Names that mean Ocean

Updated: June 5th, 2024
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Stability, Earth, Pure, Chicken
Wave, Ocean, Goddess Laxmi
Man, Marcella, Sea, Ocean
Conciliatory, Ocean, Sweet, River Bank
The Sea with No Restrictions the Free-Flowing Ocean
Mary, Sea, Ocean
Sea of Sorrow, Lord Krishna's Devotee, The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, Glory
Ocean, Sea
Mother of all, Clever
Sea, Vast, Wave, Endless Ocean
Strip of land or the farmland
Bitter, Myrrh and Ocean, Form of Mary, Beloved
Sea, Ocean, Marcella, Man
King Or Ocean, The Sun
Most Liked, Famous, Prosperous, Leader
Rich, Generous, Starting, Ocean
Heaven, Gold, Ocean
King Or Ocean, The Sun
Will, Lord Krishnas Devotee, The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, Prosperous
Ocean, Lord of Rivers
Myrrh and Ocean, Sea, Star, Wished for Child
Fluctuations of the Ocean
Shining, Wished-for Child, Rebellion, The Name of a Fairy-tale Heroine
Ocean, Sea
Joyous, Sea, Ocean, Blackbird, An Abbreviation of Meredith
Sister, Germane, Warrior, Army
Wonderful, Miroslawa, Lord Krishna's Devotee, Adorable
Sky, Ocean, Sun, Earth
Sea, Ocean
God's Promise, Form of Elizabeth, Rebellion, Bitter
Elder Sister, Happy, Sea of Bitterness, Pure
Man, Rebellion, Beloved, Form of Mary
Beautiful, God is Perfection, Beloved, Myrrh and Ocean
The Element Jaya Which Means Victory, A Bird in the Crow Family, Bitter, Beloved
Wished-for Child, Rebellion, Myrrh and Ocean, Bitter
Glory, Will, Wonderful, Lord Krishnas Devotee
Thank You, Bitter, Form of Mary, Mercy
Ocean, Sea
Soul and King, Blackbird, Wonderful, Aristrocratic Lady
Form of Mary, Myrrh and Ocean, Wished-for Child, Bitter
Star of the Sea, Wished-for Child, Beloved, Rebellion
Form of Mary, Yahweh is Gracious, Beloved, Rebellion
The Moon, Form of Mary, Beloved, Rebellion
The Sun, King Or Ocean
Sea, Ocean
Form of Mary, Beloved, Huge, Great
Bitter Sea, Myrrh and Ocean, Drop, Rebellion
Conqueror, The Lord is Salvation, He who Supplants, Victory
Myrrh and Ocean, Mother of Jesus Christ, Wished-for Child, Beloved
Gift from God, Star of the Sea, Shrub with Yellow Flowers, Fragrant Flower
All, God is My Salvation, Eleanor, Famous Warrior
Small Part of the Ocean
Peace, Aristrocratic Lady, The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, High-born Girl
Rebellion, Shine of Glory, Pari, Messenger from God
Wild Cow, Sea of Bitterness, Rebellion, Wished-for Child
Myrrh and Ocean, Bitter, The Olive, Beloved
Wished-for Child, Life, Sea of Bitterness, Rebellion
Beloved, Female Sheep, Form of Mary, Ewe
Proton, Yonit, Good, Positive
Fluctuations of the Ocean
Desire, Bright, Form of Mary, Myrrh and Ocean
One who Leapt Across the Ocean, Attraction
Rebellion, Beautiful, Wished-for Child, Form of Mary
Wished-for Child, Beloved, Light, Rebellion
Myrrh and Ocean, Bitter, Victory, Beloved
Rebellion, Dark Beauty, Wished-for Child, Born at Night
Ocean, Sea
Form of Mary, Young Shoot, Beloved, Myrrh and Ocean
Form of Mary, God is Fullness, Wished-for Child, The Lily Flower
Hope, Wished-for Child, Bitter, Myrrh and Ocean
Name of the 2nd Chakravarti, Sea, Surname, Water
Ocean, Sweet, Cute
