200 Divine Baby Names Rooted in Spirituality

Posted on: August 15th, 2023\""by Team Nameslist

The legacy we leave for our children begins with their names. Each name is a gift, a whisper of divinity, a timeless story passed down through generations. Welcome to our curated list of divine baby names, each laden with rich histories and powerful meanings.

These names, sourced from various cultures and faiths worldwide, embody a certain mysticism and divine grace, painting a celestial picture and grounding your child in their unique narrative.

From 'Jonathan,' meaning 'God has given' in Hebrew, to 'Riddhi,' which translates to 'prosperity' in Sanskrit; each name carries an extraordinary blend of the divine and the earthly. Names like 'Malachi,' 'Elizabeth,' 'Solomon,' and 'Omar' weave tales of their historic, religious significance.

This collection is an amalgamation of names like 'David,' known as the beloved king in Biblical history, 'Jesus,' the embodiment of divine love and sacrifice, to 'Muhammad,' denoting praiseworthy in Arabic.

Whether you are drawn to 'Constance,' a name expressing unwavering determination, or 'Shanti,' signifying peace in Indian tradition, or 'Liora,' a name resounding with 'my light' in Hebrew, our list is a treasure trove of divine names steeped in profound meanings and historical significance.

1. Jonathan

Another Hebrew classic, Jonathan stands for 'God has given'. Jonathan's biblical legacy as a loyal friend to David imbues the name with a sense of steadfast loyalty and friendship.

2. Omar

Derived from Arabic, Omar means "flourishing, long-lived", and it's associated with one of the most famous caliphs of Islam, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.

3. Elizabeth

This classic name with Hebrew roots means "God is abundance". Elizabeth has been a popular name choice due to its biblical ties and the many notable figures named Elizabeth throughout history.

4. Riddhi

A charming Sanskrit name, Riddhi means "fortunate" or "prosperous". It is also another name for Goddess Lakshmi in Hinduism, the deity of wealth and prosperity.

5. Thomas

A traditional name with Aramaic origin, Thomas means "twin." With its biblical connection to one of Jesus' apostles, it retains an enduring appeal.

6. Omri

In Hebrew, Omri translates to "my sheaf". Omri, a king of Northern Israel in the biblical era, gives the name a royal and divine touch.

7. Anahera

A Maori name, Anahera translates to 'Angel,' delivering a divine message of heavenly presence.

8. Malachi

A Hebrew name meaning "my messenger", Malachi is also the title of one of the books in the Old Testament, lending it a sacred significance.

9. Solomon

From Hebrew origin, Solomon means "peace". In the Bible, Solomon was a wise and wealthy king of Israel, known for his grand architectural projects.

10. Liam

An Irish name, it's a shorter form of William, which means "resolute protection". Liam signifies strong will and protective qualities.

11. Patience

An English virtue name, Patience reflects the calm and enduring spirit, and reminds us of the importance of patience in our lives.

12. David

A Hebrew origin name meaning "beloved", David has been a popular choice throughout centuries and carries a divine connotation due to its significant presence in the Bible.

13. Rahim

An Arabic name meaning "merciful", Rahim reflects one of the 99 attributes of Allah in Islam. It's a name that exudes a sense of compassion and mercy.

14. Abner

Also from the Hebrew tradition, Abner translates to 'father of light,' reflecting a beacon of wisdom and guidance in life's journey.

15. Shanti

An evocative Sanskrit name, Shanti means "peace". It's commonly used in yoga and meditation practices, and resonates with tranquility and calmness.

16. Paul

Stemming from Latin, Paul means "small, humble". It's a name of many notable figures in Christian history, including St. Paul, who was instrumental in spreading Christianity.

17. Cyrus

Of Persian origin, Cyrus means 'sun,' representing warmth, life-giving energy, and divine illumination.

18. Yosef

The Hebrew variant of Joseph, Yosef means "He will add". It's a name of great biblical significance, being the name of Jesus' earthly father.

19. Michelle

The feminine form of Michael, Michelle carries the same meaning of "who is like God". It's a name imbued with divine overtones.

20. Jesus

Jesus, meaning 'God is salvation', is a Latin derivative of the Hebrew name Yeshua. Its profound spiritual connection with Christian faith makes it a sacred and significant choice for many families.

21. Yael

Derived from Hebrew, Yael translates to "God's strength". It carries a sense of spiritual resilience and unshakeable faith.

