Hagar name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 20th, 2023
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew and Arabic
Usage: Arabic, German, English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Hagar ha-gar
Meaning: A Stranger, One that Fears, Flight, Escape and City
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What does Hagar mean?

Used mainly in Finnish, German, Norwegian, Arabic, Swedish, English and Danish uncustomary, Hagar aimed at both sexes, Hagar means "Forsaken, One that Fears, Flight, Escape or City" is originated from Arabic and Hebrew.

Is Hagar a pleasant name for a baby?

Hagar is a beautiful and unique name for a baby girl that has caught the interest of many parents in recent years. It carries an air of mystery and strength, which makes it perfect for parents who want their daughters to grow up strong and fearless.

What's more, Hagar is a name that has been used for generations in various cultures around the world, making it one of those names that truly stands the test of time.

It also has a lovely ring to it when pronounced, with a distinct sound that makes it easy to spell and remember. If you're looking for a name that's not too common but still has plenty of cultural significance and history behind it, Hagar might just be the perfect choice for your little one.

How do I pronounce Hagar?

The most common pronunciation of two syllabled Hagar is ha-gar.

Variants of Hagar

Agar, Agaran

Names that rhyme with Hagar

How popular is the name Hagar?

Hagar is an uncommon baby name in United States, even after 23 years of presence it could not make beyond the top 2000. Over 152 people have been named Hagar in United States.

It had a short run of 10 years on France girl names chart. But Hagar is a popular baby name in Egypt where every 1 in 2000 have the name as well as in Ghana.

According to our estimate, over 80000 babies have been named Hagar globally.

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Hagar in Nordic countries

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What numbers say about Hagar?

You always have the best ideas and persistence to realize each and one of them at work. No one dares to say bad things about you. You are a man of your word and it's where your credibility comes from. You are a passionate lover but take people for granted. Positive energy adores your spirit. You enjoy challenges because they force you to extend your limits and give more than you thought you can.

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Sibling Names for Hagar

Choosing a name for your baby can be a daunting task, especially if you have multiple children to name. If you've already decided on the name Hagar for your little one, then you might want to consider sibling names that complement it well. Here are some great options to inspire you.

For a sister

Names for Hagar's brother

Famous people named Hagar

  • Hagar Wilde, writer for Hollywood films and television shows
  • Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve, supergroup band featuring lead vocalist Sammy Hagar
  • Hagar the Womb, English punk rock band
  • Hagar, biblical person in the Book of Genesis
  • Hagar Ben-Asher in The Slut as Actress
  • Hagar Elia in tvShort Domino as Actress
  • Hagar Hamdi portrayed minor character of Wahibah in 1944 drama, musical film Sharia Muhammad Ali.

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