Eugenio name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Old Greek
Usage: Spanish, Italian and English
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Eugenio e(u)-ge-nio
Meaning: Well Born and Noble
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What does Eugenio mean?

The widespread and ever lasting boy name Eugenio means "Well-Born or Noble" has its origin in Old Greek is used mostly in Spanish, Italian and English. Eugenio is variant of everlasting and well-known Eugene.

Also Eugene is English cognate of Eugène. Eugene means Born Lucky and The Elements Eugenes Meaning Well Born Noble has origin in English, French and Old Greek.

How do I pronounce Eugenio?

The three syllabled name Eugenio is commonly pronounced as e(u)-ge-nio.

Variants of Eugenio

Eugenios, Eugenius, Eugene, Eugène, Efigenio, Yevgeni, Eugénia

How popular is the name Eugenio?

Eugenio is a familiar baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1884 and was able to reach the top 800 names. In 1896, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 778 on boy names chart when 82 babies were named Eugenio.

There are over 4697 babies that have been given the name Eugenio in United States. Eugenio is an uncommon baby name in France, even after 55 years of presence it could not make beyond the top 500.

Over 347 people have been named Eugenio in France.

Eugenio is a rare baby name in England and Wales still in use today. But Eugenio is a popular baby name in Mexico where every 1 in 3000 have the name as well as in, Brazil, Philippines, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Angola, Bolivia, Mozambique, Dominican Republic and Guatemala.

As per our estimate, over 450000 people has been named Eugenio globally.

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Eugenio in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

What numerology tells about Eugenio?

The only person you need to prove yourself is the person you see in the mirror every day. Partnerships are exclusively important to you. You are co-operative, caring and courteous individual. You can go from cold to extremely sensitive sometimes, people see you as a robot without feelings. Most people are jealous of your aura and ability to become the center of attention even when you don't try at all.

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Sibling Names for Eugenio

If you're considering the name Eugenio for your little one, then congratulations! It's a unique and meaningful name that is sure to make your child stand out. To help you find the perfect sibling names to go with Eugenio, we've compiled a list of some great choices that are both classic and modern. Check them out below!

Names for Eugenio's sister

For a brother

Famous people named Eugenio

  • Eugenio Tavolara, artist born in Sassari, Sardinia, Italy
  • Eugenio Brunetta d'Usseaux, Italian nobleman
  • Eugenio de Ochoa, Spanish author, writer, and translator
  • Eugenio Martínez, member of the anti-Castro movement in the early 1960s
  • Eugenio Lascorz, pretender
  • Eugenio Barsanti, Italian engineer
  • Eugenio Aguilar, was President of El Salvador
  • Eugenio Barba, Italian author and theatre director based
  • Eugenio Calò, national hero of Italy
  • Eugenio Granell, artist often described as the last Spanish Surrealist painter
  • Eugenio Mendoza, Venezuelan business tycoon
  • Eugenio Consolini, Italian noble
  • Eugenio Gerardo Lobo, Spanish soldier and poet
  • Eugenio de Salazar, Spanish explorer
  • Eugenio Fernandi, Italian tenor
  • Eugenio Domingo Solans, Spanish economist and high-ranking civil servant
  • Eugenio Corti, Italian writer born in Besana in Brianza
  • Eugenio Donato, Armenian-Italian deconstructionist
  • Eugenio Balanqué, retired Cuban decathlete
  • Eugenio Szabados, Hungarian–Italian chess master
  • Eugenio Faxas, Dominican golfer internationally recognized by his achievements and contributions to the development of golf
  • Eugenio Fuentes, is an acclaimed Spanish novelist
  • Eugenio Serrano, former Spanish handball player
  • Eugenio Caxés, Spanish painter of the Baroque period
  • Eugenio Berríos, Chilean biochemist
  • Eugenio Finardi, Italian rock singer, songwriter
  • Eugenio Cambaceres, Argentine writer and politician
  • Eugenio Beltrami, Italian mathematician notable for his work concerning differential geometry and mathematical physics
  • Eugenio Calabi, Italian-born American mathematician and professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Eugenio Elia Levi, younger brother of Beppo Levi and was killed
  • Eugenio Tosi, Italian Cardinal of the Catholic Church
  • Eugenio Corini, Italian association football coach and former player
  • Eugenio Montale, Italian poet, prose writer, editor and translator
  • Eugenio María de Hostos, Puerto Rican educator, philosopher, intellectual, lawyer
  • Eugenio Monti, Italian bobsledder
  • Eugenio Garza Sada, industrialist in the city of Monterrey
  • Eugenio Castellotti, Formula One driver from Italy
  • Eugenio Garza Lagüera, Mexican businessman and philanthropist
  • Eugenio Espejo, medical pioneer
  • Eugenio Hernández Flores, Mexican politician affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party
  • Eugenio Elorduy Walther, Mexican politician
  • Eugenio Coșeriu, linguist
  • Eugenio Derbez, Mexican actor, comedian, and film maker
  • Eugenio de Bellard Pietri, noted speleologist
  • Eugenio Lopez III, chairman emeritus of ABS-CBN Corporation
  • Eugenio Lopez Jr., Eugenio Moreno López Jr
  • Eugenio Lazzarini, Italian former Grand Prix motorcycle road racing World Champion
  • Eugenio Caballero, Mexican production designer
  • Eugenio Bava, Italian film cinematographer
  • Eugenio Canfari, early Italian football player from Genoa
  • Eugenio Vélez, Dominican professional baseball utility player
  • Eugenio Centenaro Kerrigan, Italian Brazilian film director and screenwriter best


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