22. Anouk

This lovely name means 'grace' in Dutch, symbolizing elegance and divine favor.

23. Jared

Jared, meaning 'descending', resonates with parents seeking a name of Biblical roots. Notably, in the Bible, Jared was the father of Enoch and lived 962 years, which adds a touch of immortality to this name.

24. Muhammad

Meaning "praiseworthy" in Arabic, Muhammad is a significant religious name, being the name of the prophet who founded Islam.

25. Luca

The Italian and Hungarian form of Luke, meaning "from Lucania". Luca has a connection to light, an emblem of brightness and hope.

26. Constance

Rooted in Latin, Constance translates to 'constant or steadfast,' symbolizing loyalty, faith, and divine consistency.

27. Victoria

A classic Latin name, Victoria translates to "victory". It's a name filled with strength and determination, reminiscent of the Roman goddess of victory.

28. Lilith

With roots in Assyrian mythology, Lilith signifies "night". It's associated with the story of Adam's first wife, representing independence and freedom.

29. Lucia

The feminine form of Lucius, Lucia means "light" in Latin. It carries connotations of brightness, joy, and vitality.

30. Terah

Terah is a biblical name of Hebrew origin meaning "wild goat" or "wanderer". Terah was also the father of Abraham in the Bible.

31. Myra

An invented name that has been associated with the Latin myrra, meaning "myrrh", a fragrant resin used in incense and perfumes. It's often considered to have spiritual connotations.

32. Theresa

With Greek roots, Theresa translates to "harvester." It carries a natural, earthy aura, hinting at the strength and patience of a farmer who reaps rewards after much toil.

33. Saul

Saul is a Hebrew name meaning "asked for" or "prayed for". In the Bible, Saul was the first king of Israel.

34. Paz

A Spanish name translating to "peace", Paz has a calming aura. It's a simple, concise name radiating tranquility and harmony.

35. Reuben

A Hebrew name meaning "behold, a son", Reuben holds a significant place in the Bible as the eldest son of Jacob and Leah.

36. Kailash

Kailash is an important name in Hinduism, referring to the abode of Lord Shiva. It symbolizes eternal peace and enlightenment.

37. Yeshua

Yeshua is a variant of "Joshua" in Hebrew and is the original name of Jesus Christ in the same language. The name implies "God is salvation", signifying faith and spirituality.

38. Zahara

Originating from Hebrew, Zahara signifies "shining" or "blooming". It's a vibrant name that mirrors the bright and blossoming nature of a child.

39. Jeremiah

Jeremiah, which means 'Yahweh has uplifted', is of Hebrew origin. Jeremiah was one of the major prophets of the Bible, whose words of prophetic wisdom still echo in today's times, a great name for a future leader.

40. Zechariah

A biblical name of Hebrew origin, Zechariah means "God has remembered". It carries a message of divine awareness and consideration.

41. Theodora

Another beautiful name from the Greeks, Theodora translates to "gift of God." With such a powerful meaning, it adds a strong and spiritual dimension to the name-bearer.

42. Bracha

Rooted in Hebrew, Bracha means 'blessing,' manifesting divine favor and goodwill.

43. Mara

Originating from Hebrew, Mara means "bitter". Despite this, Mara's biblical connections give it a spiritually poignant depth.

44. Yasmin

Yasmin, meaning "Jasmine" in Persian, is a name of a beautiful, fragrant white flower. It's an exquisite name that reflects grace and elegance.

45. Amara

Deriving from multiple cultures, in Greek it means 'eternal,' while in Igbo it translates to 'grace.' This name represents timeless beauty and elegance.

46. Lois

Of Greek origin, Lois means "superior". It is found in the New Testament as the grandmother of Timothy, enhancing its divine touch.

47. Krishna

An important deity in Hinduism, the name Krishna signifies "black, dark" in Sanskrit, but is often associated with qualities like charm and love.

48. Liora

A Hebrew name meaning "light for me". Liora has connotations of brightness and positivity, a beautiful choice for a radiant child.

49. Rohan

A Sanskrit name, Rohan means "ascending". The name signifies progress and growth, making it an inspiring choice.

50. Divya

This beautiful name from Sanskrit literally means "divine" or "divine brilliance", suggesting a spiritual or heavenly connection.

51. Apollonia

Originating from Greek mythology, Apollonia refers to the God Apollo, symbolizing light, truth, and prophecy.

