Bit meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Usage: English, Swedish and Danish
Meaning: Bit, Little, Danish Lille Bitte = Tiny, God is My Oath and My God is Bountiful
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Bit is form of Bitta. Bitta is a form of Bitte. Girl name Bit is originated from Hebrew is used especially in English, Danish and Swedish. Bit is a short version of Elizabeth. Of Hebrew origin, Elizabeth, Elizabeth means "God is My Oath and God is Fullness".

Variants of Bit

Bitta, Bitte, Bitt, Birgitte

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Popularity of Bit

Bit is a common baby name in Vietnam and Malaysia while it is somewhat familiar in India, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore and United States. As per our findings, over 6000 babies have been bestowed Bit around the globe.


What numbers say about Bit?

You were this kind and generous person in the past but hanging around with negative and abusive people has changed you. Having the letter B as a cornerstone in your name reflects your sensitive nature. You are born to boss around or teach people how to be independent and fair, something like a motivational speaker or a lawyer. You are that person who teaches others how to live life without much drama and walk their path with no one's help.

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Namesakes of Bit

    Bit by Bats, were an Australian three-piece rock band originally

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