anointed
 255AlbertHonorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous,
 256JorgeA Tiller of the Soil, Earthworker, Farmer, Bauer
 257SpencerDispenser of Provisions, Provisioner, Administrato
 258JavierObscure, Flower, Bright, Variant of Xavier
 259TobyGoodness of the Lord, Yahweh is Good
 260IsraelGod Rules
 261SimonListening Intently, He who Hears God has Heard, Wh
 262EllisMy God is Yahweh, Eliane, Kind, Peaceful Ruler
 263IkerVisitation, Bearer of Good News
 264GriffinMythological Beast, Griffin, Hooked Nose, A Fox
 265CorbinRaven, Raven-haired
 266MartinWar-Like Dedicated to Mars, War-like, Warrior, War
 267ArcherA Bowman Or Archer, An English Surname, Noteworthy
 268ReubenA Son!, Behold
 269HarleyHeap of Rocks, Hara Which Means Hare, Deer Hunter
 270TeddyForm of Theodore, Courageous People, Wealthy Prote
 271TannerTanner, Leather-worker
 272ClaytonFrom the Clay Town, Clay-pit Site, Place Name, Sur
 273DexterDyer, One who, Dexterous, Right Handed
 274AliElevated, God, Sublime, Lofty
 275KnoxHill, From the Hills
 276ZanderProtector, Abbreviation of Alexander, He Who Wards
 277RafaelGod has Healed, God Heals
 278StephenWreath, The Crowned, To Wear a Crown, Garland
 279FrederickPeaceful Ruler, Magical Counsel, Power, Safety
 280FranciscoLittle Frenchwoman, Free Condition
 281TommyTwin, Gemini, Form of Thomas
 282JosueYahweh is Salvation
 283GunnerWarrior, Army, Fight
 284LewisFight, Warrior, Famous in Battle, Fame and War
 285TravisCrossing, Toll Collector, To Cross the River, Simi
 286ErickAlone-Ruler, Honor and Powerful King
 287DamienFertility, To Tame, Conqueror, Spirit
 288RylanDweller at the Rye Land, Island Meadow
 289ThiagoHolder of the Heel, Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect
 290LouieWar, Famous, Battle, Renowned Warrior
 291MohammadThe Prophet of Islam, Glorified, Praiseworthy, Hig
 292IbrahimMy Father is Exalted, Earth a Prophets Name, Abrah
 293HoldenDeep Valley, Kindly, Gracious
 294EnzoHouse, Ruler, Laurel
 295JaidenThankful, Variant of JaydevGod has Heard
 296ChanceA Gamble, Record Keeper, Variant of Chauncey, The
 297AndreThe Brave
 298PhoenixDark Red
 300ReidSurname, Red Haired, A Ruddy Complexion
 301EmilioRivaling, Imitating, Emulum, Wetteifernde
 302BarrettBear-strength, Bear-like, Bonnet, Bear
 303AdrielFlock of God, God's Majesty
 304KameronClan, Form of Cameron Crooked Nose
 305KeeganLittle Fiery One, The Word Mac Which Means Son, De
 306AmariStrenth Forever Immortal, Strength, Eternal, Power
 307RemingtonFrom the Raven Farm
 308CashWealthy Man, Diminutive of Caspar, Case, Vain
 309StanleyStand Up and Glory, Rocky Meadow or from the Stony
 310RaymondGuards Wisely, Advice, Decision Protector, Strong
 311DallasUsed as a First Name Since the 19th Century, Overn
 312GageAssayer, Measure, A Pledge, Oath
 313ManuelGod with Us, Strong, Powerful
 314EduardoFortune, Prosperous Guardian, Wealth and Keep
 315WalterPowerful Warrior, To Govern and Loved, People of P
 316RicardoBrave, Power, King and Strong, Rich
 317HectorHold, Anchor, Possess, Tenacious
 318CristianBelonging to Christ, The Anointed One, Christian
 320MarioSea, King-ruler, The End, Warring
 321FrankieFree Condition, Frankie is Occasionally Used for G
 322CaidenSon of Cadán
 323PeytonRoyal, Noble, Patrician, Fighting Man's Estate
 324EmersonIndustrious Ruler, Brave, House and King, Mighty
 325FernandoBold, Peace
 326ConnerDog Lover
 327CollinDove, Victory of the People, Young Pup, Victor
 328KianGrace of God, Stable, Ancient or Distant, Old
 329FrankOf the Franks, Free Condition, Variant of Francis,
 330TitusTitle, Honored, New Testament Character, Giant
 331DevinEnglish and American Place Name, Resembling a God,
 332GarrettHardy, Mighty with a Spear, Brave
 333KarsonSon of Carr
 334MaximilianoGreatest, Very Great
 335TroyFoot-soldier, Curly Haired, To Be Strong, Man from
 336JensenSon of Jens
 337JensonSon of Jens
 339ColtCoal Town, Frisky, Diminutive of Colston, Colt
 340BobbyGlory and Brilliant, Bright Fame, Gloriously Shiny
 341LaneLane, Path, A Narrow Country Road
