100 Baby Names That Are Taking the World by Storm!

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Are you looking for the perfect baby name? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your choices. Fortunately, we've done the hard work for you and have compiled a list of 100 amazing trending baby names that are sure to stand out! This list has something for everyone. So take a look at these beautiful trendy names, each with its own style and character. Whether meaningful or whimsical, one of these picks could be just right for your little bundle of joy!

  1. Ianthe Greek origin, Ianthe means Violet Flower. It is a romantic name that describes something beautiful, delicate and precious. This is the perfect choice for parents looking to give their daughter a gentle, graceful name.
  2. Cressida Greek origin, Cressida symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The meaning of the name is Gold which stands for elegance and class. It's ideal for parents looking to give their daughter a unique yet stylish name.
  3. Fleur French origin, Fleur translates to Flower or Blooming flower; flourishing. This beautiful name illustrates innocence and beauty making it an ideal pick for any little girl. The warmness and tenderness associated with this delightful moniker makes it truly special.
  4. Xanthe Greek origin, Xanthe is the perfect choice if you are looking for something unusual yet still quite pretty sounding. It has meanings of Blond or yellow which make this such an appropriate pick for fair haired children.
  5. Lumi Finnish origin, Lumi means Light-bringer; Snow which refers to Winter season when there's snow everywhere bringing brightness into our lives! Parents who prefer short but meaningful names can consider Lumi as the perfect option.
  6. Suki A beautiful name with a deep meaning, Suki translates to beloved in Japanese. It also has a special sound to it that is both easy and elegant to pronounce. It's the perfect choice for parents looking for a unique but meaningful name.
  7. Sirius An enchanting name, Sirius means burning brightly and originates from Latin, though its true roots lie in Greek mythology. With such an exuberant meaning, this pick would make any parent proud of their little one.
  8. Astra Astra is an ideal pick for parents wanting something special yet traditional. Meaning both star and super strength, this Latinate gem has been around for centuries and will never go out of style.
  9. Eira This Welsh moniker translates to "snow" and carries a magical connotation that many families can appreciate. Its simple but powerful sound is sure to stand out among other namesakes.
  10. Seraphine Seraphine offers parents the best of multiple worlds: French charm along with Hebrew meaning. Meaning "afire; angel; seraph," your little one will be sure to make an impression wherever they go with such an exotic title!
  11. Primrose This sweet English flower name is derived from the Latin term "primus" meaning first. It conveys a sense of newness and beginnings, with its translated meaning being 'the first rose'. Primrose is perfect for that special little one in your life.
  12. Sapphira This gorgeous Greek variation of Sapphire has Hebrew origins, deriving its meaning from the phrase "sapir", which translates to blue jewel. Perfect for any future gem seekers! The name's strong association to wealth and royalty will make your child feel like they're destined for greatness.
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  14. Clio With its Greek origin, Clio means praise. It pays homage to the classical muses of Ancient Greece and serves as a great way to encourage creativity and ambition among children. Its unique sound also makes it an attractive choice for many parents.
  15. Pax This beautiful Latin name originates from the same term as peace. It can be used to express wishes of long-lasting harmony amongst family members or give guidance in times of struggle. Pax's elegant simplicity may be just what you are looking for when it comes to naming your newest addition.
  16. DracoA classic Greek/Latin origin boy’s name, Draco essentially stands for dragon or male swan two powerful symbols at once! If you are looking for something bold yet delicate, this is certainly an inspiring option perfect if you have a little hero on their hands!
  17. Emrys This Welsh variant of the name Ambrose is a beautiful combination of two strong words, meaning “immortal”. The original Greek form has an additional layer of history, making it a great choice for parents who want to bring a twist to this classic baby name.
  18. Junia This Latin variation of Junius is perfect for parents looking for a feminine and trendy sound. Junia translates to “young”, making it ideal for new parents hoping their child stays young at heart forever!