52. Maya

In Sanskrit, Maya translates to "illusion". It's also recognized in Roman mythology as the mother of the god Mercury, offering a divine connection.

53. Nova

In Latin, Nova translates to "new". It's also a term in astronomy for a star that suddenly increases in brightness, adding a celestial aspect to its meaning.

54. Mahalia

This tender name hails from Hebrew and means "tenderness". It was popularized by the renowned gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, adding a musical element to its divine origins.

55. Shalom

A powerful and well-known Hebrew word and name, Shalom means "peace". It's used commonly as a greeting in Israel and symbolizes harmony and tranquility.

56. Samuel

A name of Hebrew origin, Samuel means "God has heard". In the Old Testament, Samuel was a prophet who established the Hebrew monarchy.

57. Ruth

Derived from Hebrew, Ruth means "compassionate friend". In the Bible, Ruth is renowned for her loyalty to her mother-in-law, Naomi.

58. Deva

A Sanskrit name that translates directly to "divine". This gender-neutral name embodies a spiritual connection, making it a perfect choice for parents seeking a divine name.

59. Karishma

A popular Hindi name, Karishma translates to "miracle". It's a beautiful choice for a much-longed-for child.

60. Kasi

Kasi is a Thai name signifying "shining". Like a little beacon of light, it's a fitting name for a bright, radiant child.

61. Pearl

An English name derived from the beautiful and precious gemstone, Pearl symbolizes purity and innocence.

62. Deborah

Originating from Hebrew, Deborah translates to "bee". In the Old Testament, Deborah is a prophetess and judge who led the Israelites to victory in an important battle.

63. Sophia

A Greek name, Sophia means "wisdom". It's an enduring name that has been favored for centuries due to its elegance and profound meaning.

64. Leilani

This is a Hawaiian name, translating to "heavenly flowers". Leilani evokes images of paradise, making it a beautiful and exotic choice.

65. Clara

Of Latin origin, Clara means 'bright and clear,' signifying purity, truth, and enlightenment.

66. Eva

A variation of Eve, Eva is a Hebrew name meaning "life". As the name of the first woman created in the Bible, Eva has strong divine and spiritual connotations.

67. Aharon

The original Hebrew form of Aaron, Aharon, means 'high mountain' or 'exalted,' indicating strength and spirituality.

68. Radha

A Sanskrit name, Radha means "worship". It is also the name of the consort of Lord Krishna in Hindu mythology, symbolizing the ultimate love and devotion.

69. Peter

From the Greek name Petros, Peter signifies "rock". A biblical figure, Saint Peter, was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, making this name enduringly popular.

70. Faith

An English name that embodies belief and trust in God. Faith is often chosen by parents who want their child's name to reflect their religious conviction.

71. Abigail

Rooted in Hebrew origins, this graceful name signifies 'my father's joy.' The historical figure Abigail, in the Bible, was known for her wisdom and courage.

72. Hannah

Of Hebrew origin, Hannah means "favor" or "grace". It's a traditional name that has maintained its popularity through its biblical significance.

73. Gabriella

The feminine form of Gabriel, Gabriella carries the same divine connotation with a more modern and feminine flair.

74. Leah

A biblical name of Hebrew origin, Leah means "weary". Despite this, Leah is celebrated for her strength in the Bible, making it a name of resilience and determination.

75. Shreya

Rooted in Sanskrit, Shreya means "auspicious" or "fortunate". It's a popular name in India and represents prosperity and good fortune.

76. Sarah

From Hebrew roots, Sarah means "princess". In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac.

77. Julia

Latin in origin, Julia signifies "youthful". It’s a timeless name, resonating with vibrancy and life.

78. Zephyr

Derived from Greek, Zephyr signifies the "west wind". It's a gentle and breezy name that captures the essence of nature's calm and soothing character.

79. Parvati

As the Hindu goddess of love and power, the name Parvati epitomizes divine strength. The name translates to "daughter of the mountain" in Sanskrit.

80. Gabriel

A powerful name of Hebrew origin, Gabriel means "God is my strength". It's known as the name of one of the seven archangels in the Bible.

81. Clement

A Latin name, Clement means 'merciful and gentle,' reflecting divine grace and compassion.

82. Bhavna

An Indian name, Bhavna translates to 'spiritual thought' in Hindi, embodying inner reflection and divine connection.

