Ffion name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Celtic, Old Irish and Latin
Pronunciation: FEE-on
Meaning: White and Fair Blond
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What does Ffion mean?

Unexpected choice and Modern girl name Ffion is of Celtic origin. Ffion is variant of preeminent Fiona. Fiona is equivalent of Fionn in Latin language. Unexpected choice and Modern Old Irish, Celtic and Latin Fiona, meaning of Fiona is "Faith, Vine and Hero".

How do I pronounce Ffion?

The most common pronunciation of one syllabled Ffion is FEE-on with emphasis on first FEE syllable. It can also be pronounced as ff-fion.

Variants of Ffion

Fiona, Fionn, Fenella, Finna, Finn, Finbar, Finnguala, Nola, Fionnghuala, Fionnuala, Fína

Middle Names for Ffion

Evah, Eliyanah, view more middle names that goes with Ffion

How popular is the name Ffion?

Ffion was a common name in England and Wales. Over 5475 babies have been named Ffion since 1996. When at the peak of its usage in 1998,. However after 23 years, the name is on free fall on the charts but it is still going strong.

Ffion is a rare baby name in United States however it is still in use. Ffion is a common name in Wales while somewhat familiar name in England. According to our estimate, over 5000 babies have been named Ffion globally.

[1] Source: Social Security Administration


Numerological aspects of Ffion

Stop being so kind and show people their place in your life. You get disappointed when you realize that most people worry more about social appearances rather than personal growth. Allow others to take care of their own lives and start fixing your own. You have a strong will to succeed and survive on your own. You are truthful and prefer the cold truth over warm lies. You are always in the center of attention because of the unusual lifestyle you lead and life decisions that seem too dangerous to some but inspiring to others.

Other names liked by soon-to-be-parents that are similar to Ffion

  •  Fearchar mainly is used in Gaelic aimed at boys, meaning of Fearchar is "Beloved Man" has its origin in Celtic
  •  Shawna - Of Hebrew, Celtic and English-American origin, Renowned Shawna is used as a gender-neutral name, Shawna means "Yahweh is Gracious or The Lord is Gracious" is dominantly used in Tamil and English
  •  Hoëla - Hoëla's meaning is Well Considered has origin in Celtic
  •  Kylene - The well-known girl name Kylene is used mainly in English is originated from Australian and Celtic, Kylene means "Boomerang"
  •  Madek - The Madek means "Good" came from Celtic

Sibling Names for Ffion

If you're looking for sibling names to go with the beautiful Welsh name Ffion, then look no further! We've compiled a list of 20 names that complement Ffion perfectly, whether you're looking for more traditional or unique options. From classic names like Dylan and Megan to more modern choices like Arlo and Luna, there's something for every taste on this list. So without further ado, here are our top picks for sibling names to pair with Ffion.

Sister to Ffion

For a brother

Famous people named Ffion

  • Ffion Hague, Welsh broadcaster, author, former civil servant


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