Eugene name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Old Greek, English and French
Usage: English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Eugene e(u)-ge-ne
Meaning: Noble and Born Lucky
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What does Eugene mean?

Long standing and Preeminent Eugene dominantly is used in Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, English and Swedish is rooted from French, Old Greek and English aimed at both genders, meaning of Eugene is "Noble or Born Lucky".

Also Eugene is form of Eugène in English language.

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How do I pronounce Eugene?

e(u)-ge-ne is the most common way to pronounce three syllabled Eugene.

Variants of Eugene

Eugenios, Eugenius, Efigenio, Yevgeni, Eugène, Eugénia

Names that rhyme with Eugene

How popular is the name Eugene?

Eugene was a very popular name in United States. Over 381410 babies have been given the given name in 257 years. When at its peak in 1927, the moniker grabbed the 20th spot and 9745 baby boys were given the name.

However after 257 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts. Additionally, the name has been in the top 50 baby names a staggering 54 times Eugene is a common name in Ireland given to over 2402 babies in 54 years.

Currently the moniker is on a rise, in 1965, 135 boys were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 47th position.

Eugene is a unique baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 700 names.

In 1998, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 669 on boy names chart when 29 babies were named Eugene. Over 434 people have been named Eugene in England and Wales.

Eugene is an uncommon baby name in still in use in France. But Eugene is a popular baby name in Philippines where every 1 in 3000 have the name as well as in, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa, DR Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Canada, Cameroon, Madagascar, Burundi, Benin, Malaysia, England and Sierra Leone.

At least, 720000 people globally have been given the name as per our estimate.

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Eugene in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Here's what numbers has to say about Eugene

You are lagging behind on motivational front. You manage to hide your issues and emotional struggles pretty very well. You are a passionate lover but hard to understand. You don't want to bother people with your problems and pass negative energy. As a lover, you are passionate. And not just at this point but since always. Your friends are like addicted to you, but your family isn't very happy with how you live your life cause you are restless.

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Middle names for Eugene

We've compiled a list of the flying high and teeny-weeny middle names for Eugene below.

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Sibling Names for Eugene

If you're considering naming your new baby boy Eugene, you may want to consider some sibling names that complement his classic and timeless moniker. Here are some options that will perfectly complement a little Eugene in your family.

Sister to Eugene

For a brother

Famous people named Eugene

  • Eugene Istomin, American pianist
  • Eugene Mallove, American scientist, science writer, editor
  • Eugene Aram, English philologist
  • Eugene Znosko-Borovsky, Russian chess master, music and drama critic
  • Eugene Byrne, English freelance journalist and fiction writer
  • Eugene Burdick, American political scientist, novelist, and non-fiction writer
  • Eugene Hasenfus, former United States Marine
  • Eugene Kostyra, (born June 19, 1947
  • Eugene Fodor, Eugene Nicholas Fodor, Jr
  • Eugene Dooman, counselor at the United States Embassy
  • Eugene Hart, terrific punching American middleweight boxer
  • Eugene Augustin Lauste, French inventor instrumental
  • Eugene Lang, American philanthropist
  • Eugene Robert Glazer, American actor best
  • Eugene Aserinsky, graduate student at the University of Chicago
  • Eugene de Blaas, Italian painter
  • Eugene Record, American musician best known as the lead vocalist of the Chicago
  • Eugene Nelson, radical American writer and labor leader
  • Eugene Allen Gilmore, was Vice Governor-General of the Philippine Islands
  • Eugene Jarecki, American dramatic and documentary filmmaker whose works include 'The House I Live In', 'Reagan', 'Why We Fight'
  • Eugene O'Growney, Irish priest and scholar
  • Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, American self-taught artist from Milwaukee
  • Eugene R. McGrath, American businessman with extensive experience
  • Eugene V. Clark, prelate of the Archdiocese of New York
  • Eugene McDermott, geophysicist and co-founder first of Geophysical Service and later of Texas Instruments
  • Eugene Luening, Milwaukee born musician of German descent
  • Eugene Maximilian, Prince of Hornes, son of Ambroise de Hornes
  • Eugene Aynsley Goossens, English conductor and composer
  • Eugene A. Stead, Eugene Anson Stead Jr
  • Eugene Habecker, 30th president of Taylor University and chairman of Christianity Today
  • Eugene Melnyk, Canadian businessman
  • Eugene Fodor, Hungarian-American writer of travel literature
  • Eugene Rittich, Canadian musician
  • Eugene Kamenka, Australian political philosopher and Marxist scholar
  • Eugene Lyons, American journalist and writer
  • Eugene Lewis, American political scientist
  • Eugene Rabinowitch, Russian-born American biophysicist
  • Eugene M. Davis, American actor
  • Eugene F. George, sailor
  • Eugene Hamilton, pioneering American OB/GYN obstetrician, writer
  • Eugene Wigner, Hungarian-American theoretical physicist
  • Eugene Merle Shoemaker, American geologist and one of the founders of the field of planetary science
  • Eugene Koonin, Russian-American biologist and Senior Investigator at the National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • Eugene H. Trinh, Vietnamese American biochemist
  • Eugene Odum, American biologist at the University of Georgia
  • Eugene Garfield, American linguist and businessman
  • Eugene Dynkin, Soviet and American mathematician
  • Eugene Parker, American solar astrophysicist who—in the mid-1950s—developed the theory of the supersonic solar wind and predicted the Parker spiral shape of the solar magnetic field
  • Eugene Gendlin, American philosopher
  • Eugene Genovese, American historian of the American South and American slavery
  • Eugene V. Debs, American socialist, political activist
  • Eugene O'Neill, American playwright and Nobel laureate
  • Eugene McCarthy, American politician and poet from Minnesota
  • Eugene Fama, American economist, best
  • Eugene Ormandy, Hungarian-American conductor and violinist, best
  • Eugene Field, Eugene Field Sr
  • Eugene Kleiner, Austrian-born American engineer and venture capitalist
  • Eugene Chadbourne, American jazz guitarist and music critic
  • Eugene Levy, Canadian actor, comedian, producer, director
  • Eugene Whelan, Canadian politician, sitting


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