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Posted on: July 4th, 2017by Ruth Fitzpatrick

Fireworks, bonfires, celebrations late into the night, family, friends and patriotism: we LOVE the 4th of July. And if you’re lucky enough to have your due date in or around our national celebration day, you may wish to honor and commemorate it with one of these fantastic America-inspired names.

America What better way to show your patriotism or celebration of the 4th of July than with the name of the country itself! It’s also a good cross-cultural name, as it can symbolize and memorialize a Pan-American heritage. It does carry a fair amount of baggage, though: some might consider it overly patriotic, but it is definitely a name to be proud of.

Brave We quite like the bold, boisterous and straightforward sound of the name Brave, and it has a huge potential as a unisex name. If you’re not quite brave enough for that, we also like the name Braven. It is much softer and is definitely unique.

Betsy An old-fashioned name, with old-fashioned charm, Betsy is a very pretty nickname for Elizabeth, but can be used as a name in its own right. Most people won’t automatically make the 4th of July connection – Betsy Ross made the first independent American flag – so it could be a much more subtle option for your little girl.

Saul Saul was the name of St. Paul before his conversion, and was the name of Israel’s first king, so it has significance in a number of religions and heritages. Saul Matthews was also one of the many African-American patriots who fought for independence, and worked as a spy against the British. Saul means ‘prayed for’ in Hebrew.

Liberty Another bold choice and one which will definitely be a demonstration of patriotism. Liberty was used as a girl’s name long before its association with the War of Independence, and is part of the recent wave of virtue names coming back into the American consciousness. It’s currently ranked just outside the top 500 names in the US.

Cisco We love how cool, fresh and trendy this diminutive of Francisco is, we also think it has a wider appeal than the original, which might find it difficult to make an impact outside of the Hispanic community. Francisco (and Cisco) mean ‘freeman’, and so make a great freedom day name!

Isra Isra is a super name that has a huge amount of cross-cultural. It definitely sounds like it has a slight Irish brogue, but in fact is Thai for ‘freedom’. This could be a beautiful bridge between the different cultures and nationalities in your family, focalized on one of America’s greatest ideals. Pronounced IZ-rah, we think this makes a really pretty girl’s name, but it is also the Spanish variant of Israel, and could be used for your son too.

Niko Niko is the super cool diminutive of the name Nicholas and means ‘victory of the people’. We like this spelling as we thinking it gives it an added edginess, but it is also commonly seen as the variant Nico. It is unisex – it can be used as the nickname for Nicola too – but as a standalone first name, it might sound best for baby boys.

Viktori A spelling variant of the more standard (and currently in the top 25 in popularity) Victoria, Viktori definitely looks and sounds unique. A more conventional option might be the fashionable and chic Tori. Tori is also the Japanese for ‘bird’, so it has an added dimension.

Vero We love this heroic sounding boy’s name meaning – you guessed it! – ‘mighty hero’ in Greek. It is super unique and has a huge amount of charm and approachability.

Nuria If you’re looking for a name to commemorate your love of 4th of July fireworks and bomb-fires, look no further than Nuria. This pretty girl’s name means ‘fire of the Lord’ in Hebrew and is in the top 50 of names in both Spain and Portugal. The diminutive Nuri is extremely exotic sounding and can be used as a unisex name. It meaning is slightly different, and means ‘my fire’.

Jefferson Of course, when in doubt: go for a founding fathers name! Jefferson, Franklin, Alexander and Hamilton are all strong choices with plenty of historic weight and national pride connected with them.

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