Latin baby names

Updated: April 9th, 2024

Latin is a classical language which is spoken by the Italic branch of the Indo-European languages. Originally, it was spoken in the area around Rome, known as Latium. There are so many words that are used in language are contributed by Latin language.

The Latin baby naming tradition consists of a combination of personal and family names, which was referred to as the tria nomina. First comes the family name or heredity surname that identifies a person as a member of a particular generation which is followed by the given name or personal name, which was used to distinguish between different members of the family.

Below is the list that contains array of 3000 plus Latin baby names.

Olive Tree, Elf Army
Elf Army, Name of Tree which Gives Olive Oil, Warrior
Trustworthy, Industrious, Work of the Lord, Fertile
Power, Alive, Living, Satellite Communication
Man from Lucania, Daylight Babies, Bringer of Light, Shining
The Lion, Leo, Brave, Strong
Majestic, Exalted, Vehement Protector, Revered
Who is Like God?, Messenger of God
God's Gift, Gift of Yahweh
The Moon, Moon
Gemini, Twin
Dearly Loved, Beloved, Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
Rival, Rivaling, Imitating, Emily
Perfect, Acolyte, Accomplished
A Symbol of Purity, Lily, My God is Perfect
Down-bearded Youth, Jove's Child, Julia, Soft Bearded
My Father Rejoices, The Intelligent
God's Favor, Favour, Charm, Mercy
Praiseworthy, Priceless, Inestimable, Flower
Pure, Gentle, Bluish Purple, Viola
the Other, Bringer of Light, Foreign, Honorable
Man from Rome, Citizen of Roman
Emulus, Imitating, Rivaling
Given, Protector, Lord, Give
Peaceful, Love, Servant, Soldier
Rich, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
St, Saint Iago
Victor Conqueror, Victorious, Victory, Conquer
Molded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
Light, Shining, Bright Born At Daybreak, Illumination
Anointed Christian, Belonging to Christ
Reborn, Rubin, The Ruby, Red
My God is Yahweh, Shining
Blend of Lily and Ann, My God is Perfect, Beauty, Purity
The August, Variant of Augustine, Helpful, Dignity
Of the Lord Belonging to God, Form of Dominick
To be Born-from Natalia, Form of Natalie, Born on Christmas, Christ's Birthday
Little Maximus, By the Great Stream, Greatest, A Short Form of Maxwell
God Protects My House, Beautiful
The Blessed, Blessed
Three, Forest, Wood Dweller, The Third
Praised, Generosity, Who Gives Glory to Yahweh
The Word Valens Which is of the Meaning Healthy Strong, Vigorous
Elder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
Merciful, Servant, Inventor of the Corn Mill, Soldier
Autumn, The Fall Season
Reddish-Brown, Reddish Orange-brown
Conquering, One Who Overcomes, Prevailing, Victor
Exalted, Summer, August, Revered
Beautiful, Rebellious, Sea of Bitterness, Beloved
To Sing, Pure, Man, Very Holy Woman
Girl, Cordula, Cornelia, Maiden
Birthday, Christmas Babies, Birth
Luminous, Famous, Clear, Bright
Flower Name, Renown, Rose Bush, The Words Hros Which Means Horse
Form of Mildred, Gentle Strength, Honey, Bee
Tranquility, Clear, Peacefulness, Calm
A Bowman Or Archer, An English Surname, Noteworthy and Valorous
Radiance, Moon, Pure, Bright and Shining
God is Gracious, Soft Bearded, Down-bearded Youth, Descended from Jupiter (Jove)
Fleur De Lys, Lily
Rose Flower, Rose
The Word Vivus with the Meaning Alive Lively, Vivid
Poppy, Flower Name
Lucky, Name of a Saint, The Successful, Happy
Stream, Speaker, Advice, Enthusiastic
Blossoming, Flowering, Charming, Flourishing
Wise One, Sage, Healthy, Aromatic Herb
First-rate, Ace, Number One, Unity
Graceful, Arab, Annabella
Rivaling, Emulum, Rival, Imitating
Rebellion, Bitter, Star of the Sea, Lady
Grass, Immortal One, Happiness, Unfading flower
Nobleman, Patrician, Noblewoman
The Just, Righteous, Singer, Judicious
Kind One, The Olive, Peace
Vanishing, Fragility, Vapour, Healthy
Free Condition, Frankie is Occasionally Used for Girls, Of the Franks, French Man
The Juniper Tree, Juniper
Blind One, Dim Sighted, Sixth
Conqueror, Victor, Champion, One who Conquers, Victory
