Odine meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Old High German and Germanic
Usage: German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
Meaning: Wealth, Madman and Inspired By the Germanic God
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Meaning of Odine is Wealth, Madman or Inspired By the Germanic God is used specifically in Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German, a girl name has origin in Germanic and Old High German. Odine is variation of Audine. Audine is variation of Auden. Audine is feminine of Audun. Odine is variation of preeminent Ute. Ute is German cognate of Oda. Also Ute is German form of Uta. Ute is also equivalent of Uuno in Finnish language. Old High German and Japanese name Ute, meaning of Ute is "Wealth and The Word Uod with the Meaning Wealth Fortune". Odine is a version of outstanding and classic Oda. Oda is variation of customary Uta. Also Oda is variant of illustrous Ute. Oda is also a form of customary and venerable Odette. Oda is a short version of names with "Ot". Oda is German equivalent of Names Containing the Name Element Aud. Also Oda is German cognate of Names Containing the Name Element Odal. Originated from Germanic and Old High German, Oda, Oda means "Possession and Wealth". Odine is effeminate variation of Odin. Odin is variant form of Odhinn. Origin of Odin is in German and Old Norse, meaning of Odin is "Madman, Head God in Norse Mythology and Inspiration".

Variants of Odine

Ote, Oda, Ute, Audine, Uta, Odette, Odila, Odina, Uuno, Utta, Auden

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Popularity of Odine

Odine is an uncommon baby name in France and may not be used now. Also, Odine is a familiar name in DR Congo. At least, 200 people around the globe have been given the name as per our findings.


Odine in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Odine

Your intuition is almost never wrong when it comes to people. If number 2 is your soul urge number, you are an emotional person, no matter how much you deny it. Whatever you do, you do it with heart. And it always gives the best results because your approach is positive. Instead of living inside a box and enjoying your comfort zone, you prefer challenging yourself. You often make other feel like they are better than you in order to make them feel good about themselves.

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