Emilio name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Latin
Usage: Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Emilio eh-me-lee-oh
Meaning: Imitating, Rivaling, Emulum, Rival, Wetteifernde and Inspired By An Ancient Roman Sex
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What does Emilio mean?

Emilio's meaning is Imitating, Rivaling, Emulum, Rival, Wetteifernde or Inspired By An Ancient Roman Sex is principally used in Swedish, Italian, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Spanish and is used for both genders has its origin in Latin.

Emilio is a variation of cherished and venerable Emil. Emil is form of Emile in German language. Also Emil is German form of Émile. Meaning of Emil is Imitating, Emulum and Wetteifernde has origin in Latin.

Also Emilio is Spanish and Portuguese form of Aemilius. The name is celebrated on May 22nd.

How do I pronounce Emilio?

You can pronounce the three syllabled name Emilio as eh-me-lee-oh. The name can also be pronounced as e-mi-lio.

Variants of Emilio

Emillio, Emil, Emile, Émile, Aemilio, Emilian, Amiel

Names that rhyme with Emilio

How popular is the name Emilio?

Emilio is a popular in United States where over 40306 new-borns have been given the name since 1882. Currently peaked at the charts, 1486 boys were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 247th position.

Additionally, the given name has been in the top 500 baby names 38 times A common name in France having over 3295 recievers in 108 years of usage. Currently the name is hotter than ever, the moniker grabbed the 280th spot and 187 baby boys were given the name.

Also, In Spain, Emilio was once a common name since emerging in 2002 it has been given to over 797 babies. When at its peak in 2003,. After 3 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts.

Emilio is a familiar baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 600 names. In 1997, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 538 on boy names chart when 53 babies were named Emilio.

There are over 813 babies that have been given the name Emilio in England and Wales. Also, in Switzerland, it has been in use since 1998 and was able to reach the top 200 names.

Recently in 2017, 63 babies were given Emilio and it reached its peak ranking, 147 on boy names chart. Over 494 babies in Switzerland have been named Emilio.

Emilio is a unique baby name in Belgium, it has been in use since 1995 and was able to reach the top 300 names.

Recently in 2018, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 279 on boy names chart when 42 babies were named Emilio. There are over 445 babies that have been given the name Emilio in Belgium.

Emilio is a rare baby name in Ireland where it is still in use. However things change on global perspective, Emilio is extremely popular in Mexico where every 1 in 2000 have the name.

Also the baby name is popular in Argentina, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Ecuador, Honduras and Angola. According to our findings, at least 680000 people have been bestowed Emilio around the globe.

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What numerology tells about Emilio?

Although you lack the enthusiasm, you don't lack ideas. Open your eyes before it's too late and explore your options. Partnerships are exclusively important to you. Don't hang out with someone just to hang out with someone. Your spirituality matters to you. This is why you seem so distant from time to time. You are a humanitarian with a higher purpose in life. And that is to help others. You are never bored. Even when you are alone.

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Sibling Names for Emilio

If you're considering naming your newborn son Emilio, you might also want to consider naming his future siblings with names that complement or match his. Here are some suggestions that pair well with the strong, masculine name Emilio.

For a sister

Brother to Emilio

Famous people named Emilio

  • Emilio Bandiera,
  • Emilio Portes Gil, was President of Mexico
  • Emilio Carranza, noted Mexican aviator and national hero
  • Emilio de' Cavalieri, Italian composer, producer, organist, diplomat
  • Emilio Colombo, Italian politician and the Prime Minister of Italy
  • Emilio Prados, Spanish poet and editor
  • Emilio Villoresi, Italian Grand Prix motor racing driver
  • Emilio Materassi, Italian Grand Prix motor racing driver
  • Emilio Menéndez, Spanish politician and Member of the European Parliament for the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party
  • Emilio Arenales Catalán, foreign minister of Guatemala from 1966 to 1969 and the president of the United Nations Twenty-Third General Assembly
  • Emilio de Gogorza, American baritone of Spanish parentage
  • Emilio Amero, was among the leading figures of the Mexican Modern art movement
  • Emilio Estrada Carmona, was President of Ecuador from September 1 until his death
  • Emilio Aceval, President
  • Emilio Pujol, composer
  • Emilio Frugoni, Uruguayan socialist politician, lawyer, poet
  • Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta, Mexican businessman
  • Emilio Herrera Linares, Spanish military engineer and physicist
  • Emilio Betti, Italian jurist, Roman Law scholar
  • Emilio Grau Sala, Catalan painter
  • Emilio Martínez-Lázaro, Spanish film director famous for such films as 'The Other Side of the Bed' and 'Ocho Apellidos Vascos'
  • Emilio Floris, Italian politician
  • Emilio Zebadúa, Mexican politician
  • Emilio Arrieta, Spanish composer
  • Emilio Sala, Italian-born sculptor and painter
  • Emilio Álvarez Montalván, Nicaraguan ophthalmologist and a Foreign Minister of the Republic of Nicaragua
  • Emilio Bello Codesido, Chilean lawyer, diplomat
  • Emilio Álvarez Lejarza, In 1884
  • Emilio Zocchi, Italian sculptor
  • Emilio Lissón, Archbishop of Lima, Peru
  • Emilio Villalba Welsh, prolific Argentine screenwriter
  • Emilio Artom, Jewish Italian mathematician
  • Emilio Soriano Aladrén, retired Spanish football referee
  • Emilio Zavattini, Italian physicist
  • Emilio Disi, Argentine actor
  • Emilio Oribe, Uruguayan poet, essayist, philosopher, and doctor
  • Emilio Coia, Scottish artist
  • Emilio García Gómez, Spanish Arabist, literary historian and critic
  • Emilio Diez Barroso, nalainvestents
  • Emilio Bulgarelli, Italian water polo player
  • Emilio Serrano y Ruiz, Spanish pianist and composer
  • Emilio Valle, retired Cuban hurdler
  • Emilio J. M. de Carvalho, retired Angolan Bishop of the United Methodist Church
  • Emilio Vilà, Spanish artist and poster illustrator
  • Emilio Segrè, Italian-American physicist and Nobel laureate,
  • Emilio Bizzi, neuroscientist and Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Emilio Lussu, Italian soldier, politician
  • Emilio Butragueño, Spanish retired footballer who played as a striker
  • Emilio Aguinaldo, Filipino revolutionary, politician
  • Emilio Estevez, American actor, director, and writer
  • Emilio Largo, fictional character and the main antagonist
  • Emilio Palma, Argentine man


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