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Mitsuko name meaning

Gender: Girl
Origin: Japanese
Usage: Japanese
Pronunciation: m(i)-tsu-ko
Meaning: Shining Child
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What does Mitsuko mean?

Unexpected Mitsuko notably is used in Japanese came from Japanese aimed at baby girls, meaning of Mitsuko is "Shining Child".

How do I pronounce Mitsuko?

m(i)-tsu-ko is the most common way to pronounce three syllabled Mitsuko. The name can also be pronounced as mit-suko.

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How popular is the name Mitsuko?

Mitsuko is a unique baby name in United States, it had been in use since 1911 and was last seen in 1981, during its 27 years of usage, it was able to reach the top 2000 names. In 1919, it ranked 1042nd when 48 girls were named Mitsuko. Over 565 people have been named Mitsuko in United States. But an extremely popular name in Japan where every 1 in 700 have the name. As per our evaluation, over 190000 people has been named Mitsuko globally.

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Numerological analysis of Mitsuko

Use your mind and position to do great things you will be remembered for. When you walk into a room, all eyes are you and you only. You manage to hide your issues and emotional struggles pretty very well. You believe planning revenge is a waste of energy and time and you use those doing something productive or noble. Having letter I as your first vowel represents your elegance, impulsive attitude, big heart, and gentle soul.

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  •  Hidemi - Meaning of Hidemi is Splendid Fruit is rooted from Japanese and is bestowed upon both sexes is prevalently used in Japanese
  •  Akimi means Autumn Fruit used for baby girls is originated from Japanese is principally used in Japanese
  •  Shigeo - Unexpected Shigeo is used largely in Japanese is of Japanese origin and a boy name, Shigeo means "Heavy Male"
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Famous people named Mitsuko

  • Mitsuko Uchida, classical pianist and conductor,
  • Mitsuko Baisho, Japanese actress
  • Mitsuko Horie, Japanese actress, voice actress and singer
  • Mitsuko Shiga, Mitsuko was born in Nagano city, Nagano prefecture
  • Mitsuko Mori in Mononoke-hime as Actress
  • Mitsuko Hoshi in Death Kappa as Actress
  • Mitsuko Baishô in Dreams as Actress
  • Mitsuko Baishō Mitsuko Baisho is a Japanese actress.
  • Actor Mitsuko Aoi, noted for movie The Scandalous Adventures of Buraikan
  • In 1936, Mitsuko Hirokawa portrayed the role of N in comedy film Enoken no senman chôja.
  • Mitsuko Ichimura characterized small role of Kayoko as a girl in 1935 drama movie Tôkyô no eiyû.
  • In 1927 drama film, Tenshi no tsumî, Mitsuko Takao portrayed N.
  • In 1926, Mitsuko Kinukawa characterized the role of N in drama film Nonki na teishû.
  • Mitsuko Higashiyama, from 1938 drama, romance film Aizen katsura, who portrayed Yoneko Saiga, nurse.
  • Mitsuko Gun characterized important character of Otane in 1937 horror film Arima neko.
  • Mitsuko Kanazawa, from 1932 drama movie Tsukishiro, who portrayed the N.
  • In 1923 movie, Chichi yo izuko e, Mitsuko Azuma portrayed N.
  • In 1956, Mitsuko Han'ya characterized the role of N in action, crime film Hibana.

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