 342AndersonMasculine, Son of Andrew
 343JeffreyGod and Peace, Divinely Peaceful, Area, Stranger
 344RonanLittle Seal
 345MatiasGift of Yahweh, Gift of God
 346RubenA Son! In the Bible, Behold, Lucky
 348DonovanDescendant of Donndubhán, Dark Black, Good and Ch
 349CesarVariant of Caesar, Cut, Long Haired, Hirsute
 351EdwinBlessed Friend, Valued, Possession
 352KillianStrife, Quarrelsome, Gaillard, War
 353NashAdventurer, At the Ash Tree, Cliff
 354RonnieStrong Counsel, True Image, Advice, Wise Ruler
 355MarshallSteward of Horses, Marshall, Horse-keeper, Shoeing
 356JohnnyGod Gave, Yahweh is Gracious, Has Shown Favour
 357JettTo Throw, Jet Black
 358DanteEnduring Steadfast, Endure, Withstand
 359AngeloMessenger, Angel
 360ShaneYahweh is Gracious
 361MarcoDedicated to the God Mars, Dedicated to Mars (The
 362LegendLegend, Myth
 363WalkerFuller, Cloth Washer, Roll Up, Cloth-walker
 364AceFirst-rate, Ace, Number One, Unity
 365QuinnIntelligent, Hound, Wise, Strength
 366TysonHigh-spirited, Firebrand, Son of Ty
 367GideonFeller of Trees, Loggers, Powerful Ruler, Tree Cut
 368TrevorLarge Homestead, Big Village, Temperate Man, Prude
 369JuliusJove's Child, Youthful, Down-bearded Youth, Dedica
 370EdgarBlessed, Owner of Spear, Wealth, Possession
 371ErikAlone-Ruler, Sole Ruler, Honor and Powerful King
 372YusufGod Would Multiply, A Prophet's Name, He Shall Add
 373FabianOne who Grow Beans, Fabulent, Bean Grower, The Sky
 374AndyManly, The Brave, Form of Andrea, Warrior
 375RoccoShort Tunic, War Cry, Roar
 376BodhiWise, Awakens, Enlightenment, Awakened
 377ConorDog Lover
 378ReggieRuler with Counsel, Advice, Form of Reginald, Rule
 379RomeoOne who has Made a Pilgrimage to Rome, Son of Tolm
 380OrionSon of the Fire, Urine
 381MaximilianVery Great, Greatest
 382DaltonThe Settlement in the Valley, Place Name
 383JohnathanJonathan, John
 384JaylenCalm or Serene, Bird of Light
 385SergioServant, Famous Roman Family of the 1St Century
 387JayBlue Crested Bird, Ja, J, Victory
 388AtticusFrom Athens, From Attica
 389BeckhamHouse, Home, Becks Homestead
 390CoreySeething Pool, Hill Hollow, Strong and Lively, God
 391PrinceFirst, Principal One, Prince, King
 392JaredDescent, Descending One who Rules, To Descend, He
 393JoaquinYahweh Will Establish, God Judges On
 394DesmondGracious Defender, Munster, Wealth and Protection
 395DominickBelonging to the Lord, Offered to the Lord
 396SolomonPeaceful, Peace, Happiness
 397GregoryVigilant Watchman, The Watchful, Alert
 398MohamedGlorified, Filled with Praise, No Mistake in his C
 399RhysZealous, Enthusiasm, Fiery, Ardor
 400AyaanMotion, Nature, Path, Temperament
 401ReedRuddy Complexioned, Red-headed, Red Haired
 402MajorCouncil, An Office in the Army, Senior, Spear
 403ClarkClergyman, Priest, Surname, Occupational Name
 404NoelChristmas, God is with Us
 405AlexisTo Protect, The Defender, Helper, Repel
 406ZaynGrace, Handsome, Beauty, Beautiful
 407OllieAn Olive, Form of Oliver, Elf, Warrior
 408MalikMaster, Ruling, Chieftain, Wave
 409ShawnYahweh is Gracious, American Spelling of Sean, Pre
 412KaneBright, Warrior's Son, The Eastern Sky, Little Bat
 413OakleyFrom the Oak Tree Field
 414EmanuelA Biblical Name-title Applied to the Messiah, Vari
 415JamieSupplant, One who Supplants, Feminine of James, De
 416DaxtonReference to the French Town Dax, Water
 417SonnyLike a Bear, Son, Youngster, A Nickname and Given
 418NehemiahGod has Comforted, Yahweh Comforts, God's Compassi
 419GradySon of Grádaigh
 420KaysonKay, Jayson
 421WarrenGame Reserve, Guardian, Park Warden, Various Thing
 422TaylorOne who Cuts Cloth, To Cut, Tailor, Schneider
 423PedroThe Stone, The Rock
 424LandenFrom the Grassy Plain
 425AlbieBrilliant, Highborn
 426KendrickFearless Leader, High Summit Greatest Champion, Ro
 428DrewMasculine, Abbreviation of Andrew, Brave, Wise
 429IsmaelGod Hears, A Prophet's Name, Prophet, In the Bible
 430AhmedMuch Praised, Gift of Allah, Praiseworthy, Most Re
 431RobertoWide Fame, Glory and Brilliant
 432NicoVictorious Person, Victory of the People
 433KadeRound, Barrel-maker, Lumpy, Gentle