  19. Cassian Of Latin origin, Cassian is an elegant way to honor the traditional yet still unique family namesake, Cassius. Its meaning “vain” brings up visions of beauty and confidence.
  20. Ozias Coming from Hebrew origins, Ozias means “God is strength” or salvation. It's sure to provide your newborn with plenty of spiritual protection throughout life.
  21. Aurelius Aurelius carries a classic feeling with its Latin roots and charming translation as “golden one”. A powerful name that stands out but isn't too over-the-top makes Aurelius perfect for any parent looking for something special in their child's future.
  22. Keir Keir is an Irish name that has its origins in the Gaelic language. It means "black" or "dark." It also has a secondary meaning of "lordly," giving it a more dignified connotation than its color alone implies.
  23. Rue Rue is a word name with botanical origins, as rue is a type of herb. It can also be used to suggest regret or sorrow, making it a suitable choice for parents looking for something with deeper meaning.
  24. Jerusha Jerusha is Hebrew in origin and means ‘inheritance’. This meaningful name makes it perfect for parents who want their child to feel like they are part of something special.
  25. Rhodes Rhodes originates from Greece where it was named after Mount Rhodes. In Greek, the name translates to ‘field of roses’, which could be seen as symbolic of beauty and love. Alternatively, some people believe the root may come from crux—symbolizing faith and religious beliefs.
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  27. Wolf- Wolf's meaning comes from its animal namesake: confident and strong-willed individuals who show courage in the face of adversity. As well as being an animal name, Wolf can also be seen as a diminutive form of Wolfgang which brings German heritage into the equation.
  28. Verity Latin in origin, Verity is a meaningful name for your daughter as it stands for truth. This timeless name has become increasingly popular in recent years.
  29. Neve An Anglicized form of the Irish Niamh or its variant from Italy and Portugal, Neve stands for ‘snow’ and evokes beauty and subtlety. With its unique sound and perrenial appeal, this moniker will certainly make quite an impression.
  30. Hermione A beautiful Greek feminised version of Hermes meaning 'messenger, earthly', Hermione is known to be the messenger of gods in mythology. With its strong connection to earthiness, this timeless name can be passed onto generations.
  31. Eowyn Originating from literature, Eowyn is one of the many special baby names that mean “God’s gracious gift”. The poetic essence of this enchanting yet uncommonly used name makes it a great choice for your little girl.
  32. Eros Derived from Greek mythology with its meaning being ‘desire’, Eros has come to symbolize the god of love himself. This intriguing and romantic sounding classic matches any modern day list perfectly!
  33. Gaia This delightful double-edged sword belongs to both Greek and Latin origins with meanings including 'earth' as well as 'merry'. Gaia adds depthand uniqueness while having enough familiarity to please almost anyone!
  34. Aoife Aoife is an old Irish Gaelic name which is the female form of Aodh and means ‘beautiful’ or ‘radiant’. It combines the elements 'ao', meaning 'beauty' and ' -f(e)acht' meaning ‘good looks’.
  35. Caspian Caspian is a baby boy name of Persian origin and translates to mean "White". It may refer to the Caspian Sea, which derives its name from the ancient kingdom of Cappadocia that was located around it.
  36. Callista Callista is a beautiful Greek girl's name, derived from Kallisti, which means "Most Beautiful" or "Bright-eyed". Its roots come from kalos meaning pretty or beautiful and esthai meaning to be strong or stay steadfast.
  37. Zephyr Zephyr carries with it a sense of movement as it comes from Ancient Greek origin translating to mean “Flying in the wind”. It could also be translated as having the connotation of being light and gentle like a breeze on a summer day.
  38. Rafe Rafe (also spelled Ralph) is an Anglo-Saxon baby boy's name with Germanic origins derived from wordsmeaning "prosperous" and "healed by God". The shortened version Rafer was once popular but has since fallen out of usage over time.
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  40. Phineas Phineas is both an English boys'name, thought to have been derived from Pheneus in Arcadia, Greece; as well as an Egyptian one given by prophet Balaam in Numbers 25:11–13 for his son who died at 24 years old . The original meaning refers to someone who gives signs through Oracle-like knowledge.
