Majid name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 11th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Arabic
Usage: Arabic, Hindi, English and Urdu
Pronunciation: m(a)-jid
Meaning: Glorified, Innovator, Glorious and Great
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What does Majid mean?

Majid's meaning is Glorified, Innovator, Glorious or Great is used in English, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic, rooted from Arabic is given to baby boys.

How Majid is perceived as a baby name?

Majid is a unique and charming name for a baby boy with Ghanaian roots. It has a regal and sophisticated sound that exudes strength and power.

This name carries a sense of pride and honor, making it an excellent choice for parents who want to give their son a name that reflects their high aspirations for him.

Majid is easy to pronounce and spell, making it perfect for those who want an exotic name without the hassle of confusion. It also has a modern feel to it, making it suitable for families who prefer contemporary names over traditional ones.

Overall, Majid is a wonderful choice for parents who want to give their son a distinguished name with a global appeal.

How do I pronounce Majid?

Two syllabled Majid is pronounced as m(a)-jid.

Variants of Majid

Magid, Maj, Maja, Maged, Majen, Maha, Maje, Maya, Maria, Margit, Marit, Marina

Names that rhyme with Majid

How popular is the name Majid?

Majid is a familiar baby name in France, it has been in use since 1955 and was able to reach the top 500 names. In 1982, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 445 on boy names chart when 53 babies were given the name Majid.

There are over 1502 babies that have been given the name Majid in France. Majid is a unique baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1970 and was able to reach the top 3000 names.

In 1980, it ranked 2966th when 27 boys were named Majid. Over 554 people have been named Majid in United States.

Majid is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, even after 23 years of presence it could not make beyond the top 2000.

Over 184 babies in England and Wales have been named Majid. The name is a rare baby name in Belgium still in use today. However things change on global perspective, Majid is extremely popular in Iran where every 1 in 200 have the name.

Also the baby name is popular in Pakistan, India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Indonesia, Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan. As per our research, over 810000 people has been named Majid globally.

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Majid in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Majid

Sometimes, you act like a control freak. You have the ability to predict things before they happen thanks to your strong intuition. Number 1 reveals your positive attitude and originality. When it comes to love, you can't stand a monogamous relationship. You wish everyone were just like you but they can't. You love to change and can't stand constancy and monotony. You have to understand that not everyone is willing and excited to succeed in life as you are.

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Famous people named Majid

  • Majid Ansari, Iranian politician and cleric
  • Majid Sharif Vaghefi, was responsible for the Marxist schism within the MEK that later led to the formation of Peykar
  • Majid Majidi, Iranian film director, producer, and screenwriter
  • Majid bin Said of Zanzibar, first Sultan of Zanzibar
  • Majid Khan, former cricketer
  • Majid Arslan, Lebanese Druze leader and head of the Arslan feudal Druze ruling family
  • Majid Naini, leading scholar of Rumi
  • Majid Khan, only known legal resident of the United States
  • Majid Musisi, Ugandan footballer
  • Majid Haq, Scottish cricketer
  • Majid al-Muhandis, Iraqi singer and composer
  • Majid Khadduri, Iraqi–born academic
  • Majid Namjoo-Motlagh, former Iranian football player and now manager
  • Majid Jalali, Iranian football manager and a former player
  • Majid Bishkar, retired Iranian footballer
  • Majid Michel in 4 Play Reloaded as Actor
  • Majid Farahani in Do rooye sekke as Actor
  • Majid Alipour in movie Willow and Wind as Actor
  • Majid Hussain, from 1991 drama flick Bak syv hav, who portrayed the Lillebror #2.
  • Majid Mohseni played the central role of N in 1958 crime, drama flick Late javanmard.
  • Majid Jafari characterized significant role of Reza Mostoufi in 1998 drama, mystery flick Sahere.
  • Majid Faridfar, from 1969 flick Bazi-e khatarnak, who played N.

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