83. Magdalena

Derived from Mary Magdalene's epithet, Magdalena is of Hebrew origin and means "of Magdala". It's associated with devotion and faith.

84. Christian

From Latin origins, Christian translates to 'follower of Christ,' symbolizing faith, devotion, and spiritual commitment.

85. Padma

Rooted in Sanskrit, Padma translates to "lotus", symbolizing purity and divine beauty in Hinduism. It's also the name of a goddess who is a consort of Lord Vishnu.

86. Sharon

From Hebrew roots, Sharon means "a plain". It's also the name of a fertile plain in Palestine, often depicted as a place of beauty in the Bible.

87. Thea

With its Greek roots, Thea, meaning "goddess," emanates an aura of divine femininity. Thea was the Greek goddess of light and mother of the sun, moon, and dawn.

88. Seraphim

An enchanting name of Hebrew origin, Seraphim refers to an order of angels. It means "fiery ones", symbolizing their purity and brightness.

89. Pandora

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first mortal woman whose curiosity brought about hardship but also hope for humanity. The name means "all gifts".

90. Verity

From the Latin word for "truth", Verity carries a strong moral connotation. It reflects transparency and honesty, virtues that parents often wish to instill in their children.

91. Raphael

A name of Hebrew origin, Raphael means "God has healed". In biblical tradition, Raphael is one of the seven archangels.

92. Benedict

Of Latin origin, Benedict means 'blessed,' reflecting divine favor and grace.

93. Michael

From Hebrew, Michael means "who is like God". As the name of an archangel, Michael exudes strong spiritual energy.

94. Jonah

Jonah, meaning 'dove' in Hebrew, brings to mind the Biblical story of Jonah and the whale, symbolizing grace, peace, and resilience.

95. Luke

Originating from Greek, Luke translates to "light-giving". It's also a biblical name, lending a divine touch.

96. Joshua

A central character in the Old Testament, Joshua was appointed to succeed Moses. The name Joshua means "Yahweh is salvation" in Hebrew, signifying strength and leadership.

97. Orion

Named after a famous constellation, Orion, which means "rising in the sky" or "dawning" in Greek. Its connections with the cosmos give it a celestial, divine feel.

98. Mercy

An English word name that symbolizes compassion and forgiveness. It's a poignant choice that reflects key virtues in many spiritual teachings.

99. Abraham

A name of profound biblical significance, Abraham means 'father of many,' symbolizing abundance and blessings.

100. Anaya

With its roots in Hebrew, Anaya means 'God answered,' symbolizing divine response and blessings.

101. Celeste

Of Latin origin, Celeste means 'heavenly,' bringing to mind divinity, grace, and the celestial universe.

102. Ambrose

With roots in ancient Greek, Ambrose signifies 'immortal one,' symbolizing longevity and timeless wisdom.

103. Azariah

With Hebrew origins, Azariah translates to 'God has helped,' indicating divine intervention and support.

104. Miriam

A Hebrew name meaning "sea of bitterness" or "rebellion". Miriam, the sister of Moses, is a celebrated figure in the Bible, reinforcing the name's divine quality.

105. Tobias

Tobias, meaning "God is good" in Hebrew, reflects a divine affirmation of goodness and kindness. It also has a significant presence in the Bible.

106. Naveen

Stemming from Sanskrit, Naveen means "new". It has a fresh and contemporary feel while retaining its traditional roots.

107. Viveka

This Sanskrit name means "wisdom" or "discernment". It embodies the profound insight and understanding that comes with maturity.

108. Christina

A Greek name, Christina means 'a Christian,' signifying faith and spirituality.

109. Shamira

Of Hebrew origin, Shamira means "guardian" or "protector". It's a strong and robust name, portraying a sense of safety and security.

110. Mariah

A variant of Maria, itself a form of Mary, Mariah carries the meaning of "beloved" or "sea of bitterness". Its biblical ties enhance its divine aspect.

111. Chava

Rooted in Hebrew, Chava is the original form of Eve, meaning 'life,' reinforcing vitality and existence.

112. Chaim

A Hebrew name, Chaim means 'life,' symbolizing vitality, vigor, and the divine gift of existence.

113. Devan

A variant of Deva, Devan maintains its Sanskrit origin and divine connotation, adding a modern flair to a traditional name.

114. Grace

This English name, derived from Latin, signifies "elegance" and "decency". It is a popular choice among parents due to its association with divine grace in religious contexts.