  41. Roan Roan (sometimes spelled Rowan) is most likely linked back to Old Irish roots deriving from words such as ruadhán or ruadh ("red") , giving it a rare association with red hair .It's also found in Scottish culture tied together with Oak trees where legend says that magic favors those who possess some of its wood .
  42. Cosmo Derived from the Greek kosmein, meaning "He who puts things in order," Cosmo is a name that promotes tranquility and stability. Perfect for those looking for a strong but peaceful name for their baby.
  43. Seraphina With Hebrew roots, Seraphina is derived from the root sareph, meaning "fiery" or "angelic." A warm and comforting name, it's perfect for any little girl with an angelic disposition.
  44. Evander An ancient Scottish name of Greek origin, Evander means "life." It's a wonderful reminder to its bearer to live life to the fullest and make each moment count.
  45. Tallulah From Choctaw and Irish origins, Tallulah is composed of two parts: tali which means leaper or springer and lula which translates as water. Put together this beautiful moniker means “leaping waters”.
  46. Blossom This sweet English nickname has been used historically as both a given name and a surname. Its meaning “lovely” makes it perfect for those seeking something short and enchanting.
  47. Aviva Aviva is a beautiful name originating from Hebrew, meaning 'springtime'. The name has been growing in popularity over recent years and is the perfect choice for parents looking to bring elements of nature into their child's name.
  48. Persephone Persephone, originating from Greek mythology, means 'bringer of destruction'. This unique and powerful name has recently become popular among many parents who want to give their daughter an empowering title.
  49. Oriana Oriana is a Latin origin name which translates as 'dawn' or the rising sun. This radiant moniker has seen a resurgence in popularity lately due to its connection with natural beauty.
  50. Guinevere Guinevere is an ancient Welsh given name meaning ‘White Wave’; with the French version being Genevieve. It's a strong yet delicate sounding title that pairs well with modern more-traditional names.
  51. Jethro Jethro has been around for many years and is widely associated as having Hebrew origins meaning 'Preeminence'. It's an authoritative but charmingly unique option for those seeking out something different yet traditional at the same time.
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  53. Osiris Osiris is an Egyptian origin name which means "God of the Underworld". It has a powerful, mighty connotation and has been used since ancient times for boys.
  54. Calliope Calliope is a Greek mythology name with beautiful meaning of "Beautiful Voice". It originates from Greek mythology and has been widely popular in recent years.
  55. Avalon Avalon is a Celtic origin name which literally translates to "Island". This trendy baby name was often used in Arthurian legend as the place where King Arthur's sword was forged.
  56. Rain Rain is an English word name that carries a pure and queenly meaning of "Ruler" or "Queen". Its popularity suggests it too can represent the beauty of nature.
  57. Bellamy Bellamy is an English-Irish hybrid origin name which literally translates to Handsome Friend. The French version Bellamie also exists, although both versions are equally popular.
  58. Clover Clover is a flower name derived from Old English, with a lovely meaning of “She who clings lovingly” due to its adhesive property of clover sap.
  59. Soleil Soleil is French for Sun, giving this rare but beautiful baby boy or girl 's name perfect sense.
  60. Elysia Elysia comes from Latin origins and literally translating to “from the blessed Isles” , making it perfect for your little angel!
  61. Acacia Acacia comes from Greek origins and literally means Thorny Tree; however, it gives off a strong spiritual vibe than anything else.
  62. Ariadne This Greek origin baby name carries a mythological namesake in Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos of Crete. It comes with a beautiful meaning of ‘The Holy One’ and can be an ideal choice for parents looking to imbue their child with character-building values.
  63. Echo The mythical nymph Echo, who pined away due to her unrequited love for Narcissus, is the inspiration behind this classic Greek mythology name. This gender-neutral option has the literal meaning of ‘personification of unrequited love’ that can make it a unique pick for your little one.
