Amintore name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 8th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Old Greek
Usage: Italian
Pronunciation: a-minto-re
Meaning: Protector
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What does Amintore mean?

Amintore's meaning is The Element Amyntor Which Means Protector Defender is a boy name mostly used in Italian came from Old Greek.

How do I pronounce Amintore?

The three syllabled name Amintore is commonly pronounced as a-minto-re. am(in)-tore is another way(s) to say the name.

Middle Names for Amintore

Ellsworth, Izen, Case, view more middle names that goes with Amintore

How popular is the name Amintore?

Amintore is an uncommon name which might be exclusive to Dominican Republic. At least, 60 people globally have carried Amintore as their given name according to our estimate.


Numerological aspects of Amintore

You always watch not to hurt anyone's emotions. You are scared of failure and getting hurt by the people you love. You are often taken as crazy because of your fearlessness and courageous acts you take to achieve your aspirations. When it comes to relationships, you hate monogamy and easily fall in and out of love. You are always open to experience something new. You never take a leap of faith but do things with a plan.

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Sibling Names for Amintore

If you're looking for unique and meaningful names for your baby boy, then Amintore could be perfect. But choosing a name is just the start of the journey. To help you find inspiration and complement this distinctive name, we've compiled a list of sibling names that could work beautifully alongside Amintore.

Names for Amintore's sister

Brother to Amintore

Famous people named Amintore

  • Amintore Fanfani, Italian politician and the Prime Minister of Italy for five separate runs

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