115. Arjun

Hailing from ancient Indian scriptures, Arjun, a significant character in Mahabharata, means 'bright, shining,' symbolizing wisdom and nobility.

116. Gideon

A Hebrew name meaning "feller" or "hewer". In the Old Testament, Gideon is a hero who led the Israelites to victory over the Midianites.

117. Dara

In Khmer, Dara means 'star,' signifying hope, guidance, and the divine light in the darkness.

118. Ezekiel

A distinctive biblical name, Ezekiel is of Hebrew origin and means "God strengthens". It's a name of deep spiritual significance.

119. Atalia

This Hebrew name means 'God is great,' reinforcing faith and divine omnipotence.

120. Rebecca

Derived from the Hebrew name Rivkah, Rebecca signifies "to tie, to bind". Rebecca is a major figure in the Bible, known for her kindness and beauty.

121. Benjamin

A Hebrew name, Benjamin translates to 'son of the right hand,' indicating strength and honor.

122. Zadkiel

An intriguing name from the Bible, Zadkiel is an archangel who represents freedom, benevolence, and mercy. In Hebrew, the name means "righteousness of God".

123. Harmony

An English name signifying unity and peace. Harmony is often chosen by parents who appreciate its musical connotation and its suggestion of living in balance with the universe.

124. Angel

A name of Greek origin, Angel means 'messenger of God,' denoting divine communication and guidance.

125. Blessing

An English name, Blessing means 'a divine gift,' representing gratitude and favor from the divine.

126. Timothy

Derived from the Greek, Timothy means "honoring God." This name was borne by a notable figure in the New Testament, making it popular among Christians.

127. Genesis

A Latin name meaning "origin" or "creation". Genesis carries a divine vibe as it is the name of the first book of the Bible.

128. Phoebe

From the Greek name Phoibe, Phoebe means "bright, pure". In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a titan associated with the moon.

129. Ariel

A Hebrew name, Ariel means 'lion of God,' embodying courage, strength, and divine authority.

130. Tabitha

A name of Aramaic origin, Tabitha means "gazelle". It's a symbol of grace and swiftness, and in the Bible, Tabitha was a woman noted for her good deeds.

131. John

A name of Hebrew roots, John signifies 'God is gracious'. From Biblical apostles to world-renowned figures like John Lennon, this name has a rich history and universal appeal.

132. Jesse

This timeless name of Hebrew origin translates to 'gift'. Known from the Bible as the father of David, Jesse combines ancient history with a contemporary feel, a true gift for a cherished son.

133. Tara

With Sanskrit roots, Tara means "star". It's also a name of a Buddhist deity and a Hindu goddess, symbolizing celestial beauty and divinity.

134. Isaiah

This noble name hails from the Biblical tradition and means 'Yahweh is salvation' in Hebrew. It's held a spot in parents' hearts for centuries, thanks to the revered prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament.

135. Micah

A Hebrew name meaning "who is like God". Micah is a figure in the Old Testament, making this name a divine choice.

136. Imani

Of Swahili origin, Imani means "faith", evoking spirituality and steadfast belief. It's an ideal choice for parents seeking a unique name with a divine meaning.

137. Adriel

With its Hebrew roots, Adriel signifies 'flock of God,' showcasing protection and unity.

138. Nevaeh

Quite uniquely, this name is 'heaven' spelled backward. It's a modern creation that encapsulates divine and spiritual sentiments.

139. Uriel

From Hebrew origin, Uriel means "God is my light." In biblical tradition, Uriel is named as one of the archangels.

140. Felicity

This joyful Latin name translates to "happiness" or "good fortune". Felicity has an upbeat meaning and carries a divine aura.

141. Elysia

Rooted in Latin, Elysia translates to "heavenly". It is an ideal name for parents seeking a divine connection in their child's identity.

142. Brahma

From Hindu mythology, Brahma is the creator god, symbolizing genesis, creativity, and divine power.

143. Zainab

A beautiful Arabic name, Zainab is the name of a flowering tree. It is also significant in Islamic tradition as the name of the Prophet Muhammad's daughter.

144. Kael

Rooted in Gaelic tradition, Kael translates to "mighty warrior". It represents strength and valour, perfect for a courageous little one.

145. Jude

Jude is a derivative of Judah, still holding the beautiful meaning, "praised". It reminds us of the epistle of Jude in the New Testament.

146. Ethan

Of Hebrew origin, Ethan means "strong" and "enduring". This name has a sense of timelessness due to its biblical connection.

