Names that mean Great

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Are you hoping your little one will grow up to accomplish great things? What if you could choose a name that encourages this ambition from the very beginning? Welcome to our list of baby names that mean 'great'. These names inherently carry a sense of grandeur and magnitude.

Consider Magnus, a Latin origin name which signifies 'the greatest'. Or the elegant Makena, a Kikuyu name that translates to 'the happy one', often associated with greatness. Don't these names have a certain aura of greatness about them? Excited to explore more such names? Let's dive right in!

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Universal, Whole, Industrious, All
The Sea, Son of the Waves
Arthur was a Great King Lives In 6Th Century, The Bear, Stone, Noble
Midwife, Work, Wet Nurse, Durga
The August, Variant of Augustine, Helpful, Dignity
Little Maximus, By the Great Stream, Greatest, A Short Form of Maxwell
Glorious, Red, Great, Variant of Roderick Famous Ruler
Honoured, Aria, Great, Noble in Sanskrit
Surname, Mack's Well, Dweller by the Spring, Greatest
Great Plains, Big, Tall
Light Hearted, Great Talker, Pleasant and Bright, Measure of Land
The Black One, Goddess Kali, A Form of Durga, Blacknes
Greatest, Very Great
Good Fortune, Great Happiness, Happy, Luck
Very Great, Greatest
Jubilation, Joyful, Name of a Deity, Jewel
Revered, Great, Worthy of Respect, Majestic
Maredudd, Sea Lord, Wealth and Work
Scent, Angelic, Daughter of a Great Father, Like An Angel
Greatest, Great Woman
Majestic, Great, Worthy of Respect, Grandeur
Great, Famous and Friend, Sea Lover, Eminent Marrow
Great, Large
Valley of the Eagle, Great Forest, Burning with Enthusiasm
Good and Christmas, The Elements Dubno Meaning World, Chief, Brown Stranger
Holly-tree Grove, Hero, Lives Near the Holly Trees, Man
Indian Saint In 1440, The Great
Pious, Temple, Great, Bitterness
Upholder of the Good, Great, Possesses a Lot, Wealthy
Triangular Hill, Surname, From Grodno, a Placename In Byelorussia Meaning City, Large Fortification
Rigantona Meaning Great Queen, Nymph, Goddess
Eager, Excel, Emulus, Rivaling
Princess of the Sea, Bitter, T, Wished-for Child
High, The Elements Ruadh Meaning Red, Ruaidhri, Glorious
Rule, Famous, To Govern and Peace, Great
Rebellion, Diminutive of Mary, Bitterness, Great
Great, Faithful Worker, Obscure, Sure
Protector, Great One
Fierce, Name of a Saint, Fight, Battle
The Sun, Lord Surya (Sun), Powerful Boy, Smart
Possessor of the Good, English, Possesses a Lot, Wealthy
Force for Good, Destroyer of Evil, Prophets Grandfather, Generous
The Great One
Royal Kingly, King Like, Basil the Herb, The Great
One of Vishnus Name, Of Great Re-known, Wave
Mother, Rebellion, Wished-for Child, To Increase
Higher, Superior, a Name for Landholders Stewards and Great Farmers Or Leaseholders, Bringer of Light, A Farmer
The Great Land
Brown Stranger, Man, Ruler of the World, Great
Greatest, Very Great, From Wales, Welshman
Precious, Loved, Of Great Value, Highly Esteemed
Ruler, Khan Great Ruler
Generous, Excellent, More Generous-noble, Honourable
Universal, Great, Immense, Soldier
The Revered, One who is Not Respected
Hound, Bald, High, Little Fighter
Very Great, Greatest
Brotherly, Sister, Warrior, Diminutive of Mary
Scottish Form of Margaret Pearl, Mother, To Increase, Bitterness
Great, Beauty, Sweetness
Very Great, Greatest
Spotted, Son of a Nobleman, Great Ambition, Noble
Magnificent, Exalted, Form of Augustus, Great
Large Eyes, Great, Antelope, Wild Cow
