Arabic boy names

Updated: April 10th, 2024

Found 6860 arabic boy names.

Molded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
The Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised, Name of the Last Prophet
Saviour, Splendid, Owner of a New Home, Bright
Leader, Rich, Emir, Strong
Son of Cadán, Friend
Form of Muhammad Praised One, Filled with Praise, The Praiseworthy
Little Fire, Help, Fiery, Superabundance
An Era, Follower of the Prophet, Long-Living, Expressive
Grace, Handsome, Beauty, Beautiful
Elevated, God, Sublime, Lofty
Son of Cadán, Companion
My Father is Exalted, Earth a Prophets Name, Abraham
Light Hearted, Great Talker, Pleasant and Bright, Measure of Land
Charming, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad, Honourable Comrade, Good Friend
The Prophet of Islam, Glorified, Praiseworthy, Highly Praised
God Would Multiply, A Prophet's Name, He Shall Add to his Power, The Lord Increases
Victorious One
Master, Ruling, Chieftain, Wave
Announcer, Granting Victory, Protector, Assister
The Lord is Gracious, Beauty
Moses in English, Son, A Prophets Name
Glorified, Filled with Praise, No Mistake in his Character, Founder of Islamic Religion
Good, The Lord is Gracious, Variant of Zane or John, Beautiful
Descendent of Rian, Clever, Fragrant Herb, Fresh
Lion, Sour Leaves, Brave, Steadfast
Much Praised, Gift of Allah, Praiseworthy, Most Rented
Flourishing, High born, Long-living
Lord of Fiery, Study, Impulsive, A Prophet's Name
Most Highly Adored, Much Praised, More Praiseworthy, Commendable
A Prophets Name, John, God is Gracious, To Give Someone a Long Life
Servant of Allah, One who Serves the God, God's Servants
Handsome, Beauty
Growth, Super Abundance, To Increase, Superabundance
Handsome, Beauty
Emir, Friend, To Command, Prince
Prophet Muhammad, Elected, Mustafa, Elect of God
Great, Growth, Prosperity, Increase
Laughter, Good, Beautiful, Lord Chandra
Night Talk, Entertainer, Companion of Vigil, Jovial
Kind, Beneficent, Exalted, Precious and Distinguished
Praised and Commendable, The Name of the Prophet, Praiseworthy, Glorified
Prince, Lucky, Fortunate, Always In Control
Commander, Prince, Colonel, Leader
Eternal, Never-ending, Blessed, Glorious
Servant, God's Servants, Knowledge
Form of Joseph, He (God) Will Add, Jehovah Increases
Gate of Heaven, Beautiful, Full, Pretty
Indian Saint In 1440, The Great
Flowering, Longevity, Who has Long Live, Variant of Omar
Rich, Superior, Prince, Chief
Precious and Distinguished, Friendly, High-born, Exalted
God will Listen, The Biblical Ishm, A Prophet, Farsi for Ishmael
Elegant, Being Fair, Handsome, Elegance
Helper, Persian Poet, Help, Another Name for God
Bustard Fledgling, Footprint, Divine Protector, Young Snake
Lofty, Supreme, High, Noble
Strong, Powerful, Prosperity, Beautiful
New House, Blessing, Saviour
He Enlightens
Lion, Famous
Satisfying Thirst, Water, The Prophets Person Calling Prayer, Moistening
The Biblical Elijah is the English Language Equivalent
Gift of God, Bright, Speed
The Lord Helps Me or Salvation of God, Strong-willed, A Prophet's Name, God's Promise
In the Bible Jericho was a Canaan City Destroyed when Its Walls Fell Down
He who is on the Right, Blessed, Lucky, Righteous
Judicious, Ruler, Intelligent, Brother
Merciful, Kind, God is Compassionate
One of the Prophet Muhammads Names, Sura In Quran
Friendliness, Happiness, Friendliness, Affection, Indestructible
Unlike the Others
The Dove, A Prophet's Name
Laughter, Good Looking, Handsome, Lord Chandra
Saint, The Founder of Shiite Islam was Named Hussein, Good, Beautiful
Gentle, Comforts of Wealth, Easy, Wealthy
From the Bank, Lake Colony
Peaceful, A Prophets Name
Ruler, Governor, Sultan, Sovereign
Intelligent, Reiter, Ritter, Horseman
Victory, Protector of Fame, Rich, Sin
Protector Advice, Loving, Archer, The Shooter
Zachary, Father of John, Yahweh Remembers
