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Posted on: May 30th, 2017\""by Nicole Huppenthal

Look to What You Love for the Perfect Name

Naming your baby is one of the most joyful and important times that parents spend in preparation for the arrival of their little one. However, it can be very stressful for those that simply just cannot agree on a name. Perhaps there isn't a distinct family name that both parents can agree on. Or maybe this isn't the first, second, or third child in the bunch and the idea bank is nearing empty. Perhaps mom tends to appreciate more contemporary names while dad favors the traditional. There could be numerous reasons why deciding on a single name may be a tedious task, and why you are now perusing various articles looking for inspiration.

You've come to the right place. This article is all about finding inspiration in what you love! Have you ever thought about looking into your hobbies, the things that you truly love doing, to find inspiration for your child's name? Gardening and Nature? Automobiles? Video games? Let's explore some options that may be out of the ordinary, but may also be just what you are looking for a perfect and agreeable first name, middle name, or even a nickname.


Imagine twenty-five or thirty years down the road. Your son or daughter has sucDo you find joy in being in the great outdoors? Planting gardens? Watering flowers? Cedar and Birch can make unique first names or bring great balance for a middle name. For the boys ' Oren means 'pine tree' while Amir is 'treetop.'
For girls ' Waverly means 'from the quaking aspen tree meadow,' and Carmel relates to 'garden.'

A few others to consider: Iris, Rose, Lily, Willow, Peony, Savannah, Basil


Similar to those that appreciate nature and the great outdoors, many are avid bird-watchers. Bird watching is a form of wildlife observation, either with the naked eye or tools such as binoculars. Many names related to birds are quite beautiful for girls, and there are even some options that are strong for boys names. Let's take a look:

Girls: Adeline (from adeline penguin), Carolina (Carolina wren), Hazel (hazel grouse), Robin, Raven, Scarlet (scarlet ibis)
Boys: Crane, Hawk, Phoenix, Fowler, Jay


Music is a hobby that spreads the generations and will never 'go out of style.' This isn't to suggest names of musicians, bands, and other trending hype. That can be an article in and of itself. For music as a hobby, let's take a look at some vocabulary and lingo for the musician.

Girls: Allegra, Arietta, Cadence, Carol, Harmony, Hymn, Lyric, Melody, Medley, Stanza
Boys: Allegro, Clef, Forte, Legato, Lyric, Reed


Naming your child after a sports star that you admire is not all that uncommon. While some may think these names may fall under short-lived trends, others can find true appreciation for some of the 'greats' of the sports world. Rory McIlroy is a fantastic golfer. Muhammed Ali will always exist in history. And let's not forget about the baseball greats: Bo, Hank, Mickey. Or, are you from the Baltimore area and spend a lot of time cheering for your Orioles? Camden (of their stadium Camden Yards) is quite a popular choice.

Other names to consider: Andre, Beckham, Colt, Peyton, Usain, Bryant, James, Jordan, Barkley


Automobile enthusiasts are not hard to come by, and with the wide variety of driving options available to us, finding namesakes for our beloved little ones will not be hard to come by either. Perhaps you have fond memories with your partner in a specific vehicle. Or maybe some luxury vehicle speaks highly to your goals and experiences in life. For those or many other reasons, automobile names are being seen more and more on birth certificates across the country.

Boys: Cooper, Bentley, Lincoln, Lexus, Chevy, Aston, Monte, Hemi, Ranger
Girls: Caprice, Infiniti, Shelby, Tesla, Kia, Audi, Camry, Mercedes, Jetta, Porsche, Lotus, Acadia, Dakota

Video Games

There is no limit to the names that can be inspired by the most popular video games. You don't even have to be a video game enthusiast to appreciate some of the options in this category. Kairi is a unique and beautiful name for a baby girl, coming from Kingdom of Hearts. Tomb Raider lends itself to the increasingly popular Lara. Even the standard Mario, Zelda, Sonic, and Miles can make it somewhere on this list. Here are a few more:

Anya (Call of Duty), Wynn (Dragon Age), Cecil (Final Fantasy), Ryu (Street Fighter)

These examples are just a brief reminder to you that you can find inspiration for you baby's name anywhere! If there just aren't family names that need to be used an honored, and the top baby names of the year aren't reaching you, take a look into what you and your partner love. You're bound to find the perfect inspiration somewhere.

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