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Posted on: November 2nd, 2016

Selecting a name is definitely not an easy task for any parents. A name is not a collection of alphabets, its an identity for a person. So it will place a considerable responsiblity on your head to choose the best name.

Discuss with others
Don't hesitate, take the help of your close ones and relatives for the possible names esepecially with your partner. Keep on brainstorming, whenever a name pops up in your mind note it down securely on a paper and create a list of your most favorable names. You may also host a naming party. Don't worry if the list is too long.
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What does it means?
In many religions, the name of a baby is selected on the basis of the meaning and is believed that the meaning gets integrated with a person's soul and he/she bears those qualities. Althogh not everybody cares about the meaning of the name but still be cautious to not to select a name with any embarassing meaning. In addition to the meaning, one sholud also search over the internet to make it sure that the name is not associated to someone disreputable or infamous.

Is it unique?
Almost all of us wants that our child should stand out in crowd so select a unique name because unique names tend to stay in memory for longer and people will be able to recognize him/her by name. It will help him create his/ her own unique identity as a common name oftenly cause confusion especially during school time and your kid might get blurred in the crowd.

Does it sound well?
The name should matches with your surname or family name when pronounced together. And odd combination of them can cause droll impression in the mind of listener. You should also keep in mind that you choose a modern, up-to-date name not some outdated old name that will lead to not so good impression.

So keep in mind that the name should be unique, means and sounds well and don't forget to discuss with others. We wish you all the luck for the naming of you new born.

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