 434OdinInspiration, Head God in Norse Mythology, Wealthy
 435FrancisFree, French Man, The Element Francesco Which Mean
 436KasonKay, Jayson
 437PhilipWarlike, Loves Horses, Horse Lover
 439AllenTribe near the Black Sea, Rock, Comely, Noble
 440FranklinLand Holder, Franch Man, Of the Franks, Free Condi
 441CadeLumpy, Gentle, Round, Barrel-maker
 442AtlasStruggle, To Endure = Not Enduring, Lifted
 443DannyForm of Daniel, God is My Judge
 444TrentonTrent's Town, Gushing Waters
 445MilanDear, Expensive, Meeting, Gracious
 446AriEagle, Inner Skin, Brings Rain, Brave
 447LelandFrom the Meadow Land, The Elements Laege MeaningCh
 448AlfredCounsel from the Elves, Supernaturally Wise, Name
 449ZaidenFiery, Sower of Seeds, Strength
 450TateLight Hearted, Great Talker, Pleasant and Bright,
 451JoeyGod Adds, Form of Joseph, He (God) Will Add
 452LukaShining, From Lucania, Daylight Babies
 453JaxtonJack's Town
 454SamTo Hear, Sun Child, Heard By God, Strong Person
 455SullivanBlack-Eyed, Súil, Fields and Hill
 456PorterKeeper of the Gate, A Porter Gatekeeper, One who C
 457ZachariahYahweh Remembers
 458AbramExalted Father, Need, Lift Up, Uplift
 459LawsonSon of Law or Lawrence, Son of Lawrence
 460RussellRedhead, Russet, Red Skinned, Red-head
 462PabloWeak, The Humble, Little
 463RaphaelGod has Healed
 464RalphWolf Counsellor, Advice, Counsel, Strong
 465AdanNoble, Variation of Adam from the Red Earth, Fire,
 466JonasDove, Peaceful Being, Similar to Hebrew Jonah, He
 467MalcolmPledge, A Dove, Students of St, Hostage and Lumino
 468BruceBrewer, Willow-lands, Woods, A Place Name
 469SkylerLearned One, Scholar, Protection, Shield
 472RayanDescendent of Rian, Clever, Fragrant Herb, Fresh
 473ArjunA Pandava Prince, Open Minded, Shining, Son of Lor
 474LennoxField on the River Leven, Field on River Leven
 475WadeRiver Ford, To Go, Moving
 476PhillipOne of the Biblical 12 Apostles, Horse Lover
 477DerrickPeople's Ruler, Form of Derek
 478DrakeDragon, Male Duck
 479GunnarFighting Lord, Fight, Warrior, Struggle
 480FinneganDescendant of Fionnagán
 481RemyA Town in Central France, From the Raven Farm, Cha
 482BillyWill Helmet, Resolute Guardian, Protect, Protectio
 483EstebanThe Crowned, Crowning, Crown
 484OttoBorn Eighth, Fortune, Famous, Possession
 485DamonTamer, Spirit, Constant, Subdue
 486MarcosDedicated to Mars (The Roman God of War)
 487CyrusMaster, Ruler, Far Sighted, The Element Kyrios Whi
 488KhalilCharming, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad, Honou
 489RonaldPowerful, Wise Ruler, Rule, Advice
 490ZayneThe Lord is Gracious, Beauty
 491ScottScot, Scottish, The Scotsman, Inspired By a Family
 492DeaconServant, Deacon, Messenger, Dusty One
 493BrendanLittle Raven, Sword-blade, Well Known Irish Playwr
 494EdenDelight, Pleasure, Luxuriant, Paradise, Adornment
 495AbdullahServant of Allah, One who Serves the God, God's Se
 496JaysonThe Lord is Salvation, To Heal, A Healer, Greek He
 497PrincetonPrince's Town, Principal One
 498HamzaLion, Sour Leaves, Brave, Steadfast
 499ReeceArdor, Ardent, Zealous, Fiery
 500RaidenGod of Thunder, Thunder God
 501KieranThe Black, Swarthy, Darkskinned, Warrior and Assau
 502BraylenDescendant of Bradan, Broad Hillside, Salmon
 503DillonLightning, Enlightenment, Sea
 504KoltonCoal Town
 505WinstonFarmstead Or Village of Wine, Pleasant Stone, Home
 506BraylonBroad Hillside, Descendant of Bradan, Salmon
 507DariusWealthy, Possess, Give, Prophet
 508LawrenceLaurel, Form of Lawrence, Crowned with Laurels
 509CaseyDescendant of Cathasaigh, Brave
 510HayesSurname, From the Hedged Enclosure
 511RexThe Queen, Advice, Rule, King
 512ArmandoWarrior, Strong and Man, Army
 513NasirAnnouncer, Granting Victory, Protector, Assister
 514JamisonVariant of Jacob, Supplanter
 515MosesFoundling, Drawn out, Drew Out, Son of the Nile
 516EnriqueRuler, House and King, Home, Rich
 517AaravHope, Calm, Good Personality, Peaceful
 518DennisGod of Wine, Dedicated to Dionysos, Named for Sain
 519FlynnRuddy, Descendant of Flann, Red One
 520RaulWolf, Versatile, Strong Defender, Advice