  64. Eulalia If you are looking for something that is ethically rich yet timelessly graceful, then Eulalia would make a great choice. This gorgeous Greek name has the captivating meaning ‘Fair Of Speech’ and perfect for parents who want to inspire eloquence in their children.
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  66. Raya Raya is one of those rare Hebrew meanings that have increasing popularity these days. For the progressive family, Raya will perfectly suit as this bold and brave moniker means ‘Manly’ and can bestow an inherent strength on your son or daughter.Alethea Alethea makes an inspiring choice if you seek truthfulness in life. Derived from Ancient Greece , this moniker holds plenty of positive influences as its core value stands at 'Truthful One' while also carrying Healer significance . Ideal for those seeking ethical mentoring through their names!
  67. Kit Meaning "little cat," this diminutive of Katherine or Christopher is from the English language. Cute and petite, it is perfect for any small family member.
  68. Linus A Greek name meaning "flax," Linus has a soft but sophisticated sound. It's an interesting choice for parents looking to avoid overly popular baby names.
  69. Casimir A Polish and Slavic name, Casimir is derived from words meaning peacekeeper, peacemaker, or bringer of peace. This strong yet gentle moniker will make a great fit for a special little one.
  70. Blythe With roots in England, Blythe is an English name that means joyous -- the perfect pronunciation and originality to show off your little bundle of joy!
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  72. Lyra Derived from Greek origins translating as “song” or “expression of emotion” Lyra gives your child the gift of music with its beautiful-sounding syllables. The perfect choice for families looking for an original pick.
  73. Rupert Rupert is of German origin and means Bright. Famous people with this name include British actor Rupert Everett who is well known for his roles in films like My Best Friend's Wedding and A Midsummer Night's Dream. It can also be interpreted to mean Famous due its association with certain celebrities.
  74. Esme Esme has French origins and means Esteem. Its usage has been growing over recent years as it was once uncommonly used but now regularly appears on lists of popular baby names. It’s a beautiful name that combines the elements ‘es’ meaning love and ‘mé’ which stands for esteem.
  75. Leonora Leonora hails from Italian roots with multiple meanings such as Mercy, Torch, Dwelling or Light. The root of this name comes from Eleanor or Eleonora though the true meaning behind it remains unknown. This strong feminine name holds a lot of mystery and depth.
  76. Ephraim Ephraim has Hebrew origins signifying Fruitful a particularly appropriate choice if you're wanting your child to grow into a person full of success! This classic yet unique name could be just the perfect fit for your bundle of joy!
  77. Cassius Cassius originates from Latin sources and carries three different meanings; Vain, Empty or Hollow. It continues to remain an unusual option despite its long history, giving future parents the opportunity to give their little one something completely unique!
  78. Yael Coming from the Hebrew language, Yael is a name meaning 'mountain goat'. It has been increasingly popular among parents looking for names that have strong cultural roots.
  79. Azalea The English origin of Azalea makes it a unique and beautiful choice for your baby girl. It symbolizes the notion of democracy and can be passed on to generations to come.
  80. Cecily This name originates from an old Roman family name and means “sixth” or “blind one” in Latin. A feminine form of Cecil, Cecily has become increasingly popular in recent years as a female first name.
  81. Alaia Alaia is derived from Basque language meaning "sublime". It's usually chosen by parents looking to give their child an exotic yet meaningful name with cultural depth.
  82. Akira One of the few Japanese names consistently trending across different countries around the world is Akira which translates to anchor, distinct or intelligent depending on its Kanji characters used.
  83. Lucien A traditional French name, Lucien has a regal and sophisticated sound. Its origin is Lucian, meaning light or bringer of light. A great choice for parents wanting to honor the past.
  84. Wren An exquisitely English name, Wren is a perfect choice for parents who appreciate the beauty of nature and its creatures. It has roots in Old English and means “chief”.
  85. Enid This Welsh name is full of soulful resonance. With an ethereal quality, this timeless classic means simply “soul”.
