Names that mean Shining

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Aabhat Visible, Shining
Aadhitya raj Tamil King Surya, Shining like Sun
Aayili Tamil Intact, Eveline, Successful, Faithful
Aberash Eastern African Amharic Shining
Abha Indian More or Most Beautiful, Shine, Shining, Luster
Abhar Arabic Shining, More Magnificent, Arabian Jasmine, Narcissus
Abhasvara Shining One
Abhat Shining, Visible
Abhata Shining, Blazing
Abhishree Shining, Brilliant, Powerful, To Enlighten
Abhisri Brilliant, Surrounded by Glory, Shining, To Enlighten
Ablaj Arabic Bright-faced, Shining, Fair, Clear
Adalberaht Light, Shining, Illustrious, Nobel, Precious
Adalbrechta Noble and Bright, Shining
Adelene Noble, Shining
Aeleen Shining, Power, Aveline, Eveline
Aelina Honorable, Noble, Beautiful, Merry
Afshaa Arabic Shining
Afsheen Arabic Shine Like a Star, Shining Star
Afshin Arabic Golden, Decorated with Sparkles, Name of an Iranian General, Shining Star
Agilberaht Good, Pure, The Agate Stone, Light, Shining, Illustrious
Agnibha Shining Like Fire
Agnimasa Sanskrit Shining Like Fire
Ahley Elevated, Lofty, Also Mohammad's Son-in-law, Exalted One
Aila Hebrew Born of Intellect, Saints, Sword, Shining
Ailah Born of Intellect, Saints, Sword, Shining
Ailaska The Oak, Another Name for Pururavas, Saints, Born of Intellect
Aileana Power, Shining, Aveline, Eveline
Ailee Shining, Burst of the Sun, Beautiful, The Words Aveline Meaning Hazelnut
Aileen Scottish Irish English Power, Shining, Aveline, Eveline
Aileena Power, Shining, Aveline, Eveline
Aileene Power, Shining, Aveline, Eveline
Aileigh Radiant, The Words Aveline Meaning Hazelnut, Power, Lovable
Ailena Shining, Torch, Olena, Of Magdala
Ailene Light and Buoy-any, Tribe near the Black Sea, An Offering, Power
Aileny Olena, Shining, Of Magdala, Torch
Ailey Beautiful, Shining, Burst of the Sun, Radiant
Aili Finnish Successful, Intact, Aveline, Holy
Ailikki Aveline, Heilagr Meaning Prosperous Successful Holy Blessed, Power, Faithful
Ailina Aveline, Army, Power, Shining
Ailine Aveline, Power, Shining, Eveline
Ailleen Ailin Meaning Little Rock, Merry, Fair, An Offering
Aillene Rock, Light and Buoy-any, Power, Shining
Aillin Old FrenchEveline, The Words Aveline Meaning Hazelnut, Shining, Beautiful
Ailukka Intact, Noble, Another Name for Pururavas, Saints
Ailuska Shining, Intact, Sword, Noble
Aily The Words Aveline Meaning Hazelnut, Shining, Lovable, Burst of the Sun
Ailyn Shining, Power, Eveline, Aveline
Ailyne Aveline, Eveline, Shining, Power
Ailynn Aveline, Eveline, Shining, Power