 521SterlingGenuine, Pure, Little Star, Of High Quality
 522GerardoSpear Hard, Hardy, Brave
 523AhmadMost Highly Adored, Much Praised, More Praiseworth
 524KeithThe Element Keth MeaningCheck Forest Windy Place,
 525LaytonFrom the Meadow Settlement, A Surname and Place Na
 526ChandlerCandle Maker, Candle-maker
 527AugustusRevered, Great, Worthy of Respect, Majestic
 528MatthiasGift of Yahweh
 530BradenFrom the Broad Valley, Descendant of Bradan Salmon
 531AdonisLord Yahweh, Handsome Youth, Ruler
 532AlecManly, Defending Men, Helper and Defender of Manki
 533ColbyThe Dark Farmstead
 534BrycenSon of Bryce
 535DonaldGood and Christmas, The Elements Dubno MeaningChec
 536KasenKay, Jayson
 537MathiasGift of God
 538MusaMoses in English, Son, A Prophets Name
 539KellanSlender, Narrow
 541ZainGood, The Lord is Gracious, Variant of Zane or Joh
 542SaulAsked for Prayed For, Requested, Small, Weak
 543RoyceRohesia, Rose Flower
 544JoeGod Would Multiply, He will Enlarge, Form of Josep
 545BensonSon of Benedict
 546JimmyHolder of the Heel, Yahweh May Protect, One who Su
 547BowenSon, Small Victorious One
 548CasonJayson, Kay
 549FletcherArrow Maker, Arror Featherer
 550MorganBright Sea, Sea-Born
 551RodrigoPower, Powerful, Illustrious, Fame
 552KeatonThe Element Tun Which Means Town Settlement Homest
 553LeonardLion, Strong, Brave, Hardy
 554LeonidasLion Strong
 555JaimeSupplanter, The Sun, One Who Supplants, Yahweh May
 556DavisLoved By God, David's Son, Dear One, Beloved
 557BenSon of the Right Hand, Meadow with Coarse Grass, B
 558JulioIllustrious Roman Family, Dedicated to Jupiter
 559PierceThe Stone, Form of Peter, Rock
 560NikolaiVictory of the People
 561RohanAscending, Sandal Wood, Healing, Medicine
 562AlijahMy God is Yahweh
 563AsaDoctor, Like, Little Hawk, Similar to
 564TonyFlourishing, Derived from Victoria, Priceless, Wor
 565LandynLong Hill
 567QuentinFrom the Queen's Estate, Fifth in Order, Fifth-Bor
 568RoyalRoyal, Regal, Red, Rye Hill
 569MathewGift of Yahweh, Gift of the Lord
 570EddieWealthy Guardian, Wealth Protector, Possession, Na
 571EzequielGod Strengthens
 572RoninWave or Wandering Person, Little Seal, Samurai wit
 573DouglasBlood River, Blue, Dark Stream, Green
 575HankHome, House and King, Powerful, Ruler of the Estat
 576RylandFrom the Rye Land, Island Meadow
 577BrennanSmelly Hair, A Prince, To Brand, Little Raven
 578DaxWho is Aware In All Thing Always, Reference to the
 579DustinThor's Stone, Valiant Fighter, Inspired By a Famil
 580ArmaniIs Associated to Goddess Durga
 581DorianIsis was the Principal Goddess of Ancient Egypt, R
 582JerryVariant of the Saint's Name Jerome, Yahwe Uplifts,
 584MuhammedPraised and Commendable, The Name of the Prophet,
 585LucianoShining, The Bright, Light, Daylight Babies
 587JohanGod is Merciful, German Form of John
 588OmariFlourishing, High Born, The Highest of Muhammads F
 589CurtisPolite, Courteous, Courtly, The Words Curt Meaning
 590NixonSon of Nicholas
 591GianniThe Lord is Gracious, Knowledgeable
 592JakobHolder of the Heel, Yahweh May Protect, To Supplan
 593DominikLord, Child Born on Sunday
 594UrielGod is My Light, God is Light
 595IzaiahYahweh is Salvation
 596IssacHe Laughs
 597NikolasVictory of the People, Victory and People
 598RoyRegal, King, The Red
 599EdisonSon of Edward, Eduarda
 600AlonzoEager for Battle, Ready for a Fight
 601CallenSon of Cathalain
 602MarleyVariant of Marlenel, Pleasant Wood, Woman from Mag
 604MarvinGreat, Famous and Friend, Sea Lover, Eminent Marro
 605BaileyBailiff, Berry, Law Enforcer, Steward
 606ChrisBearer of Christ or Anointed, Christian Woman, Chr
 607CassiusEmpty, Vain
 608JusticeJudge, Just, Justice
 609MarcelForm of the Latin Marcellus, Young Warrior, Hammer
 610DarrenFrom Araines, Oak Tree, Presumably Inspired By a F
 611SageWise One, Sage, Healthy, Aromatic Herb
 612CaseBringer of Peace, Casey, Box
 613DevonDefender, English and American Place Name, Bard, F
 615FinlayThe Words Fionn Which Means White Fair, Small Blon
 617GustavoStaff Bearer, Form of Gustave, Stick, Goth
