Danish girl names

Updated: April 10th, 2024

Found 4032 danish girl names.

Man, Little and Womanly, Vigorous, Army
Hazelnut, Desired, Power, Life Giving
Perfect, Acolyte, Accomplished
God is Fullness
Swelling Island But Probably Pre-Celtic, Island
Variant of Helen, Torch, Sun Ray, Shinning Light
My Father Rejoices, The Intelligent
God's Favor, Favour, Charm, Mercy
Green Shoot
Dark Beauty, Born at Night, Intoxication, Wine
Pure, Gentle, Bluish Purple, Viola
God's Gift, Climber, An Evergreen Climbing Ornamental Plant, A Vine
the Other, Bringer of Light, Foreign, Honorable
Emulus, Imitating, Rivaling
Midwife, Work, Wet Nurse, Durga
Grace of God, Compassionate, Happy, Affection
Light, Shining, Bright Born At Daybreak, Illumination
Noble Sort, Nobility
Skill, Wisdom
Jacob's Wife, Delicate, Weary One, Weary,Tired
Sun, Variant of Helen, Excellent, The Bright One
Blend of Lily and Ann, My God is Perfect, Beauty, Purity
To be Born-from Natalia, Form of Natalie, Born on Christmas, Christ's Birthday
God Protects My House, Beautiful
Mistress, Noble Woman, Queen of the Gods, Lady
Exalted One, To Ascend, Bright, Tall
Elder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
Pearl, Daisies, Flowers Name, Eye of the Day
Power, The Noble Strong, Honorable, High and Royal
Natural Spirit, Rules with Elf-wisdom, Bearlike, Illustrious and King (Power)
Famous, Clear, Bright
Reddish-Brown, Reddish Orange-brown
Noblewoman, Lady, Mercy, Princess
Girl, Cordula, Cornelia, Maiden
Husband, Vigorous, Diminutive with Royal Connotations, Little and Womanly
Luminous, Famous, Clear, Bright
Flower Name, Renown, Rose Bush, The Words Hros Which Means Horse
Hay and Lēah = Clearing, Hero
Consecrated to God, Form of Elizabeth
Halo, Aureole, First of Its Kind In Germany Popular, Corona, Halo
Form of Mildred, Gentle Strength, Honey, Bee
Noble and Fight, Son of the Highborn, Alice
Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Unknown
Radiance, Moon, Pure, Bright and Shining
Live, Living, The Enlivening, Alive
Brightness, Sweet, Honorable, Nobility
Precious Green Stone, Jade
Native of Magdala, From the High Tower, One who is Elevated
Delight, Pleasure, Luxuriant, Paradise, Adornment
Rose Flower, Rose
The Word Vivus with the Meaning Alive Lively, Vivid
Blossoming, Flowering, Charming, Flourishing
Summer Season
A Plant in the Olive Family, Fragrant Flower, Gift from God, Shrub with Yellow Flowers
Pet Form of Mary, Bitterness, The Perfect One, Honey
Graceful, Arab, Annabella
God Would Multiply, He (God) Will Add, Feminine of Joseph
Virtuous, Happy, Sublime
Pearl, Jewel, Name of a Saint
Darling, Handsome, Strong, Husband
Kind One, The Olive, Peace
Myrtle Leaf, Like a Star, Sweet, Stampedding Horses
Radiance, Flower, Blossom, Womenn of Jannah (Heaven)
The Pearl, Variant of Margaret
Feminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
Sorrow, Fickle, Carl, Goddess Lakshmi
the Other, Torch, Foreign, Bringer of Light
Manly, A Man's Woman, Feminine Form of Andrew, Man Ones
Warlike, Proud, The Pure
Rose, Flower Name
Expectation Belief, Trust, Hope, Faith
Soft-haired, Youthful, Downy, Downy-bearded
Graceful, Diminutive of Ann Frequently Used as an Independent Name, He (God) Was Gracious, Grace
Vital Force, Born in June, Sixth Month of the Year
Easy to Love, Bella, Graceful or Beatiful, Beautiful
Darling Child, Rock, An Offering, Light and Buoy-any
Love, Lovable, Gracious, Who Deserves to Be Loved
Compassionate Friend, Friendship, Girlfriend, Refreshment
To Ascend, High-born, Rising, The Ascent
Nice, Pretty, Darling, Good
Noble, German, Joy, Sweet Angel
Purity, Pastime, Night, Lioness
Bright Sea, Sea-Born
Precious Stone, Gemstone, Jewel, Gem
Midwife, Wet Nurse
Variant of Marlenel, Pleasant Wood, Woman from Magdala
Peace, The Word Éire with the Meaning Ireland, Beauty
Lion of God
Little Lamb, The Ewe, Jacob's Wife, Gental
