Constantin name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Latin
Usage: English, French, Romanian, Old Norse, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Constantin c(o)-ns-tantin
Meaning: The Steadfast, Constant and Perseverance
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What does Constantin mean?

Curious boy name Constantin is dominantly used in French, Finnish, English, Swedish, Old Norse, Romanian, Danish and Norwegian has its roots in Latin, meaning of Constantin is "The Steadfast, Constant or Perseverance".

Constantin is version of frequently used Konstantin. Konstantin is variant form of imperishable and illustrous Constantine. Konstantin is Nordic cognate of Constantin. Konstantin means Steadfast, Constant and The Steadfast is rooted from Latin.

Constantin is a form of Constantinus. Constantinus is form of desirable Konstantin. Also Constantinus is variation of persistent and cherished Constantine. Constantinus is also variant of Constantius. Constantinus means Steadfast and The Steadfast came from Latin is used in Swedish and Finnish.

Constantin is variation of admired and perpetual Constantine. Constantine is variation of ConstantineConstantina. Origin of Unwonted Constantine is in Latin, meaning of Constantine is "The Elements Constare Meaning to Withstand, Perseverance and Constant".

How do I pronounce Constantin?

Three syllabled Constantin is pronounced as c(o)-ns-tantin. There are multiple ways to say the baby name, i.e., con-sta-ntin.

Variants of Constantin

Constantinus, Konstantin, Constantine, Stanko, Constans, Costel, Constantius

How popular is the name Constantin?

Constantin is a familiar baby name in France, it has been in use since 1900 and was able to reach the top 300 names. In 1901, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 224 on boy names chart when 94 babies were given the name Constantin.

Over 3582 babies in France have been named Constantin. The name is an uncommon baby name in United States, although it has been in use since 1913 but could not make beyond the top 3000.

Over 190 babies in United States have been named Constantin. In England and Wales, it has been in use since 2000 and peaked in 2018 when it ranked 1455th. Over 148 babies in England and Wales have been named Constantin.

Also, it is among the top 400 boy names in Switzerland. Over 247 babies in Switzerland have been named Constantin. In Belgium, it has been in use since 1995 but could not make beyond the top 600.

Over 234 people have been named Constantin in Belgium.

Constantin is a rare baby name in Ireland still in use today. However things change on global perspective, Constantin is extremely popular in Romania where every 1 in 200 have the name.

Also the baby name is popular in DR Congo, Moldova and Burundi. At least, 290000 people around the globe have been given the name as per our evaluation.

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Constantin in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Here's what numbers has to say about Constantin

Not being focused on building an impressive career doesn't mean you should stay uneducated and blind. You always doubt yourself and your abilities. Learn your value. You would do anything for the people you love. You are a jealous and passionate lover. You are not stubborn but flexible and think outside the limits. You have a strong will to succeed in life. You can smell a great opportunity from miles.

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Sibling Names for Constantin

If you're considering the name Constantin for your baby, you might be interested in finding sibling names that complement it. Here are some ideas for boys and girls that could work well with Constantin, whether you're looking for something similar or want to create a unique combination.

Sister to Constantin

Brother to Constantin

Famous people named Constantin

  • Constantin Silvestri, Romanian conductor and composer
  • Constantin Brâncoveanu, was Prince of Wallachia between 1688 and 1714
  • Constantin Ion Parhon, Romanian neuropsychiatrist
  • Constantin Coandă, Romanian soldier and politician
  • Constantin von Ettingshausen, Austrian botanist
  • Constantin Perskyi, Russian scientist
  • Constantin Sănătescu, Romanian statesman
  • Constantin Argetoianu, Romanian politician
  • Constantin Angelescu, Romanian politician
  • Constantin Dăscălescu, Romanian communist politician
  • Constantin Tănase, Romanian actor and writer for stage
  • Constantin Noica, Romanian philosopher, essayist and poet
  • Constantin Guys, Dutch-born Crimean War correspondent
  • Constantin Cantemir, Moldavian nobleman, soldier
  • Constantin Istrati, Romanian chemist and physician
  • Constantin Wesmael, Belgian entomologist
  • Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea, Romanian Marxist theorist, politician
  • Constantin Zuckerman, French historian and Professor of Byzantine studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
  • Constantin Popa, 2
  • Constantin Fasolt, influential historian and was the Karl J. Weintraub Emeritus Professor of Medieval and Early Modern European History at the University of Chicago
  • Constantin Aur, Romanian rally driver
  • Constantin Dimitrescu, Romanian classic composer and music teacher
  • Constantin Negruzzi, Romanian poet, novelist, translator
  • Constantin Lucaci, Romanian contemporary sculptor, best
  • Constantin von Monakow, Russian-Swiss neuropathologist
  • Constantin Rădulescu-Motru, Romanian philosopher, psychologist, sociologist, logician
  • Constantin Pîrvulescu, Romanian communist politician, one of the founders of the Romanian Communist Party
  • Constantin Bakaleinikoff, Russian-born composer
  • Constantin Xenakis, European artist based in France
  • Constantin Senlecq, French scientist and inventor
  • Constantin Racoviță, was twice monarch of Principality of Moldavia
  • Constantin Lipsius, German architect and architectural theorist, best
  • Constantin Virgil Gheorghiu, Romanian writer, best
  • Constantin Tobescu, Romanian general of the Romanian Gendarmerie during World War II
  • Constantin Lăcătușu, Romanian mountain climber
  • Constantin Kousnetzoff, Russian painter
  • Constantin Floros, Greek-German musicologist
  • Constantin Titel Petrescu, Romanian politician and lawyer
  • Constantin Enache, Romanian cross country skier
  • Constantin Fahlberg, Later Fahlberg gave this chemical "body" the trade name Saccharin
  • Constantin Cojoc, Romanian judoka
  • Constantin Andronikof, French diplomat, Christian writer and translator
  • Constantin Tudosie, Romanian former handball player and World Champion
  • Constantin von Tischendorf, world-leading biblical scholar in his time
  • Constantin Carathéodory, Greek mathematician
  • Constantin Brunner, philosopher
  • Constantin Le Paige, Belgian mathematician
  • Constantin Levaditi, Romanian physician and microbiologist
  • Constantin Brâncuși, Romanian sculptor
  • Constantin François de Chassebœuf, comte de Volney, French philosopher, abolitionist, historian
  • Constantin Fehrenbach, German Catholic politician
  • Constantin Hansen, was one of the painters associated with the Golden Age of Danish Painting
  • Constantin von Alvensleben, Prussian general
  • Constantin Meunier, Belgian painter and sculptor
  • Constantin Zureiq, prominent and influential Syrian Arab intellectual


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