 618AryanOf the Aryan Race, Honorable, Warrior, That which
 619IsaiasYahweh is Salvation
 620MitchellMichel, Michael, Who is Like God
 621ArturoThe Bear
 622OtisWealthy, Son of Ote
 623LucianIllumination, Light, Born At Daybreak, Shining
 625UriahYahweh is My Light
 626RolandFamous Land Owner, Fame, Domain, Homeland
 627YahyaA Prophets Name, John, God is Gracious, To Give So
 628AlbertoAll and Illustrious, Honorable, Nobly Famous, Bril
 631HassanLaughter, Good, Beautiful, Lord Chandra
 632CannonOfficial of the Church, Canon, Occupational Name,
 633LeightonSettlement with Leek-Field, A Surname and Place Na
 635ArielLion of God
 636SorenThe Severe, Arise, Strict Or Stern
 637FinnleyWhite Warrior
 638DukeSalt Box, Leader, The Duke
 639SantinoHoly, Sanctus
 640JamariHandsome, Beauty
 641NikoVictory of the People, Abbreviation of Nicholas
 642ElianGod is My Salvation
 643KellenSwamp, The Element Caol Which Means Narrow Slender
 644QuintonVariant of Quentin Fifth, Surname
 645ConradHonest Adviser, Wise Counselor, Bold Ruler, Brave
 646TomasGemini, Twin, A Form of Thomas
 647MauricioThe Moor, Moorish
 648SyedPrince, Lucky, Fortunate, Always In Control
 649WilsonWill-helmet, Will and Helmet, Son of Wil, A Family
 650KingsleyOne from the Kings Meadow, King's Forest Clearing,
 651KylanSlender, Quarrelsome, Narrow, Gaillard
 652BrunoBrown, Shield, Transfer: Bear
 653JalenCombination of Jay and Allen, Calm or Serene
 654MemphisEnduring And Beautiful, From Memphis Ancient Egypt
 655OrlandoHomeland, Domain, Glory and Earth, Renowned in the
 656AlfredoElf, Council, All and Peace, Magical Counsel
 657AlvinRelated to Elf, Everything and Friend, A City on a
 658NathanaelGift of God, God has Given
 659CaysonKay, Jayson
 660MustafaProphet Muhammad, Elected, Mustafa, Elect of God
 661VihaanDawn, Sun's First Light, Morning, New Beginning
 662TatumOther Cheering, Cheerful, Tate's Homestead, Bringe
 663RowenLittle Red One
 664LarryLaurel, From Laurentium, Form of Lawrence, Crowned
 665RupertGlorious Shining, Bright Fame, Glory and Brilliant
 666JasiahYahweh Supports
 667RickyPeaceful Ruler, Rich, Lucky, Hardy
 668GarySpear Carrier, Rule, Strong
 669RobinShining, Bright, Glory and Brilliant, A Bird Name
 670ColtenCoal Town
 671QuincyFifth, Derived from Roman Clan Name, Like a Queen,
 672KorbinA Raven, Raven-haired
 673CarlFarmer, Vigorous, Strong, Stupid Person
 674FilipFriend of Horses, Horse Lover
 675LanceHomeland, Land, A Lance
 676AlessandroHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Protect and Man, Man
 677BoPrecious, The Element Búa MeaningCheck to Live to
 678MekhiWho is Like God?, English, Messenger of God
 679NeilCloud, Acquirer, Like a Horn, Thanks
 680JakubHolder of the Heel, Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect
 681ByronBarn, From the Cottage, Similar to a Surname, Bear
 682RogerFamous Warrior, Fame, Glory and Launches, Renowned
 683LionelThe Lion, Leo, Form of Leonard
 684ApolloApollinaria, The Element Apollymi MeaningCheck to
 685ForrestOf the Woods, Woodsman, Forest, Lives in Wood
 686TrentTorrent, Gushing Waters
 687RandyShield Wolf, Strong Defender, Wonderful
 688BostonFrom Boston Massachusetts, A Place Name
 689NelsonSon of Neil, Solemn, New York Governor and America
 690SincereHonest, Sincere
 691SalvadorSave, The Saviour, Redeemer, Savior
 692BryantHigh Hill, Brian, Virtuous, He Ascends
 693JulienYouthful, Julia, Illustrious Roman Family, Jove's
 694GannonFair-Skinned Fair-Haired, Fair-skinned, Descendant
 695MauriceMuir MeaningCheck Sea, The Moor, Moorish, Dark-ski
 696KristianThe Anointed One, Belonging to Christ, Christian
 697JuniorNickname for a Son Named After the Father, The Wor
 698LeeInspired By a Place Name, Wood, Glade, Poet
 699TristenRiot, Din, Outcry, From the Celtic Name Tristan
 700FreddyRich, Peaceful Ruler, Powerful, Form of Frederick
 701CallanSon of Cathalain
 702StefanWreath Crown, The Crowned
 703KamariThe Enemy of Desire
 704BraydonBroad Hillside, Descendant of Bradan
 705LachlanLand of the Lakes, L
 706CrosbyAt the Cross
 707MakaiWho is Like God?