147. Joan

This timeless name, meaning 'God is gracious', originates from Hebrew. Joan's historical significance, marked by figures like Joan of Arc, make it a choice of power and perseverance for a baby girl.

148. Leo

Latin for "lion", Leo symbolizes courage and leadership. This moniker has been borne by numerous popes and saints, enhancing its divine aspect.

149. Galadriel

Originating from the world of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", Galadriel translates to "maiden crowned with a radiant garland" in Elvish. It carries a divine essence due to the character's powerful and spiritual nature.

150. Zora

Zora is a captivating name of Slavic origin, which translates to "dawn". It reflects the brilliance of a new day, symbolizing hope and fresh beginnings.

151. Celia

Derived from Latin, Celia means 'heavenly,' similar to Celeste, it encapsulates grace and divinity.

152. Nuri

This is an evocative Arabic name meaning "light". It resonates with luminous imagery and divine illumination.

153. Zohar

From Hebrew roots, Zohar translates to "splendor" or "radiance". It's a dazzling name that reflects brightness and vibrancy.

154. Orpah

A unique and less-heard-of name from the Bible, Orpah means "back of the neck" in Hebrew. Despite its unusual meaning, it has a certain mystic charm.

155. Noah

From the Hebrew name Noach, Noah means "rest, comfort". It is a timeless and popular name due to the biblical figure who built the ark.

156. Samara

Of Hebrew origin, Samara means "under God's rule". The name also has Arabic roots where it means "evening conversation".

157. Seth

From Hebrew origin, Seth means "appointed". In the Bible, Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve, from whom humanity was descended.

158. Priscilla

A gentle and charming Latin name, Priscilla means "ancient". It's a name that resonates with timeless grace and dignity.

159. Angelica

A Latin origin name, Angelica, translates to 'angelic,' imbuing a sense of heavenly purity and innocence.

160. Jael

With Hebrew origins, Jael signifies 'mountain goat', symbolizing strength and resilience. Biblically, Jael was a formidable woman who defeated an enemy general, making this a striking choice for a fearless girl.

161. Surya

Surya is a Sanskrit name which means "sun". In Hinduism, Surya is a revered god who symbolizes the sun, bringing light and warmth to the world.

162. Violet

Another nature-inspired name, Violet refers to the vibrant purple flower. With English origins, this name is often associated with innocence and purity.

163. Naomi

With Hebrew origins, Naomi means "pleasantness". The story of Naomi in the Bible makes this a divine and attractive choice.

164. Vashti

A Persian name, Vashti, translates to "beautiful" or "best." This name echoes in the annals of history as a queen of Persia who stood for her dignity.

165. Xavier

From Basque origin, Xavier means "the new house". It's often associated with St. Francis Xavier, the co-founder of the Jesuits, making it a popular choice among Catholic families.

166. Wisdom

This English name reflects a universally admired trait. Naming a child Wisdom sets a high aspiration for them to seek knowledge and understanding.

167. Kismet

Kismet, meaning "destiny" in Turkish, evokes a sense of fate and the interconnectedness of life events. It's a profound name for those who believe in destiny.

168. Veda

Rooted in Sanskrit, Veda means "knowledge" or "wisdom". It's closely linked to the ancient religious scriptures of Hinduism, making it a name filled with spiritual depth.

169. Rachael

A variant of Rachel, it is a Hebrew name meaning "ewe". Rachael is a significant figure in the Bible, known for her beauty and love.

170. Eden

A Hebrew name meaning "place of pleasure, delight". Eden carries strong biblical associations as the name of the paradise-like garden God created as a home for Adam and Eve.

171. Bodhi

In Sanskrit, Bodhi translates to 'enlightenment,' symbolizing spiritual awakening and wisdom.

172. Lydia

A Greek name, Lydia means "from Lydia" in Asia Minor. In the New Testament, Lydia is a businesswoman and a devout follower of Jesus, giving it a spiritual aura.

173. Joseph

This biblical name, widely used across the globe, has Hebrew roots, meaning "he will add". The story of Joseph in the Bible depicts an individual with remarkable resilience and integrity.

174. Elise

A shorter variant of Elizabeth, Elise is of French origin and means "God is my oath". It's a graceful name that's simultaneously timeless and contemporary.

175. Kara

This name has multiple roots including Italian, where it means "beloved", and Old Norse, where it signifies "pure". Kara evokes feelings of love and purity.

