Names that mean God

Name Origin Gender Meaning
*Ansu-friþioR  Old Norse Girl Peaceful God
*Ansulaibaz  Old Norse Boy God's Bequest, Inherited by God
*Fraujawaru  Old Norse Boy Master, Lord, Fertile, He who is Foremost, God of Weather
*Ingwaz  Ancient Germanic Boy Reconstructed Ancient Germanic name of a god (see ING)
*Wulþuz  Old Norse Boy Splendor, Glory, Name of Nordic God

Aabisha  Tamil Girl God is my father
Aabriella  Girl Strong Man of God
Aadarshan  Tamil Boy The One who Gets to See the Appearance of God
Aadarshanan  Tamil Boy The One who Gets to See the Appearance of God
Aadhinarayanan  Hindi Boy The First God
Aadhithya  Tamil Boy Sun, Son of Aditi
Aadhya  Sanskrit Girl At the Beginning, First Power, Goddess Durga
Aadhyaa  Hindi Girl Goddess Durga
Aadidev  Sanskrit Boy The First God
Aadideva  Sanskrit Boy The First God for Prayer
Aadilakshmi  Hindi Girl Goddess Laxmi
Aadinath  Hindi Boy The First Lord, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, God
Aadithya  Hindi Boy Lord of the Sun
Aaditri  Sanskrit Girl Godess Laxmi, Goddess Lakshmi, Highest Honor
Aadittya  Tamil Boy Sun, Son of Aditi
Aaditya  Sanskrit Boy Sun God, Son of Aditi
Aadityaa  Tamil Boy Sun God, Son of Aditi
Aadityan  Tamil Boy Son of Aditi, Sun God
Aadiya  Tamil Girl Adi Meaning Ornament, Jewel, Gods Treasure
Aadrika  Sanskrit Girl Mountain or Celestial, Goddess
Aadya  Sanskrit Girl Goddess Parvati, One who is Always First and Best, The Earliest, Light
Aaghnya  Girl Goddess Lakshmi, Born from Fire
Aagney  Boy Son of the Fire God, The Great Warrior, Karna
Aahana  Sanskrit Girl First Rise of Sun, Dawn, Inner Happiness, Morning Glory
Aahanya  Tamil Girl Goddess of Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi
Aahanyan  Tamil Boy Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth
Aahish  Hindi Boy Blessing of God
Aahitya  Tamil Boy Sun God, Son of Aditi
Aahuk  Hindi Girl God Gift
Aaingini  Tamil Girl Goddess Amman or Parvathy
Aairatha  Tamil Girl the Elephant Which Carries God Indra
Aairathan  Tamil Boy the Elephant Which Carries God Indra
Aaish  Hindi Boy God Blessings
Aajish  Tamil Boy God of Dev, Not Defeated by Anyone
Aakeem  Boy Originating from God, Wise

Aakshara  Tamil Girl Indestructible, Goddess Saraswati, Unalterable, Letter
Aakshayan  Tamil Boy Goddess Durga
Aalias  Boy Name of One Prophet, My God is Yahweh
Aalijah  Boy My God is Yahweh
Aalisha  Girl Protected by God
Aaliyana  Hebrew Girl My God has answered
Aallyah  Hebrew Arabic Girl Kind Type, God is Salvation, Joy, Merry
Aamin  Sanskrit Boy Grace of Divinity, God have it so
Aamos  Boy Born of God, Carried (By God), Carried, Or Carrying, Herd
Aamrapaali  Telugu Girl Name of Hindu Goddess
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