Celtic baby names

Celtic baby names are traditionally based on the Celtic culture such as Celtic symbols, gods, festivals, Druids, and Iron Age mythology.

The Celts are the collection of Indo-European people of Europe who speak Celtic languages. The Celtic baby names are generally derived from mythology, history, place names, and legends of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and areas of northern Spain and these names also display the charm of the Isles they are derived from. A Celtic baby name consists of a given name or first and a surname, which is patronymic in etymology. There are some Celtic baby names such as Erin which are used commonly while some are more exotic. The pronunciation and spelling of traditional Celtic baby names can be a bit tricky due to the presence of Celtic vowels. There are many Celtic baby names that are used for both boys and girls, for example, Sean and Quinn.

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 AifeGBeauty, Radiant, Beautiful
 AilínUHandsome, Peaceful, God of Shine, Little Rock, Tribe near the Black Sea
 AlainBTribe near the Black Sea, Rock
 AlanaeGDarling Child, Rock, An Offering, Light and Buoy-any
 AlanisGDear Child, Precious, Rock
 AlaynaGRock, Princess Iranian
 AlleynahGAn Offering, Dear Child, Beautiful, Ailin Meaning Little Rock
 AndrastaGOne who is Invincible
 AndrasteGOne who is Invincible
 AndrastiaGOne who is Invincible
 AnekahGHe (God) Was Gracious, Sweet Faced, Goddess Durga, Kind Hearted
 AnnettchenGMercy, Gracious, Graceful, Favour
 AnnidaGMercy, He (God) Was Gracious, Graceful, Grace
 AnnotGHe (God) Was Gracious, Graceful, Grace, Eagle
 ArgylesBPlace of the Gaels
 ArgyllBPlace of the Gaels
 ArmelBBear and Prince
 ArmellGBear and Prince
 ArrtBArthur was a Great King Lives In 6Th Century, Noble, Stone, Rock
 ArtBRock, Rule, Eagle, Bear Man
 ArtairBThe Bear
 ArthfaelBBear King
 ArthosBThe Bear
 ArthurBArthur was a Great King Lives In 6Th Century, The Bear, Stone, Noble
 ArthyrBThe Bear, Rock, Arthur was a Great King Lives In 6Th Century, Noble
 ArttuBThe Bear
 ArturBThe Bear
 ArturoBThe Bear
 ArtursBThe Bear
 AthalBNew Ireland
 AthollBNew Ireland
 AtholtonBNew Ireland
 AtzeBThe Bear
 BaerdeBPoet, One who Sings Ballads, From Baird, Bard or Minstrel
 BalferBFrom the Grazing Land, Farm Pasture
 BalforBFrom the Grazing Land, Farm Pasture
 BallforBFrom the Grazing Land, Farm Pasture
 BallforeBFrom the Grazing Land, Farm Pasture
 BallfourBFrom the Grazing Land, Farm Pasture
 BamronBBent Nose, Crooked Stream, Clan
 BareaGBear-strength, Head, Fair, Pointed
 BareyUSpear, Marksman, Bright Head, Lives at the Barrier
 BarreaBPointed, Fair, Head, Spear
 BarreyBHead, Bear, Marksman, Bear-like
 BarriaGFair, Bear-strength, Head, Fair-haired
 BarringtunBFair, Bright Head, From the Land that was Burned, Javelin
 BarryngtenBFair, From the Land that was Burned, Javelin, Bear-strength
 BayrdBAuburn Haired, Brown-Haired, Foolhardy, Powerful
 BelanaGLight Mother
 BelenusBShining One
 BerettGThe Exalted One
 BeritGThe Exalted One
 BibiGLady, Foregin Woman, And Honorific, Full of Life
 BidinaGThe Exalted One, Saint, Strength, Strong Willed
 BirettaGThe Exalted One
 BirgidGThe Exalted One
 BirgitGSublime, The Exalted One
 BirgittGThe Exalted One, Sublime
 BirgittaGThe Exalted One, Sublime
 BirtaGThe Exalted One
 BirteUThe Exalted One
 BirtheUThe Exalted One
 BoadiceaGName of a Heroic Queen of Early Britain, A Queen of the Iceni Victory
 BowonBSon, Small Victorious One
 BowunBSon, Small Victorious One
 BraddanBBroad Hillside, Salmon
 BradeBWide Island, Descendant of Brághadach, Spirited, From the Broad Meadow
 BradeaUDescendant of Brághadach, Broad, Wide Island, Spirited
 BraedeaBDescendant of Brághadach, Broad, Spirited, Wide Island
 BraidiUDweller on the Broad Island, Spirited, Descendant of Brághadach
 BreaGBeauty Beyond Sight, Hill, Variant of Brina and Breanna
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