Child of Light, The Pearl, Flower Name
Sea of Sorrow, Scraped, Prophetess, Drop
Bound, Captivating, To Tie, Knotted Cord
Stability, Earth, Pure, Chicken
Evergreen, Holly Grove, To Prick, Shrub with Red Berries
Messenger of God Angel
God of the Vine, From Saint Denis, Denise, Place Name
Little Black One, Spear, Clear, Bright
Star, Coined from, Genus of Butterfly
Heap of Rocks, Hara Which Means Hare, Deer Hunter or Archer
Attendant for a Temple, Swiftness of Foot, Honorable Births, Acolyte
Beloved or Someone to be Loved, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, Tuberose
Delicate, Meadow Pasture, Tired, Leah
Female Version of Nicholas
Prosperous in War, Rich Gift, Battle, Joyous
Born In the Eighth Month, Modeled on a Roman Sex
Sky, The Unbeatable, Reddish-yellow Precious Jewel, Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone
Alive, Viviane
Snowy, Winter, Year, Season Name
Lilitu Meaning of the Night, Ghost, Storm Goddess, Lily
Free-born, Religious, He Who is with the Illustrious, Acolyte
Origin, Variants, Blessing of God, Without a Superior
Light, The Bright, Born at Daybreak
Trusted, The Truthful, Who is Confident and Enjoys the Divine Safeguard, Honest
Homeland, Estate, Ruler of an Enclosure, Rich
The Laurel Tree, From Laurentum Stem End, Crowned with Laurels
The Hunteress, Fourth Child, Harvester, Essence
Messenger of God, Angel
Soft Bearded, Youthful, Variant of Julia, Illustrious Roman Family
Form of Steven, Crowning, A Garland, The Crowned
Mercy, God's Flavour, Graceful, He (God) Was Gracious
Vigorous, Strong, Man, Husband
Dahlia, Valley, Flower Name
Bringer of Joy, Voyager through Life, Traveller, Blessed
From the Hedged Valley, The Rosy Meadow, Heathen
Heavenly, Divine, Of the Sky
To Protect, The Defender, Helper, Repel
Greek, To Be Gentle, Latin, Buoyant
A Crusader a Pilgrim Bearing Palms, Palm-bearer
Village In Galilee Where Lived Mary Magdalene, Woman from Magdala, Tower
Efficient, Amalia, Emilia
Who is Like God
Lion of God
Free Condition, Frankie is Occasionally Used for Girls, Of the Franks, French Man
She who Brings Victory, Feminine, God is My Light, God's Oath
German Origin and Means Noble
Defender of Men, Protector, Noble
Pledge, Arrow, Hostage
Divinity and Fidelity, Ase, Divinely Beautiful, Deity
Certain Fortune, The Mythological Greek God of Fate, Destiny
Goddess of the Moon, Similar to Celia or Selena, A French Pirate Name is Celine Le Beak, Heaven
Will, Protection, Desire, Helmet
Defender of Men, Repel, Protector, Protect
Little Frenchman, Free Condition, From France
Dew of the Sea, Mary, Bitter Rose
Golden, Golden-Haired, Gold Made
Horn Coloured, Form of Cornelius, Yellow, Sun Burst
Protect and Man, Protector, Defender of Men, Manly
Born at Day Break, Bright, Daylight Babies, Shining
Jubilation, Joyful, Name of a Deity, Jewel
The White, Glossy
Glorious, Red, Great, Variant of Roderick Famous Ruler
The Prized Green Gem Stone, Emerald Gemstone, Smaragd
Inspired By the Same Vine, Julia, Emulum
Elisabeth, Liese, Anna
Sun-Like, Moonlight, Moon
Lively, Vibrant, Life, Alive
Smooth, White Spirit, Fair One, Shining
Pari, Messenger of God Angel
Song, Garden Orchard, Bright Red, Son of
The Merciful, Gentleness, Mercy, Gentle
Educated, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Nourishing, Kind
High, Little Rock, Defender of Man, Noble and Shining
The Lovely, In Love, Gracious, Deserving to be Loved
Graceful, He (God) Was Gracious, Form of Anna, Favour
Judged Only by God, Feminine of Daniel
Female Champion, I Want, Intention, Goal
The Descending, One who Descends, Olive Tree, Lead Colored
House of Poverty
Eye, Weaver, Penelops, Flower
Feminine Variant of Charles, Joy, Little and Womanly, Manly
Yahweh May Protect, Supplanter, One who Supplants, Holder of the Heel
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