  86. Soren Of Danish and Norwegian origin and meaning thunder or war-thunder; Soren carries with it strength as well as a certain flair that makes it stand out from other names.
  87. Briar This American word name is also associated with nature; Briar comes from the English language, referring to a shrub or small tree, or even a heather plant. Perfect for parents who love the outdoors!
  88. Rowena A beautiful name emanating from its Welsh origins, Rowena represents a feminine beauty that is delicate yet strong. It's believed to connote "slender" and "fair", while also containing the hint of fiery red-haired ruggedness.
  89. Finnegan An endearing Irish name, Finnegan gives off a sense of adoration and love with its alternate meaning being fair or white. It may be an ideal choice if you are looking for a baby boy's name with traditional roots.
  90. Astrid Meaning star, Astrid is derived from Scandinavian origins and denotes strength and resilience beyond what one could ever imagine. This unique name is sure to grab attention for all the right reasons.
  91. Theodora Feminine variation of Theodore origin, Theodora embodies the power of womanhood whilst celebrating her spirituality by symbolizing "Gift Of God". This rare name has been around since medieval times.
  92. Freya Freya celebrates Norse mythology as this powerful female goddess stands proud for her qualities of love, fertility, and beauty. Its origin roots stem back which makes it perfect for those who value individualism in their baby naming choices.
  93. Juniper Originating from Latin, the name Juniper is a tree name which means juniper berry. It's a particularly popular choice of name as it can be used for boys and girls alike.
  94. Lennox Lennox is Scottish in origin and the meaning behind this name is 'amid the elms; from the field of elm trees'. Lennox has been steadily climbing the charts due to its traditional yet modern feel.
  95. Arden The English origin name Arden, carries with it two meanings associated with it; 'passionate' for both boys and girls or alternatively 'valley of the eagle'.
  96. Dahlia Dahlia is an increasingly popular flower inspired baby name which originates from Swedish surname. Meaning both 'valley' or 'a flower', Dahlia has become ever more present on birth certificates.
  97. Aurelia Aurelia emanates from Latin origins and simply stands for gold, this beautiful shining simple yet elegant baby girl's first name has seen a surge among parents looking for timeless names.
  98. Arlo Arlo is a name of Irish or English origin, meaning “Famous throughout the land.” This is an appropriate name for any child who you expect to achieve great things in life!
  99. Felicity Felicity is a Latin name meaning 'fortunate' or 'happy', which makes it an absolutely beautiful choice if you want your baby girl's life to be one of joy and success.
  100. Ace Ace is a Latin name with the lovely meaning of unity. It's a strong and powerful choice for any little boy that will grow up to be strong and powerful too!
  101. Althea Althea is a Greek name that means "healer." This would make it an excellent option for parents looking for something more meaningful than just another pretty sounding baby girl name.
  102. Lina Lina is a multi-cultural baby girl's name from Arabic, Latin, and even German origins. Lina can mean “garden” or “field of fruit,” as well as other interpretations such as feminine form of Charles, Illumination, Dwelling, Tender; light of spirit. It truly makes this moniker unique!
  103. Samara A popular name of Hebrew and Arabic origin, Samara is an enchanting combination of two words meaning “Ruled by God” and “Seedling.” This beautiful name gives the impression of a strong-willed individual who will proudly stand their ground.
  104. Enzo The perfect Italian pick for your little one, Enzo is a shortened form of Lorenzo or Vincenzo. Meaning ‘from Laurentum’ this trendy moniker has recently become quite popular due to its cheerful sound.
  105. Dion An adorable pick with Greek roots, Dion is derived from Dionysius which refers to Daughter or Son of Heaven. Symbolizing warmth and love, this classic name stands tall among the list of trending baby names.
  106. Ophelia Originated in Greece, Ophelia has been around for centuries! Derived from the word ophelos, it means Useful; Wise and Helper and makes an excellent pick if you are on the lookout for something unique yet meaningful.
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