 708RayyanGate of Heaven, Beautiful, Full, Pretty
 709AronStrong One, Bright, Enlightened, Mountain of Stren
 710NoeRest, Wandering, Form of Noah, Comfort
 711LennyBrave, Lion-bold, Hardy, Burst of the Sun
 712ZackGod Remembers, The Lord has Remembered, Variant of
 713LochlanLand of the Lakes, Redhead
 714ValentinoVigorous, The Strong
 715RudyRusset, Famous Wolf, Fame, Ginger
 716AmosBorn of God, Herd, Carried, Or Carrying, And Porte
 717BrayanThe Exalted, Hill
 718ReginaldWell-advised Ruler, Counsel Power, Ruler's Adviser
 719SylasForest, Wood
 720SidneyFrom the Wide Island, Originating In Sidon, Denise
 721TedGuard of His Wealth, Wealthy Spearman, Courageous
 722RayBeam of Light, Grace, Regal, Protection
 723KaisonKay, Jayson
 724LuccaFrom Lucania
 725AbdulServant, God's Servants, Knowledge
 726TerryAbbreviation of Teresa, Terentius, Harvester, Tend
 727ZekeThe Lord has Remembered, God Strengthens
 728RamonDecision Protection, Mighty Protector, Advice, Wis
 729JeffersonSon of Jeffrey
 730KristopherBearing the Christ, Carrying Christ
 731OskarGod, Divine Spear, Gentle Friend, Deity
 732HezekiahYahweh Strengthens, The Lord has Strengthened
 733CairoVictorious One
 734TalonTalon Claw, Sharp
 735DeandreDe, André
 736HughSpirit, Mind, Fire, Soul
 738IdrisLord of Fiery, Study, Impulsive, A Prophet's Name
 741CasenKay, Jayson
 742KareemKind, Beneficent, Exalted, Precious and Distinguis
 743ZakariyaGod Remembers, Zechariah, Biblical Prophet's Name
 744JaxenSon of Jack
 745AldenOld Friend, Defender
 746JaggerPedlar, Hawker, Hunter, Loyal, A Teamster
 747ReeseZealous, Ardent, Fiery, Ardor
 748ZacYahweh Remembers
 749JamalElegant, Being Fair, Handsome, Elegance
 750MarceloConsecrated to the God Mars, Dedicated to Mars
 751TitanTitle, Giant, Use in Mostly 18th and 19th Centurie
 752YousefForm of Joseph, He (God) Will Add, Jehovah Increas
 753AxtonSwordsman's Stone, Ash Tree Town
 754MarcOf the Sea, Defence, Form of Mark, Warlike
 755MaddenSmall Dog, Little Dog
 756ChesterFort, Camp of Soldiers, Chester from the Stem End,
 757YosefGod Adds, Son of Jacob and Rachel, He (God) Will A
 758ClayClay-pit Worker, Somebody who Lived on Clay Soils,
 759MagnusGreat, Large
 760ErnestoGravity, The Serious, Sincere, A Son
 761DaneFrom Denmark, God is My Judge, The Dane
 762CrewCastle, Fortress
 763ThaddeusPraise be to God, Friend, Heart, Udder
 764AydinIntelligent, Clear, Fire, Illuminated
 765LaynePath, From the Narrow Road, Lane
 766KaysenJayson, Kay
 767KelvinPlant, Narrow Water, Keel Friend
 768HarrisArmy, Man, Son of Harry, Tamil Music Director Harr
 769AldoOf, Noble, Honorable, Old
 771RaydenGod of Thunder
 772TrippTraveler, The Third
 773SamirNight Talk, Entertainer, Companion of Vigil, Jovia
 774ErnestSincere, Earnest, Gravity, Battle to the Death
 776JonAbbreviation of Jonathan, God is Merciful, Jehovah
 777BriggsFrom the Village Near a Bridge, Diminutive of Brig
 778BlaineSlender, Yellow, Thin, Lean
 779LangstonFrom the Tall Mans Town Or Estate
 780CoryDweller Near a Hollow, Greek Poetess, Seething Poo
 781MaximThe Greatest
 783LondonThe Capital of the United Kingdom, From London
 784ZechariahYahweh Remembers
 785KyeNarrow, The Element Gaudere Which Means to Rejoice
 786ZaidGreat, Growth, Prosperity, Increase
 787StetsonSon of Stephen
 788MelvinProtector, Polished Chief, Sword Friend, Mill Work
 789LeandroMan of the People, Folk
 790CarmeloFruitful Land, Bright Red, Our Lady of Mount Carme
 791ZackaryYahweh Remembers, Variant of Zachariah and Zachary
 793YahirHe Enlightens
 794ArianThe Elements Ar MeaningCheck Gold, From Adria
 795IsmailGod will Listen, The Biblical Ishm, A Prophet, Far
 796KodySon, Pillow, Cushion
 797CainThe Crop Grower, Oldest Child of Adam and Eve, Bea
 798JedidiahBeloved of the Lord, Beloved of Yahweh
 799DemetriusFollower of Demeter, Dedicated to Demeter
 800EnochHenok, Consecrated, Gods Disciple, Devoted
 801AllanFair, Rock, Harmony, Handsome One
 802BransonSon of Brandon, Son of Brand
