Names that mean Ocean

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Aalia Hebrew Highest Social Standing, The Ascent, Tall, An Oceanic Woman
Aaliyan Ocean
Aanavi Hindi One with a Heart Like Ocean, Kind to People
Aarna Wave, Ocean, Goddess Laxmi
Aarnab Ocean
Aarnav Sea, Wave, Ocean, Stream
Aarnavi Heart as Big as Ocean
Aashvith Sanskrit Ocean
Aazhichelvi Tamil A Young Girl with an Affinity for the Ocean
Aazhikumari Tamil A Young Girl with an Affinity for the Ocean
Aazhimanni Tamil Gem of the Ocean
Aazhimathi Tamil Moon on the Ocean
Aazhimuthu Tamil Pearl of the Ocean
Aazhinaayagi Tamil The One who has an Affinity for the Ocean, Ocean Heroine
Aazhinangai Tamil A Young Girl with an Affinity for the Ocean
Aazhiyarasi Tamil Ocean Queen
Abdhisayana Sleeping on the Ocean
Abhaar Arabic Seas, Oceans, Noble and Great Men
Abigailmarie Head of a Monastery, Wished-for Child, The Intelligent, Bitter
Adamarie Bitter, Myrrh and Ocean, Fulfilling a Duty, Ornamented
Aerwyna A Friend of the Ocean, Friend of the Sea
Ägir Sea, Ocean, Water
Ahaliyan Tamil Ocean
Aisheeya Ocean
Ajanidha Sanskrit Treasure or Ocean of Instigation
Akupara The Ocean, Unbounded, Free
Alaimagal Tamil Daughter of the Ocean, Goddess of Wealth
Alexamarie Defender of Men, Protect, Bitter, Protector
Alexismarie The Defender, Sea of Bitterness, Rebellion, To Help
Alicemarie Beloved, Rebellion, Nobility, Of a Noble Kind
Aliciamarie Bitter, Rebellion, Myrrh and Ocean, Noble
Allaiyamuthan Tamil Beautiful Ocean Wave, The One who Like Waves of Ocean
Alyssamarie Star of the Sea, Rebellion, Joy, Myrrh and Ocean
Amaldus Form of Mary, Bitter, Beloved, Brave
Amandamarie Beloved, Lovable, Worthy of Love, Myrrh and Ocean
Amav Hindi Ocean, One Connected to Body of Water, Undefeated, Powerful
Ambermarie Form of Mary, The Unbeatable, Amber, Bitter
Ambhudhi Hindi The Ocean
Ambudhi Sea, Ocean
Ambunath Ocean
Ambupati Sanskrit Ocean
Amrtama Hindi Food Obtained from the Ocean of the Milk
Amymarie Beloved, My Nation, Myrrh and Ocean, Sea of Bitterness
Anav Rich, Generous, Starting, Ocean
Andreamarie Feminine Form of Andrew, Wished-for Child, Beloved, The Brave
Angelamarie Messenger from God, Myrrh and Ocean, Rebellion, Angel
Angelicamarie Angel Like, Sea of Bitterness, Messenger, Scent
Angelinamarie Angel, Messenger of God, Bitter, Beloved
Angelmarie Rebellion, Shine of Glory, Pari, Messenger from God
Anniemarie Myrrh and Ocean, God is Gracious, Sea of Bitterness, Rebellion