Water, Ocean, River, Lord Vishnu
In the Middle of the Ocean
Ocean, Lord of Rivers, Hope
River, Self-control, One who Suppresses, Ocean
Beautiful Love, Loving, Ocean
Ocean, Sea
Born in the Ocean, Wave
Lord Krishna's Devotee, Will, The Limit Boundary, Peace
Kumkum, Indian Sindoor, Ocean or River
Sea, Ocean
Sea, Ocean, Seas
Woman from the Ocean
Sea, Ocean
Rear, India, Ocean, Sea
Born of the Ocean, Goddess Laxmi
Glory, Lord Krishna's Devotee, Prosperous, Wonders
Sea, Ocean
The Pure, Form of Mary, Bitter, Anointed
One who Ferries People Across the World-Ocean
Succeed, Ocean
War Like, Protector of Man, Sea, Ocean, Of the Sea
Rebellion, Mistress of the House, Woman, Bitter
Virgin, Powerful Mother of Black People, Silvery, King
Daughter of the Ocean
In the Middle of the Ocean
Light Hearted, An Abbreviation of Meredith, Blackbird, Wished-for Child
Katharina, Hen, Ocean or Sea, Kaja
Beloved, Star of the Sea, Bitter, Wished-for Child
Lord Vishnu, Water, River, Ocean
Town By the Ocean, From the Town Near the Sea
Prosperous, The Ocean, Adorable, Watch Carefully
Woman from the Ocean
Sea, Ocean
Fluctuations of the Ocean
Bitter, Myrrh and Ocean, Sea of Bitterness, To Swell
Of the Ocean
Sea Water, Ocean
Sea, Ocean
Meditation, Holy River, Goddess Lakshmi, Born of the Ocean
Lord of the Ocean
Esch Grove, Ashes of Wood, Bitter, Ash-tree Meadow
The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, Glory, Miroslawa, Peace
The Ocean, Lord Krishna's Devotee, Aristrocratic Lady, Prosperous
Who Eats Flower, Sea of Bitterness, Wished-for Child, Rebellion
Fair, Descendant of Caollaidhe, Pure, Myrrh and Ocean
Ocean, Remembering
Lord of Rivers, Ocean, Hope
Earth, Chicken, Kaja, Pure
Sea of Bitterness, Myrrh and Ocean, Bitter, What
Lord of Ocean
Star of the Sea, Rebellion, Joy, Myrrh and Ocean
Ocean, Sea
Star of the Sea, Rebellion, Clear, Wished-for Child
Gentle, Myrrh and Ocean, Form of Mary, Friendly
Little Frenchman, Peace, Aristrocratic Lady, Glory
Myrrh and Ocean
Encompassing, Embraces All Round, Ocean
Form of Shakshi, Beloved, Bitter, Good
Ocean, Hope, God of River
Hope, God of River, Ocean
Wished-for Child, Star of the Sea, Beloved, Proud Friend
Star of the Sea, Beloved, Myrrh and Ocean, Bitter
God is Fullness, Wished-for Child, Beloved, Bitter
Ocean, Hope, God of River
Messenger from God, Myrrh and Ocean, Rebellion, Angel
Ocean, Sky, Life Giving, King
Beloved, Yahweh is Gracious, Little Bird, Star of the Sea
Princess, Pure, Sea of Bitterness, Lady
Sea of Bitterness, Bitter, Old English, Wished-for Child
Bitter, Wished-for Child, The Grace or Mercy of the Lord, Life
In the Middle of the Ocean
Sea, Ocean, Mary
Wished-for Child, Star of the Sea, Rebellion, Beloved
God Looks, He (God) Beholds, Myrrh and Ocean, Rich
Sea, Joyous, Cheerful, Blackbird
Cute, Sweet, Ocean
Bitter, Belonging to Christ, Christian Woman, Myrrh and Ocean
Heart as Big as Ocean, Bird
Protection, Admirable, Desire, Wonderful
Sea of Bitterness, Rebellion, One who Cuts Cloth, Wished-for Child
Righteous, Bitter, Honest, The Pearl
Rebellion, Lively, Descendant of Ceallach, Churches
Ocean, Way
God of River, Of the Sea, Ocean, Hope
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