 803JamirHandsome, Beauty
 806MillerOne who Grinds Grain, Surname, Miller
 807HarperHarpist, Maker, Pretty, Minstrel
 808FordFrom the River Crossing, Ford
 809BrettThe Breton, Prince, From Britain, Native of Britta
 810GuillermoHelmet, Protection, Composition, Desire
 811ReyanshA Part of Sun, Lord Vishnu, Vishnus Ansh
 813WilfredProtection, Safety, Much Peace, Peaceful
 815Axl(God The) Father is Peace
 816AleksanderHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
 817HeathThe Element Haeth Which Means Heath, Wasteland, A
 818FrancoFree Condition, Of the Franks
 819VicenteVictor, He Who Overcomes, The Winning
 820KhalidEternal, Never-ending, Blessed, Glorious
 822BrentleyHilltop, Hill, Variant of Brent
 823TerranceSoft, Tender, Smooth, Turn
 824ZaydGrowth, Super Abundance, To Increase, Superabundan
 825EmeryRuler of Work, House and Powerful King
 826AbdielServant of God
 827WillPurposeful Peace, Protection, Bright, Famous
 828AlonsoBattle, Fight, Embattled
 829VinnieVictor, Noble Friend, Hairless, Conqueror
 830RodneyGlory and King
 831MaisonStoneworker, Mason
 832HuxleyFrom Hugh's Meadow, From Hughs Meadow
 833KannonCanon, Priest
 834BreckenFreckled, Speckled
 835HarlanFrom the Hare's Land
 836KoleThe Black
 837EwanNoble Race, Yew
 838WayneCar, Wagon Maker, Cartwright
 839AzariahYahweh has Helped
 840DarielFrom Airelle, Variant of Darrel Open
 841SkylarSheltering, Learned One, Eternal Life, Shield
 842PaytonVillage, Noble, Peacock Town, Royal
 843ShaunGod is Merciful, Yahweh is Gracious
 844JefferyArea, Region, Divinely Peaceful, Stranger
 845JoziahYahweh Supports
 846MaxtonFrom Maccus' Town
 847AyanOne who Witnesses, Something Knows, Bright, Beauti
 848FoxFraud, The Crafty Mammal with Russet-Colored Fur
 849CoenAdvice, Bold, Advisor, Counsel
 850ElishaJehovah is God, Abbreviation of Elisabeth
 852FelipeHorse Lover, Friend of Horses
 853ClydeWarm, Rock, Muddy, Refers to the Scottish Clyde Ri
 854AlistairVariant of Alexander, Alasdair, Manly, Protect and
 855UmarFlowering, Longevity, Who has Long Live, Variant o
 856KairoVictorious One
 857IshaanThe Sun, One who Bestows Wealth, Invisible Power,
 858VincenzoOne Who Overcomes, Victor, The Winning
 859CianAncient, Old, Stable
 860JermaineThe Teuton, Brotherly, Variant of Jarman, From Ger
 861GraysenGray-haired, Son of Grave
 862HaroldStrong and Glory, Powerful Ruler or Warrior, Army-
 863CastielShield of God
 864SamiLofty, Supreme, High, Noble
 865ZaireRiver, Powerfull
 866MarlonSea, God of War Mars Ordained, Little Falcon
 867BilalSatisfying Thirst, Water, The Prophets Person Call
 868AndersThe Brave
 869AntoniWho Eats Flower
 870DaytonBright, Ditch Town, Dike Enclosure, Homestead
 871XzavierHouse, New
 872BaylorHorse Trainer
 873NickolasVictory of the People
 875GreyGrey, Gray-haired
 876BlazeStammerer, One who Stutters, Talks with a Lisp, St
 877MaysonStoneworker, Mason
 878ChadFierce, Name of a Saint, Fight, Battle
 879EugeneBorn Lucky, Noble, Well-born
 880AmeerRich, Superior, Prince, Chief
 881TraceFighter, Brave
 883DashLoving, A Charming Man
 884WestinFrom the Western Settlement, West Town, Wester Tow
 885AugustineMajestic, Great, Worthy of Respect, Grandeur
 886DuncanBrown(Haired) Warrior, Helmeted
 887DarianUpholder of the Good, Great, Possesses a Lot, Weal
 888HenrikHouse and King, Ruler of an Enclosure, Homeland, P
 889DenverFrom Anvers, Valley Ferry, Variant of the Surname
 890CanaanCanon, Clergyman, Priest, Official of the Church
 891JanSing, The Lord is Gracious, Life, Beloved
 893BentleeFrom the Meadow of Grass, Bent, Wood, Clearing
 895WillieWill and Helmet, Resolute, Brave, Protect
 896GeraldMighty with a Spear, Rule
 897ShilohTranquil, He who Will Be Sent
 898OllyElf, Warrior, Possession, Army
 900DavionBeloved, Blend of David and Darrion, Brilliant Fin
 901BooneGood, A Blessing
 902MarkusGod of War Mars Ordained
 903KeaganDescendant of Aodhagán
 904VivaanLord Krishna, Full of Life