176. Amadeus

This divine Latin name means 'lover of God.' Immortalized by the famous composer Mozart, Amadeus evokes passion and devotion.

177. Sachi

A beautiful Japanese name, Sachi means "blessed". It's a name that carries an aura of grace and divinity, fitting for a precious gift from the heavens.

178. Levi

In Hebrew, Levi signifies "joined, attached". As a biblical name, Levi is associated with unity and harmony.

179. Jerusha

Rooted in Hebrew, Jerusha stands for 'inheritance' or 'possession'. In the Bible, Jerusha was a queen mother, lending an aura of regality to this distinctive name.

180. Kaleb

A variant of Caleb, this Hebrew name means "devotion to God". Kaleb signifies whole-hearted dedication and commitment.

181. Cherub

Derived from Hebrew, Cherub refers to a type of angelic being, symbolizing innocence, purity, and divine love.

182. Ria

Ria, meaning "singer" in Hebrew, is a melodious name. Its short, sweet sound coupled with its delightful meaning makes it an endearing choice.

183. Elijah

A powerful biblical name, Elijah means "Yahweh is God" in Hebrew. This name is known for its spiritual strength and significance.

184. Emmanuel

Originating from Hebrew, Emmanuel means "God is with us". Its strong biblical roots lend this name a divine air, making it a popular choice for centuries.

185. Japheth

This name of Biblical origin means 'expansion' in Hebrew. As one of Noah's sons in the Old Testament, the name Japheth has a legacy that's grounded in history yet maintains a fresh, modern feel.

186. Moses

Moses, meaning "drawn out of the water" in Hebrew, is a central figure in the Old Testament, who led the Israelites out of Egypt.

187. Matthew

Derived from the Hebrew name Matityahu, Matthew means "gift of God". Matthew is a prominent figure in the New Testament, adding a spiritual dimension to the name.

188. Simon

A name with Hebrew roots, Simon means "he has heard." It's a classic name, represented in various forms across different cultures and languages.

189. Hope

This English name symbolizes optimistic expectation and desire. Hope is a simple and elegant name often chosen for its inspirational connotation.

190. Trinity

With Latin roots, Trinity means "threefold." It's often associated with the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity, symbolizing the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

191. Nehemiah

An ancient name with biblical roots, Nehemiah means "comforted by God" in Hebrew. It symbolizes strength and restoration.

192. Baruch

A Hebrew name, Baruch means 'blessed,' manifesting divine favor and gratitude.

193. Vera

An elegant name of Russian origin, Vera translates to "faith". It offers a simple yet profound moniker that reflects trust and conviction.

194. Ganesh

A Sanskrit name referencing the Hindu deity of wisdom and learning. Ganesh carries a spiritual aura and is often chosen by parents seeking a name with a strong religious connection.

195. Mariam

An Aramaic form of Mary, meaning "beloved" or "drop of the sea". Mariam has strong biblical roots and is a popular choice across many cultures.

196. Mary

A timeless name with Hebrew roots meaning "bitter". Mary is a name revered in Christianity for the Virgin Mary, making it a classic choice with divine significance.

197. Jibril

This Arabic name is a variant of Gabriel, one of the archangels. Meaning 'God is my strength', Jibril is commonly used in Islamic culture and is noted for its spiritual intensity.

198. Heaven

An English name signifying the divine realm. Heaven is a direct and beautiful reference to the spiritual world.

199. Esther

Esther is a beautiful Persian name meaning "star". In the Old Testament, Esther is a Jewish queen of Persia who saved her people from annihilation.

200. Darius

A Persian name, Darius means 'he who holds firm to good,' symbolizing righteousness.

201. Judah

Originating from Hebrew, Judah signifies "praised". It was the name of one of Jacob's sons in the Old Testament, establishing its deep-rooted biblical significance.


The divine baby names on our list offer not just unique options but also serve as a beacon of values and virtues you may wish to bestow upon your child. 'Raphael,' for instance, symbolizes divine healing, while 'Grace' epitomizes unmerited divine favor.

Each of these names encapsulates a piece of the divine, helping your child carry an emblem of divinity throughout their life. Whether you find solace in 'Shalom,' peace in Hebrew, or 'Felicity,' signifying intense happiness, this collection of divine baby names provides an enlightening exploration into the profound depths of faith, spirituality, and divinity.

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