Names that mean Tip

Name Origin Gender Meaning
Aake  Old Norse Boy Noble, The Ewe, Representative of Ancestors, Sword Tip
Aaku  Boy Representative of Ancestors, Noble, The Ewe, Sword Tip
Aaronjoseph  Boy Yahweh Will Add, High in Hebrew, It will Enlarge, Lofty
ÆikinæfR  Boy Sword Tip, Oak
Æiki-NæfR  Boy Sword Tip, Oak

Agard  Boy Hard, Sword Tip
Agardh  Boy Hard, Sword Tip
Agart  Boy Hard, Sword Tip
Agemar  Girl Sword Tip, Famous
Agihard  Boy The Teuton, Sister, Army, Germane
Agihart  Boy Warrior, Sister, From the Same Blood, Hard
Agilmar  Boy Sword Tip, Army, Sister, The Teuton
Agilmund  Girl Protection, Sword Tip
Agilo  Girl Sword Tip
Agilolf  Girl Sword Tip, Wolf
Agimar  Girl Famous, Sword Tip
Agin  Girl Sword Tip
Aginald  Girl Prevail, Sword Tip
Aginulf  Girl Wolf, Sword Tip
Agnit  Hindi Boy Un Countable, Multiple, Countless
Ago  Girl Sword Tip, Sword
Agomar  Girl Distinguished Sword, Famous
Agu  Boy Sword Tip, Leopard
Ahkejuoksa  Boy God Shall Add a Another Son, Jehova Increases, It will Enlarge
Aidenjoseph  Boy God Would Multiply, Jehova Increases, Born of Fire, Powerful
Aik  Girl Dawn, Sword Tip
Aika  Girl Sword Tip
Aika  Girl Sword Tip
Aike  Girl Sword Tip, Sword
Aiko  Japanese Old High German Girl Love Child, Sword Tip
Aiko   Japanese Girl Love Child, Sword Tip
Ailke  Girl Sword Tip, Of Noble Figure
Ake  Boy Noble, Sword Tip
Akke  Boy Noble, Sword Tip
Aku   Finnish Boy Representative of Ancestors, Majestic, Sublime, Noble
Alexstrasa  Girl Icelandic variant form of Alexstrasza, a name of a dragon in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game 'World of Warcraft' (created in 2004)
Ambuvili  Girl Eyes Resembling an Arrow Tip, Piercing Eyes
Andrewjoseph  Boy Yahweh Will Add, Brave, Man, The Manly
Anthonyjoseph  Boy Priceless Inestimable, Beyond Price, Who Eats Flower, Praiseworthy
Anwaar  Girl More Radiant, Light, Multiple Lights, Glow

Anwaar  Girl More Radiant, Light, Multiple Lights, Glow
Árrajuoksa  Boy It will Enlarge, Yahweh Will Add, Jehova Increases
Baanan  Hindi Boy White, Delicate, Finger Tips
Bahuli  Boy/Girl One who has Many Facets, Manifold, Multiplied
Banan  Boy White, Finger Tips, Delicate
Banan  Girl White, Finger Tips, Delicate
Bannon  Boy Delicate, White, Finger Tips
Benjaminjoseph  Boy Son of the One who Loves Horses, Jehova Increases, It will Enlarge
Beppo  Hebrew Boy He (God) Will Add, God Would Multiply
Ceaira  Girl The Black, Dark, Tipperary, Bright

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