Olli meaning and origin

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Germanic
Usage: English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic
Meaning: Possession
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Unexpected choice and Fresh unisex name Olli is primarily used in English, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish that originated from Germanic, meaning of Olli is "Possession". Olli is variant form of eminent and ceaseless Olivia. Olivia is effeminate form of Oliver. Olivia is Latin equivalent of Oliver or else frommedievalOliva which wborne by Saint Oliva who wmartyred under Hadrian. Olivia's meaning is Elf Army, The Olive and The Olive Tree has its origin in English, Italian and German. Olli is variation of quintessential vintage and cherished Olla. Olla is variation of everlasting and admired Olga. Also Olla is variant of Names Beginning with Ol-, Especially Olea. Olla is derived from Ola. Unconventional and Modernistic Olla is originated from Old Norse, Olla means "Olive Tree, Saints and Intact". Olli is version of frequently used Olle. Olle is version of pious, durable and lofty Olaf. Also Olle is form of Names Beginning with Ol-, Especially Ólafr. Olle is also form of Its Variants. Olle is also version of persistent and outstanding Oliver. Olle is short of Olav. Olle's meaning is Ancestor's Descendant is of Old Norse origin. Olli is a variant of widely accepted and ever lasting Oliver. Oliver is English cognate of The Norman French Name Olivier of Uncertain Origin;Meaning. Oliver means Elf Army, Elf Warrior and Name of Tree which Gives Olive Oil has origin in Latin and Old Norse.

Variants of Olli

Olly, Oliver, Olla, Olivia, Olle, Alfheri, Olivier, Oilbhries, Olga, Alivah, Nola, Livia, Oliviagrace, Olaf, Oll

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Popularity of Olli

In England and Wales, Olli is a unique name where it has been in use since 2003 and has secured the place in top 900 names. In 2010, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 832 on boy names chart when 35 babies were named Olli. There are over 154 babies that have been given the name Olli in England and Wales. But Olli is a popular baby name in Finland where every 1 in 300 have the name. At least, 20000 people globally have been given the name as per our estimate.



Olli in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Olli

If the letter I represent your capstone, it means you get easily stressed and distracted by evil people. You are a peacemaker and always avoid conflicts. Keep distance and focus on your own aspirations. You would be perfect in the film industry, music industry, writing columns for an influential paper or website or work in a shelter for homeless people or animals. Sometimes, you should talk about your issues and let people in.

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Namesakes of Olli

    Olli Kortekangas, Finnish composer
  • Olli Partanen, Finnish discus thrower
  • Olli Lounasmaa, Finnish academician
  • Olli Rehn, Finnish politician
  • Olli Wisdom, British Goa and psy trance musician
  • Olli Jokinen, Finnish former professional ice hockey player
  • Olli Huttunen, Finnish football coach and former goalkeeper
  • Olli Saarela, Finnish film director
  • Olli Remes, Finnish cross country skier and military officer
  • Olli Puhakka, was one of the top scoring aces
  • Olli Malmivaara, Finnish professional ice hockey defenceman
  • Olli Tukiainen, Finnish musician and the guitarist of the rock band Poets of the Fall

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