Maori baby names

Maori language is an Eastern Polynesian language which is spoken by the Māori people, an integral population of New Zealand.

Maori baby names are incredibly popular as these names have beautiful sounds with evocative and interesting meanings. These names are not only used by the Aboriginals, but also by the urban settlers. Maori baby's first name is generally given at the time of birth which is influenced by events or circumstances. Earlier, Maori people do not use surnames but after the arrival of Pakeha, it is mandatory for them to use surname or family name which should be the father's name. For women, it is not mandatory to change their surnames after marriage.

Please go through below list of Maori baby names.

 AnaruBThe Manly, Masculine, Man, Warrior
 ArohaGPity, Ready to Offer Boons
 AronnaGVivacious, One who is Colorful
 EmereGEmulating, Rival, The Word Aemulus Which is of the Meaning Imitating Rivaling, Eager
 HineGOne who is Chaste
 HohepaBIt will Enlarge, Jehova Increases, God Shall Add a Another Son
 IhuBGod Rescues
 KiriGLogical, Mountain Summit, Ray of Light
 MaataGA Highborn Lady
 MereGBeloved, Lady, Wished-for Child, Sea of Bitterness
 MikaereBWho is Like God?, Messenger of God
 MoanaUOcean, Sea
 MoannaGOcean, Sea
 MoanneGOcean, Sea
 NgaioGFrom the Trees
 PiripiBFriend of Horses, Warlike
 RangiBGod of the Sky
 RangiaGGod of the Sky
 RangieGGod of the Sky
 RopataBGlorious Shining, Famed, Bright with Fame, Glory and Brilliant
 TaineBGod of Light
 TainnUGod of Light
 TamaUJewel, Palm Tree, Night, Thunder
 TaneBGod of Light
 Tino ArohaGReady to Offer Boons, Pity
 WiremuBWill, Resolute Protector, Protect, Protection