Favour, Grace of God, Graceful, Blessing
Father of a Multitude, Faultless
Healthy Strong
Beauty, A Flower, My God has Sworn
the Other, Torch, Foreign, Bringer of Light
Rivaling, Imitating, Emulum, Wetteifernde
Magnolia, Ornamental Tree with White Flowers, Fragrant
A Town in Central France, From the Raven Farm, Champagne
Defence, The Roman God of War, Mars, Of the Sea
Rose, Flower Name
Vital Force, Born in June, Sixth Month of the Year
Soft-haired, Youthful, Downy, Downy-bearded
Dedicated to the God Mars, Boundary, Horse, War-like
My Nation, Friendship, Industrious, Truth
Darling Child, Rock, An Offering, Light and Buoy-any
The Greatest
Mythological Beast, Griffin, Hooked Nose, A Fox
Love, Lovable, Gracious, Who Deserves to Be Loved
Compassionate Friend, Friendship, Girlfriend, Refreshment
Brilliant, Highborn
The Capital of the United Kingdom, From London
Precious Stone, Gemstone, Jewel, Gem
Small, Biblical Apostle and Evangelist Paul's Letters to Early Christians Comprise Many New Testament Books, Weak, Little
Midwife, Wet Nurse
Light, Divine, Daylight, Deity
Youthful, Jove's Child, Name of a Poem, Julia
Peaceful Town, Trader, Settlement, Homestead
Honorable Births, Acolyte, A Youth Employed in Religious Services, Noble
Ruler with Counsel, Advice, Form of Reginald, Rule
Wealthy Man, Diminutive of Caspar, Case, Vain
Bound, Captivating, To Tie, Knotted Cord
Stability, Earth, Pure, Chicken
From Athens, From Attica
War-Like Dedicated to Mars, War-like, Warrior, Warring
Attendant for a Temple, Swiftness of Foot, Honorable Births, Acolyte
Greatest, Very Great
Born In the Eighth Month, Modeled on a Roman Sex
Triad, Three in One, Trinity, Triple
Good Fortune, Great Happiness, Happy, Luck
Alive, Viviane
The Dark, The Black
God is Gracious, Gift of the Lord
Enduring Steadfast, Endure, Withstand
Free-born, Religious, He Who is with the Illustrious, Acolyte
Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory, Laurel, Of Laurentum, Man from Laurentium
The Olive, The Olive Tree
Light, The Bright, Born at Daybreak
The Laurel Tree, From Laurentum Stem End, Crowned with Laurels
Soft Bearded, Youthful, Variant of Julia, Illustrious Roman Family
Descendant of Caollaidhe
Adriatic Sea, Square Room, Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Youthful, Julia, Downy Bearded, Girl
Bringer of Joy, Voyager through Life, Traveller, Blessed
First, Principal One, Prince, King
Belonging to Christ, The Anointed One, Christian
Heavenly, Divine, Of the Sky
Jay, La
Jove's Child, Youthful, Down-bearded Youth, Dedicated to Jupiter
A Bitterly Wanted Child, Star of the Sea, God is My Teacher
Blue Crested Bird, Ja, J, Victory
Free, French Man, The Element Francesco Which Means Frenchman, Little Frenchwoman
(Replacement, The Appointed, Placed
Efficient, Amalia, Emilia
Grace, Lynn
Dyer, One who, Dexterous, Right Handed
An Olive, Form of Oliver, Elf, Warrior
Title, Honored, New Testament Character, Giant
Dedicated to the God Mars, Dedicated to Mars (The Roman God of War)
Goddess of the Moon, Similar to Celia or Selena, A French Pirate Name is Celine Le Beak, Heaven
Quiet, Cheerful, The Word Serenus Which is of the Meaning Serene Clear Bright, Joy
Little Frenchman, Free Condition, From France
Variant of Caesar, Cut, Long Haired, Hirsute
Dew of the Sea, Mary, Bitter Rose
Very Great, Greatest
Raven, Raven-haired
Golden, Golden-Haired, Gold Made
Jubilation, Joyful, Name of a Deity, Jewel
Horn Coloured, Form of Cornelius, Yellow, Sun Burst
Born at Day Break, Bright, Daylight Babies, Shining
True, Bringing Victory, Faith, Severe
One who Grow Beans, Fabulent, Bean Grower, The Sky
Judge, Just, Justice
Shining, The Bright, Light, Daylight Babies
Rush, Kindness, Little Rose, Truthful
King, The Word Reina with the Meaning Queen, Purple Flower
Council, An Office in the Army, Senior, Spear
Imitating, Rivaling
Apollinaria, The Element Apollymi Meaning to Destroy
Lively, Vibrant, Life, Alive
Opening, To Open Up, Second, April
Fort, Camp of Soldiers, Chester from the Stem End, Castle Dweller
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