Small Village, From the Mountain Town, Home-lover's Estate or Hill with Grass
Red, Great, Ruaidhri, High
Happiness, Great Pleasure, Joy, Rejoicing
Capable, Honourable, Big, Mighty
Warrior, Constant Movement, Entire, Large
River, The World, Great Earth, God of Victory
Great Joy, Alive and Well, Favorite One, Woman
Bright, Dweller of the Sea, Sea-Born
A Short Form of Maxwell, Little Maximus, Very Great, Greatest
Truth of Life, God, With Great Desire and Wish
Dazzling, Glorious, Girlfriend, Plough
Great, Faithful Worker, The Hidden One, Son of My People
Of the Great Deliverance
Whole, Industrious, To Strive, All
The Word Felix Which is of the Meaning Lucky, Enjoying Good Luck, Successful, Happy
Sea Lover, Famous Friend, Form of Marvin, Marrow
Having Great Strength
Fight, Great Fighter, Universal Battle
Great, Nice, Great
Worthy of Respect, Magnificent, Sublime, Venerated
Giant, Brilliant, Massive, Good Looking
Sublime, Influence, Exalted, The Element Jalila Which Means Great
Embracing Everything, Imitating, Excel, All
Precious Present, Educated, Knowledgeable, Great
Great, Obscure, The Hidden One, Faithful Worker
Diminutive of Mary, Waterfall, Pool, T
Small and Great, Form of Darren, Wealthy
Dark, Sea of Bitterness, Moorish, Great
Magnificent, Innovator, Illustrious Glorious, Another Name for the Quran
Born at Night, Night-Born, Great
Great joy, One who brings laughter
Magnificent, Helpful, Variant of Augustine, The August
Rose Flower, Huge, The Words Hros Which Means Horse, All-containing
Circling Sea, Great and Bright
Force for Good, Destroyer of Evil, Prophets Grandfather, Generous
Great, Industrious, Universal, Embracing Everything
Great, Greater, Greatest, Heights
A great man
Great Tree, Prince, One who Builds, Prosperous
Pool, Waterfall, Great, A Cascade
Great, More Glorious, Most Excellent, Greater Glory
Very Great, Greatest
Lofty, Famous, Greatest, Big
Greatest, Very Great
Divinely favored or venerated
Arthur was a Great King Lives In 6Th Century, Noble, Bear, Stone
A Sakta Notable for His Great Leaning and Spiritual Attainment, Young, Creative, Nice Person
Possessor of the Good, Great, Possesses a Lot, Wealthy
Valley of the Eagle, Burning with Enthusiasm, Great Forest
Waterfall, Pool, Rebellion, Gentle
Peace, Great, Famous
Bringer of Light, A Farmer, Greater, Headman
Greatest, Very Great
Pious, Big, Sea of Bitterness, Great
Greatest, A Short Form of Maxwell, By the Great Stream, Little Maximus
Who is Like God?, Big, Great
Sea of Bitterness, Born Again, Dark, Joyous Song
Brave little one
God is Great
Immense, Great, Universal
Very Great, Greatest
The Great One
A Great Man
Honest, Joyous, Faithful, Delight
Nurse, Inspired By the Goddess Maya, Midwife, Magic Power
Alive and Well, Great Joy, Cassia, Favorite One
Peace, Great, Famous
Wealthy, Born Eighth, Fortune, Possession
Gift of Heart, Good Natured Person
Very Great, Greatest
World Ruler, Good and Christmas, Great, Divine Gift
Brave, A Great Muslim Warrior, Courageous
Famous Sufi Saint, The Great
Peace, Great, Famous
Great, Famous, Peace
Rigantona Meaning Great Queen, Descendant of Rian, Consideration, Nymph
Gift of Heart, Good Natured Person
God is Great
Great, Possessor of the Good, Wealthy, Possesses a Lot
Very Great, Greatest
Great, Dark, Star of the Sea, Moorish
Very Great, Greatest
Greatest, Great Woman, Who is Like God?
Greatest, Very Great
Having Great Strength
Good Health, Powerful, Great and Famous, Strong
Very Great, Greatest
Embracing Everything, God with Us, Universal, All
Universal, Thanks, Favour, Whole
Son of grace
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