Names that mean Rebellion

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Abigailmarie Head of a Monastery, Wished-for Child, The Intelligent, Bitter
Adamarie Bitter, Myrrh and Ocean, Fulfilling a Duty, Ornamented
Adamary Ornamented, Graceful Manner, Beauty, Paying
Alexamarie Defender of Men, Protect, Bitter, Protector
Alexismarie The Defender, Sea of Bitterness, Rebellion, To Help
Alicemarie Beloved, Rebellion, Nobility, Of a Noble Kind
Aliciamarie Bitter, Rebellion, Myrrh and Ocean, Noble
Alyssamarie Star of the Sea, Rebellion, Joy, Myrrh and Ocean
Amaldus Form of Mary, Bitter, Beloved, Brave
Amandamarie Beloved, Lovable, Worthy of Love, Myrrh and Ocean
Ambermarie Form of Mary, The Unbeatable, Amber, Bitter
Amymarie Beloved, My Nation, Myrrh and Ocean, Sea of Bitterness
Andreamarie Feminine Form of Andrew, Wished-for Child, Beloved, The Brave
Angelamarie Messenger from God, Myrrh and Ocean, Rebellion, Angel
Angelicamarie Angel Like, Sea of Bitterness, Messenger, Scent
Angelinamarie Angel, Messenger of God, Bitter, Beloved
Angelmarie Rebellion, Shine of Glory, Pari, Messenger from God
Anniemarie Myrrh and Ocean, God is Gracious, Sea of Bitterness, Rebellion
Aprilmarie Rebellion, To Open Up, Opening, Form of Mary
Ariamarie From Adria, Rebellion, Man, Wished-for Child
Arielmarie Rebellion, Wished-for Child, Lion of God, Bitter
Ármey Mother, Kinswomen, A Merciful Woman, Diminutive of Mary
Ashleymarie Esch Grove, Ashes of Wood, Bitter, Ash-tree Meadow
Asiamarie Myrrh and Ocean, Sunrise, Wished-for Child, Rebellion
Avamarie Bitter, Myrrh and Ocean, Form of Mary, Beloved
Bellamarie Beautiful, God is Perfection, Beloved, Myrrh and Ocean
Bettymarie Form of Elizabeth, My God is Perfect, Myrrh and Ocean, Beloved
Biancamarie Rebellion, Form of Mary, Glossy, White
Brianamarie Sea of Bitterness, Rebellion, Bitter, Wished-for Child
Brittanymarie Wished-for Child, Bitter, Rebellion, Form of Mary
Calimarie Wished-for Child, Descendant of Caollaidhe, Rebellion, Bitter
Camillemarie Attendant for a Temple, Sea of Bitterness, Wished-for Child, Honorable Births
Chelseamarie Chalk, Wished-for Child, Limestone, Beloved
Chloemarie Form of Mary, Young Shoot, Beloved, Myrrh and Ocean
Christinamarie Bitter, Belonging to Christ, Christian Woman, Myrrh and Ocean
Christinemarie Christian Faith, Beloved, Disciple of Christ, Myrrh and Ocean
Clairemarie Sea of Bitterness, Wished-for Child, Bitter, Famous
Crystalmarie Precious Stone, Brilliant Glass, Clear, Crystal Which Derives Ultimately from Greek Κρυσταλλος = Ice
Daisymarie Day's Eye, Sea of Bitterness, Myrrh and Ocean, Bitter
Danamarie Sea of Bitterness, Bitter, Old English, Wished-for Child
Daniellemarie Judged Only by God, Beloved, Star of the Sea, Wished-for Child
Dawnmarie Beloved, Star of the Sea, Bitter, Wished-for Child
Dejamarie Star of the Sea, Myrrh and Ocean, Wished-for Child, Beloved
Delmarie Wished-for Child, Star of the Sea, Beloved, Proud Friend
Destinymarie Form of Mary, Fate, Beloved, Rebellion
Dianamarie Beloved, Heavenly, Daylight, Wished-for Child
Dinamarie Valley, Star of the Sea, Justified, "Strong"
Donamarie Lady, Mistress, Bitter, Woman
Donnamarie Rebellion, Mistress of the House, Woman, Bitter
Elenamarie Sun, Light, The Torch, Form of Eleanor