Swedish baby names

Sweden is a land of the most beautiful, sweet, and adorable baby names. A Swedish baby has one or more given names and a surname.

In Sweden, two given names are very common, which is chosen by the parents and the surname is inherited from the parent’s surname. Swedish parents have to follow a strict naming law for naming their children. Parents need to fill a form submit it with the desired name within three months of the birth of the baby. The given name may not get approved if it seems to cause any embarrassment to the child in the future. This law was passed to prevent the non-aristocratic families from choosing the names that are reserved for the noble and aristocratic families. Later, the law was revised and according to the new law, a man can adopt his wife’s or partner’s name and a woman can adopt her husband’s name.

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 AageBThe Word Ano Meaning Ancestor, Representative of Ancestors
 AagotGThe Good
 AaliyahUExalted One, To Ascend, Bright, Tall
 AapoBFather of Many
 AaronBHe Who Comes After, High in Hebrew, Tall, Enlightened One
 AartoBWhole, Healthy, Rock, Stone, The Bear
 AaseGFrom the Tree-Covered Mountain
 AatuBWolf, Honorable, Noble
 AbbyUFather's Joy, My Father is Joyful
 AbelBVanishing, Fragility, Vapour, Healthy
 AbelinaGTransience, Breath
 AbelineVanishing, Fragility
 AbellaGFragility, Vanishing
 AbeloneGInspired By the Greek God Apollo
 AbigaëlGod is My Joy
 AbigailUMy Father Rejoices, The Intelligent
 AbigailaGMy Father Rejoices, The Intelligent
 AbigajilGGod is My Joy
 AbigajlGGod is My Joy
 AbigélGJoy of My Father, My Father Rejoices
 AbijahUYahweh is My Father, Gift of God
 AbjörnBThe Good, Chaste, Pure, Lamb As Well
 AbrahaminaGFather of a Multitude, Faultless
 AbsalomBGod the Father is Peace, God the Father of Peace
 AbsalonBGod the Father of Peace, Handsome Prince
 AchatiusGirlLord Has, Achaz, Yahweh
 AchilleBPain, The One Who has Beautiful Lips
 AchillesBPain, Distress, Lipless, The One Who has Beautiful Lips, Pain
 AchimBGod Puts Upright, Yahweh Will Establish
 AckeBFather of Peace
 AdalbertBNoble and Brilliant, Nobly Famous, Illustrious, Bright
 AdalenaGNoble, Sweet, English, Kind
 AdalinaGOf Noble Figure
 AdalminaGNobel, Fish, Precious
 AdalrikBSister, The Element Adal Which is of the Meaning Noble Honorable, From Germany, Hard
 AdamBMolded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
 AdamaUMan, Majestic
 AdaneGTo Settle Down
 AdarBRuler Prince, Fire, Eminent, High
 AddeBArdent, Adriatic from the Stem End, Rich, Son of Adam
 AddickBFrom Germany, The Teuton, Sister, Brotherly
 AddieGHighborn, My Ornament, Awe-inspiring, Of a Noble Kind
 AdelBNoble, High-born, Sincere, Brave
 AdelaGNoble, Small Winged One, Honorable, Love
 AdelaidaGNoble and Fight, Lust, Small Winged One, Nobility
 AdelbertBHonorable, Intelligent, Of Noble Lineage, Bright
 AdelborgGFrom the Fortified Hill Or Castle, Nobel, Precious
 AdelenaGNoble Kind
 AdelgundGNoble, Fight, Honorable
 AdelgundaGNoble, Honorable, Fight
 AdelgundeGNoble, Honorable, Fight
 AdelhardBNoble, Brave, Honorable, Hardy
 AdelhartBNoble, The Teuton, Brotherly, Hard
 AdelheidGOf a Noble Kind
 AdelhildGBattle, Nobel, Precious, Noble
 AdelineBrightness, Sweet, Honorable, Nobility
 AdelitzaGBrotherly, From Germany, Sister, Germane
 AdelstenBStone, Nobel, Precious
 AdhelinGSagacity, Full of Knowledge and Wisdom, To be Clever, Learning
 AdhilsBNoble pledge
 AdiUCompanion of Prophet Muhammad, Jewel or Ornament, The First, Go-Getter
 AdieBNoble, Kind, Jewel, Adornment
 AdilGRighteous, Kindness, Supreme Being, The Element Adala Which Means to Act Justly
 AdilsBOne who is Merciful and Foreseeing, To be Clever, Learning, Wisdom
 AdinaUThe Word Adin Which is of the Meaning Slender Delicate, Ornamented, Decorated, Gentle
 AdineGDecorated, Ornamented
 AdlaGFair Woman, Just, Honest, Justice
 AdnaGIn the Bible, Settle, Pleasure, Joy
 AdolfinaGHonorable, Wolf, Exalted, Noble
 AdolfineBHonorable, Wolf
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