 905CobyHolder of the Heel, Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect
 906AnakinAnnikin, Whether Hidden or Obvious, Star Wars
 907KennyToo: the Fire of Births, The Handsome, Beautiful a
 908ReyCouncil and Govern, King
 910MaximoThe Greatest
 911TerrenceForm of Terence, Rub, Turn, Gracious
 912ChanningA Canon, Child of Canns People, Knowing, Young Wol
 913CillianStrife, Church with the Related, War, Battle
 914DarwinDear Friend
 915HoustonSettlement of Houses, American West Texan General
 916DamariHeifer, Wife, Companion, Calf
 917EmoryBrave, Industrious Ruler
 918ZavierNew House, Blessing, Saviour
 919JazielSmart, Big
 920ReneCounsel Power, Born Again, Form of Reginald, Rebor
 921CasperTreasurer, Treasure Bearer
 922ReaganKing Lear
 923BenedictBlessed, Happy
 924KendallDael Which Means Dale Valley, Exalted Effigy
 925CristianoThe Anointed One, Christian Woman, Disciple of the
 926ImranStrong, Powerful, Prosperity, Beautiful
 927AdrienFrom Hadria, Adriatic Sea
 928SantanaSaint Ana, Saint Anna
 929KrishShortform of God Krishna, Super Hero, Black, Knowl
 930AstonAsh Tree Settlement, Noble Stone, From the Eastern
 931KoltenCoal Town
 932AlfonsoNoble and Eager, Spanish Form of Alphonse, Embattl
 933AlexzanderDefender of Men
 934AlvaroDeep, Protector, Guard, All
 935GordonTriangular Hill, Surname, From Grodno, a Placename
 936RockyWar Cry, Stone Camp, Dweller by the Rock, Roar
 937VanFen, From the Family of, Cloud, Traditional Middle
 938MisaelWho is What God Is?
 940ThatcherRoof Maker, Roof Thatcher
 941KeenanIrish MeaningCheck Ancient, Distant
 942LandryPower, Rich, Country and Powerful, Ruler
 943RidgeFrom the Ridge
 944ValentinThe Strong, Vigorous
 945DwayneBlack, From the Dunes, Dark, Little Grim
 946BlaiseLisp, Stutter, One who Stammers, The Element Blaes
 947KamrynSpiritual One, Modern Variant of Cameron Used for
 948MichealWho is Like God?
 949DilanSon of Waves, Loyal, Love, Loving
 950DarioMighty, Possessor of the Good, Give
 952VanceVery High Places, Fen, Lives by a Marsh, From the
 953JoshYahweh is Salvation, Emotion, Satisfaction, Form o
 954AntonPriceless, Who Eats Flower, Beyond Praise, Highly
 955ZakThe Lord has Remembered, Variant of Zachariah and
 956BarnabySon of Exhortation, Speak Prophetically, Prophet
 957EphraimInspired By a Field Name, Doubly Fruitful, Double
 958DravenThe Crow
 959EliseoGod is Help
 960JordyTo Flow Down, Farmer, Earthworker, Worker of the E
 962CedricBattle Chieftain, Beloved, Pattern of Generosity,
 966AayanGift of God, Bright, Speed
 967DenisGod of the Vine, Dedicated to Dionysos, Named for
 968TerrellThe God of Thunder, Pull, Stubborn, Powerful
 969KonnorDog Lover
 970AviMy Father, The Sun and Air, Honest
 972SuttonFrom the Southern Settlement, South Town
 973ColsonSon of Nicholas, People's Victory, Triumphant Peop
 975GiovaniYahweh is Gracious, God is Merciful
 976ZyairePowerfull, River
 977ZachYahweh Remembers, God has My Recalls, Form of Zach
 978ShepherdShepherd, Sheep Herder
 979DavianBeloved, David, Ian
 980CamronCrooked Nose
 981CraigRocky Outcropping, Rock, Dweller by the Crag
 982IsaThe Lord Helps Me or Salvation of God, Strong-will
 983DimitriEarth-Lover, Dedicated to Demeter
 984TomForm of Thomas, Gemini, Honest, Twin
 985JairoHe Enlightens
 986SeamusHe who Supplants, Yahweh May Protect, Ethical, Sup
 987VaughnSmall, Little One
 989SalvatoreRedeemer, The Saviour, Savior, Save
 990KarimPrecious and Distinguished, Friendly, High-born, E
 991SimeonGod has Heard, Listening Intently, Obeys
 992FraserFamily Name, Of the Forest Men, Strawberry, French
 993YaseenOne of the Prophet Muhammads Names, Sura In Quran
 994BodeRule, Master, Messenger
 995BentonBent Grass Settlement, Town, Homestead, Moor Dwell
 996KolbyDark-skinned, Coal Worker
 997KeanuCoolness, The Cool
 998TyroneA County in Northern Ireland, Land of Eoghan, Youn
 999JessieGod Sees, Gift, Similar to Jennifer, Woman of Weal
 1000JustusFair, The Just, Upright, Righteous
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