Names that mean First

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Aadhan Hindi Be First, Curious One
Aadhana Hindi Being First
Aadhaya Sanskrit First Power, Benefitable
Aadhika Tamil The First Existence
Aadhimulam Hindi One who is Very First of Everything
Aadhinarayanan Hindi The First God
Aadhinath Tamil The First Existence
Aadhiran Tamil The First Existence
Aadhy Sanskrit Adornment, Beginning, The First, Ornament
Aadhya Sanskrit At the Beginning, First Power, Goddess Durga
Aadhyareddy Sanskrit English Scottish Gaelic Beginning, First Power, At the Beginning, Goddess Durga, Power, Dominate, Leader, Forerunner
Aadhyasri First Power, The Beginning
Aadi Sanskrit Most Important, Beginning, The First, Adornment
Aadidev Sanskrit The First God
Aadideva Sanskrit The First God for Prayer
Aadie Sanskrit Most Important, First, Adornment, Ornament
Aadijay Hindi The First Victory
Aadika Tamil First Child from a Second Husband
Aadinath Hindi The First Lord, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, God
Aadishri Hindi More Important, First
Aadishwar Hindi Bhagvan, Aadishwar, First Jain Tirthankara
Aadita Hindi From the Beginning, Original, First
Aadumayil First, Dancing Peacock, Preliminary
Aady Sanskrit The First, Most Important, Beginning, Ornament
Aadya Sanskrit Goddess Parvati, One who is Always First and Best, The Earliest

Aadya is an Indian name derived from Sanskrit that means "first" or "unparalleled." It is a female name. This name has been on the rise in recent years and has become quite popular in India.

Aadye Sanskrit Beginning, Ornament, Adornment, The First
Aahana Sanskrit First Rise of Sun, Dawn, Inner Happiness, Morning Glory
Aaharshya Tamil Tamil First Letter in an Alphabet 'Ah'
Aamund Awe Protection
Aarashi First Ray of Sun, Queen, Rice, Heavenly
Aarish First Ray of Sun
Aarshi Rice, First Ray of Sun, Queen, Heavenly
Aarunya Sunshine, Goddess Parvathy, First Ray of the Sun
Aarush Early Rays of the Sun, Sunshine
Aarusha First Rays of the Morning Sun, Early Rays of the Sun
Aarushi The Rays of the Sun
Aata Created by God, One of Twins, Red, Wolf
Aatami Finnish Red Earth, Ruby, First Human Being, Molded From
Aatarmi Greenlandic Red Earth, Ruby, First Human Being, Molded From
Aatavi Red Earth, Ruby, First Human Being, Molded From
Aatherv Sanskrit First Veda
Aathi Hindi Lord Shiva, First, Sun, Arranger
Aathy Tamil Lord Shiva, Sun, First, Adjuster
Aati Greenlandic Holy Hearted, Donation, He Who Comes After, Ruby
Aato Red Earth, First Human Being, Enlightened, Wolf
Aatsa Creature, To be Red, Man, From Earth
Aatso Red Earth, Ruby, First Human Being, Man
Aatsu Red Earth, Ruby, First Human Being, Man
Aatukka Noble and Wolf, Black, On High, Blessed
Aatuska Black, Molded From, First Human, Red Earth