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Sven meaning and origin

Gender: Boy
Origin: Old Norse
Usage: German, Scandinavian, Slavic, Nordic, English, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Meaning: Boy, Lad, Solemn, Youth and The Element Sveinn Meaning Boy
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Sven means Boy, Lad, Solemn, Youth or The Element Sveinn Meaning Boy came from Old Norse largely used in Scandinavian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Slavic, English, Danish, Greenlandic, German and Nordic is used normally as a baby boy name. Also Sven is Danish and Swedish cognate of Sveinn. Sven is celebrated on September 25th.

Variants of Sven

Sveinn, Svante, Svantepolk, Solenne, Sollemnia, Solaine, Sveinungr, Swante, Svantopolk, Svenning

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Popularity of Sven

Sven was a common name in Switzerland. Over 2387 babies have been named Sven since 1998. At its zenith in 1999,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 18 years. Also, Sven used to be a common name in Netherlands, first appeared in 2015 and over 1573 babies have been given the name in 5 years. When at its peak in 2015,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 5 years but it is still in a strong position. Additionally, the name has been in the top 50 baby names 5 times Also, In Belgium, Sven was once a common name since emerging in 1995 it has been given to over 1121 babies. At the peak of its usage in 1996,. However after 23 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts.

Sven is a familiar baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1911 and was able to reach the top 2000 names. In 1967, it ranked 1085th when 58 boy were named Sven. Over 2171 babies in United States have been named Sven. The given name is a unique baby name in France, it has been in use since 1954 and was able to reach the top 700 names. In 1982, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 633 on boy names chart when 46 babies were named Sven. Over 1252 babies in France have been named Sven.

Sven is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales where it has been in use since 1996 and peaked in 1998 when it ranked 1263rd. However things change on global perspective, Sven is extremely popular in Germany where every 1 in 800 have the name. Also the baby name is popular in Sweden and Norway. As per our evaluation, over 280000 babies have been bestowed Sven around the globe.

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What numbers say about Sven?

The letter S as your cornerstone reveals your wish to leave your mark in the world. You take things too personally and it's affecting your mental health in a negative way. When it comes to your job, you are always the one with a new idea to present. Skin touch makes you nervous because you feel it so deeply that it makes you tremble. Having number 1 as your personality no represents your determination, strong will to change the world and ambition.

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  •  Berny - Specifically used in Norwegian and Swedish unheard-of, Berny came from Germanic and Old English and is aimed at both genders, meaning of Berny is "Brave and Hardy". Berny is short form of Bernardo.
  •  Dustan - Origin of Prominent Dustan is in Old Norse is predominantly used in English and English and is used for both genders, meaning of Dustan is "Brave Warrior or Valiant Fighter"
  •  Rica - Rarefied Rica largely is used in German and Spanish, meaning of Rica is "Hard or Rica". Its origin is in Old Norse and Germanic is bestowed upon both genders
  •  Helga - Widespread and Timeless Helga has its origin in Scandinavian, Old Norse and Nordic is majorly used in Old Norse, German and Swedish, Helga means "Blessed, Sacred or Heilagr Meaning Prosperous Successful Holy Blessed" is used for baby girls
  •  Utvagen is used primarily in Danish is bestowed upon boys. Utvagen is Danish equivalent of Uthwagin
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Namesakes of Sven