Dark Forest, Jungle
God is My Fortune
To Increase In Power, The Lord Increases, God Adds, Variant of Yusuf
Crowned, Jewel, Crown, The Taaj Mahal
Name of a Star, Mode, Venus, Manner
Trust Worthy Friend, Bustard Fledgling, Servant of God
Yahweh is Salvation
Prophet Name
Constructor, Long-living, Builder, Long of Age
Originating from God, Wise
Adroit, Skilled, Ingenious, Expert
Shape, Lion, King of Jungle, Powerful
King, Queen, Who Owns, Owner
A Chief, Gift, Director, Guide
Thinker, Righteous, Good Judgement, Maturity
Intelligent, Sacred, Leader of the Nation, Respectable Man
From Kikuyu, God Saves, The Messiah, God's Promise
Force for Good, Destroyer of Evil, Prophets Grandfather, Generous
Caring, Sword, Saber
Holder of the Heel, Supplanter, One who Supplants, Yahweh May Protect
Lion, The Word Adana with the Meaning to Settle Down, From Kikuyu, Name of God
Name of a God
From the Biblical David, Beloved, Friend, Darling
Civilised, Prosperous, Full, Populous
A Prophet's Name, Fiery Lord
Living In Paradise, Eternal, Everlasting
Ha, Ta, Pious, Name of a Surah in the Quran
Small, Islamic Thinker, Saint, Handsome One
Prophets Name
Resolved, Determined
Deed, Generous, Magnanimity, Noble Nature
King, Gate of heaven
Handsome, Beauty
One, Another Name for God, Allah, Sunday
Gentle, Dear, Bold, Brave
Perfectly Healthy, Safe, Peaceful, High
The Peaceful, Peaceful
Elegant, Handsome, Self Peace
The Truthful, Another Name for Prophet Muhammad, Custodian, Trustworthy
Wealth and Famous, Eloquent or Bundle of Grain, First Son
The Guided One, Well-managed
Name of Allahs Angel
Al-Sakhtiyani, One who Asks for Forgiveness, For Instance Ibn Tamim was a Reciter of the Quran
Lucky One, Blissful, Auspicious, Happy
Severe, Lion, Looking Austere, Stern
Lion, Fortunate, Lucky One, Zodiac Sign of Leo
Beloved of Yahweh, The Hand
Helper, A Person who Help Always, Who has a Beautiful Voice, Handsome
A Biblical Name Not Used for Humans, Gabriel is the English Language Equivalent
A Powerful Man
Praiseworthy, Variant Used for Mohammad, Founder of Islamic Religion, The Prophet
A Companion of the Prophet, Happiness, Felicity, Light
The Revered, One who is Not Respected
Conversations at Night, Fruit from Heaven, Outcome, Accompanied by the Eternal Gods
An Old Arabic Name, Short-statured
Talha, Kind of Tree, Acacia
Generous, Excellent, More Generous-noble, Honourable
Servant of the Mercifully Gracious
Joyful, Glad, Happy, Happiness
The Enlightened, Protector, A Prophets Name, Blessed
Spring season, One who shows the path, Faith
Suitable, Good, Righteous, Righteousness
Distributor, One who Divides, Distributing, Divider
Tranquillity, Ease, Comfort, Happy
Endless Growth, Abundance, Increasing Power, Increase
Righteous, Virtuous, Bright and Pure, Chaste
Leader, Reigning, King, Chief
Beautiful, Beautiful, Impressive, The Handsome, Well-bred
Respected and Enduring, Night Breeze, A Sincere Slave of Mahmood the King Once Upon a Time, Frost
Intelligent, A Prophet Name
A Prophet's Name, God Smiles, Laughs
Completed, Complete, Perfect, Whole
Lion, A Famous Jurist had this Name
God Shall Multiply, God will Add
Holy, Clean, Chaste, From Muslim
Father of the Young Camel, Noble
Triumph, Prosperity, Victorious, Conqueror
Forceful, Strong
Beloved, Very Honored, Dear One, Friendship
Faith, Faithful, Belief
Document, Another Name for God, Evidence, Proof
The Handsome, Beauty, Grace
A Sahabi who Take Apart in the Battle of Badr, Mus'ab, Old Arabic Name
Star, King, Scented, Blessing from God
Variant of Isa, A Prophet's Name, Love, Jesus
Another Name for God, Open-handed, Ample, Munificent
Noble, That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength, Illustrious, Guru
Arabic Form of Jesus
Trust Safety, Protection, Hero, Comfort
Worthy of Reverence, One to Whom Go the Loanges., Variant Used for Mohammad, Glorified
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