    Sven Aggesen, author of 'Brevis historia regum Dacie'
  • Sven Jaschan, former black-hat hacker turned white-hat and a security expert/consultant and creator of the NetSky worms
  • Sven Ranck, Swedish statesman
  • Sven Lidman, Swedish priest
  • Sven Lidman, —military officer, poet, writer, and preacher
  • Sven Lidman, Swedish lexicographer living in Stockholm
  • Sven O. Høiby, father of Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway
  • Sven Lindqvist, Swedish author of mostly non-fiction
  • Sven Aarrestad, writer
  • Sven Lindgren, former Moderate Party politician and former Governor of Kalmar County
  • Sven August Körling, Swedish composer, remembered for his art songs
  • Sven Markelius, was one of the most important modernist Swedish architects
  • Sven Grünberg, Soviet and Estonian synthesizer and progressive rock composer and musician best
  • Sven Nielsen, Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party
  • Sven Oftedal, Norwegian physician and politician
  • Sven Linderot, Swedish Communist leader
  • Sven Oftedal, Norwegian American Lutheran minister
  • Sven Lodziewski, former freestyle swimmer from East Germany
  • Sven Gustaf Wingqvist, Swedish engineer, inventor and industrialist
  • Sven Ove Hansson, professor of philosophy and chair of the Department of Philosophy and History of Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology
  • Sven Hansson, Swedish cross-country skier
  • Sven Rothenberger, equestrian from Germany
  • Sven Låftman, Swedish athlete
  • Sven Koenig, South African cricketer
  • Sven Wedén, Swedish politician
  • Sven Sixten, Swedish priest, author and poet
  • Sven Bergström, Swedish Centre Party politician
  • Sven Stojanović, Swedish director of Serb descent mostly involved with Swedish TV productions
  • Sven Brus, Swedish Christian democratic politician
  • Sven Pettersson, Swedish ski jumper who competed in the 1950s
  • Sven Gunnar Persson, Swedish Christian democratic politician
  • Sven Forssman, Swedish gymnast
  • Sven Rosén, Swedish gymnast
  • Sven Thomsen, Danish sailor
  • Sven Epiney, famous Swiss TV presenter, radio host and editor
  • Sven Yngve Persson, Swedish politician of the Moderate Party
  • Sven Magnus Aurivillius, Swedish zoologist born 12 August 1892
  • Sven Yrvind, Swedish sailor, boat builder, and writer
  • Sven Hansen, Welsh shipowner and shipbuilder
  • Sven Nylund, Swedish diver
  • Sven Rydenfelt, Swedish economist and political writer
  • Sven Hörstadius, Swedish embryologist
  • Sven Erik Jørgensen, ecologist and chemist
  • Sven Ole Fagernæs, Norwegian jurist and civil servant
  • Sven Hassel, who wrote novels set during World War II
  • Sven Hedin, Swedish geographer, topographer, explorer
  • Sven Regener, German musician and writer living in Berlin
  • Sven Birkerts, American essayist and literary critic of Latvian ancestry
  • Sven Nys, former professional cyclist competing
  • Sven Rydell, Swedish footballer who played as a forward
  • Svenja Kleinfeld in Der Wecker as Actress
  • Svenja Pages in Flamenco der Liebe as Actress
  • Sven Barthel Sven Kristian Barthel was a writer, literary critic, translator and Swedish journalist.
  • Writer Sven Aagaard, known for movie It All Adds Up
  • In 1929, Sven Garbo portrayed the role of Harald Smith in comedy, drama film Konstgjorda Svensson.
  • In 1987, Sven Haverland played the role of Thomas Sedowski in family flick Der Schwur von Rabenhorst.
  • Sven Hildén played the pivotal role of Taiteilija Viklund in 1928 drama, romance flick Nuori luotsi.
  • In 1923 drama film, Gamla gatans karneval, Sven Ingels portrayed N.
  • In 1960, Sven Jacobsen characterized the role of Teddy, fiolinistens sønn in flick Veien tilbake.
  • Sven Jerring portrayed the central role of Narrator in 1947 history film 40 år med kungen.
  • In 1944 musical flick, Kärlek och allsång, Sven Lilja characterized Sven Lilja.
  • Sven Lindberg played leading character of Birger Broman in 1950 drama movie När kärleken kom till byn.
  • Sven Medvesek, from 2010 drama and sci-fi flick The Show Must Go On, who played the Filip Dogan.
  • Sven Nordin, from 2005 comedy and drama film Elsk meg i morgen, who played the Kjell Bjarne.
  • Sven Garrett, from 2004 horror flick Murder-Set-Pieces, who portrayed the The Photographer.
  • Sven Hoffmann characterized central character of N in 2002 comedy movie Kühe vom Nebel geschwängert.
  • Sven Veine played important role of Rådmann Gustav Wessel in 2008 crime, thriller film Lauget.
  • In 1975, Sven Kirsten portrayed the role of N in drama movie Das Kloster.
  • Sven Loose, from 1996 drama, thriller film Lethe 2014, who played 2. Schlepper.

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