Pilar name meaning

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Spanish
Usage: Hindi and Spanish
Pronunciation: pee-LAHR
Meaning: Pillar and Pillar Fountain Base
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What does Pilar mean?

Meaning of Pilar is Pillar or Fountain Base is originated from Spanish which is used largely in Spanish and Hindi is aimed at both sexes. The name is celebrated on August 15th.

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Pilar as a baby name Most likely not the name you will decide on easily, Pilar is a Spanish version of Pillar, and while most of the parents avoid it for different reasons, Pilar is one of the underestimated names that await to be recognized.

The truth is that the basis of everything is the pillar, and while there are name choices that hold better meaning, Pilar holds the institution of it, with its short yet straightforward message that is meant to show only one thing, it sounds good, so it can be sued as a name.

Seems like an interesting choice to consider, right?

How do I pronounce Pilar?

The two syllabled name Pilar is pronounced, pee-LAHR. p(i)-lar is another way(s) to say the name.

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How popular is the name Pilar?

Pilar was a common name in United States. Over 5914 babies have been named Pilar since 1896. When at its peak in 1924,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 200 years.

Also, Pilar was a common name in Spain. Over 935 babies have been named Pilar since 2002. At its zenith in 2002,. After 3 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts.

Pilar is a familiar baby name in France, it has been in use since 1900 and was able to reach the top 400 names. In 1941, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 336 on girl names chart when 55 babies were given the name Pilar.

There are over 1550 babies that have been given the name Pilar in France.

Pilar is a rare baby name in England and Wales still in use today and also in Belgium.

But Pilar is a popular baby name in Mexico where every 1 in 4000 have the name as well as in, Philippines, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Equatorial Guinea, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

According to our research, over 340000 babies have been named Pilar globally.

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Pilar in Nordic countries

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What numbers say about Pilar?

You have people you love and who love you back. Keeping your emotions isn't something you usually do. It only happens when you are not sure if a person is being honest with you or not. You are intelligent and independent. Focus on inner peace, balance, harmony, helping those in need, kindness, and love. Understanding others is your specialty, but you never expect people to do for you, what you are willing to do for them.

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Famous people named Pilar

  • Pilar Primo de Rivera, sister of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, founder of the Falange
  • Pilar Ayuso González, Spanish politician and Member of the European Parliament with the People's Party
  • Pilar Hidalgo, female athlete from Spain
  • Pilar de Lusarreta, Argentine author and critic
  • Pilar Barrios, important poet of the black community of Uruguay and one of the founders of the 'Partido Autóctono Negro'
  • Pilar Medina, first Spanish delegate to win the Miss International title
  • Pilar Lorengar,
  • Pilar Mazzetti, Peruvian doctor
  • Pilar Nores de García, Argentine-born Peruvian economist
  • Pilar Mateos, Spanish writer of children's literature
  • Pilar Muñoz, Spanish actress of stage and film
  • Pilar Rahola, Spanish journalist, writer
  • Pilar Montenegro, Mexican Latin pop singer and actress
  • Pilar del Castillo, officeholder
  • Pilar Lastra, model and radio broadcaster
  • Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald, fictional character on the NBC/DirecTV soap opera 'Passions'
  • Pilar Manjón, president of the 'Asociación 11-M Afectados del Terrorismo'
  • Pilar Barbosa, Dr
  • Pilar López de Ayala, Spanish film actress
  • Pilar Bardem, Spanish film and television actress
  • Pilar Pallete, Peruvian actress and the third wife of the American actor John Wayne
  • Pilar Miró, Spanish screenwriter and film director
  • Pilar Bosley, American former competitive ice dancer
  • Pilar Garrard in Madeline as Actress
  • Pilar Olave in Pecado Mortal as Actress
  • Pilar Cazares in American Pie Presents Beta House as Actress
  • Pilar Hurtado in Gata salvaje as Actress
  • Pilar Robla in Al sur de Granada as Production Manager
  • Pilar Bru in Nurse Interrupted as Actress
  • Pilar Ixquic Mata in Por la libre as Actress
  • Pilar Isabella Lafontaine P.I. Alltraine in Sa piling ng aswang as Actress
  • Pilar Bayona in Escándalo en la familia as Actress
  • Pilar Castro Parrilla is a dancer and actress of Spanish cinema and television.
  • Pilar Alcón in movie Si las mujeres mandaran (o mandasen) as Actress
  • Pilar Adriano characterized leading character of N in 1917 flick El sino manda.
  • Pilar Arcos, from 1938 drama film Verbena trágica, who portrayed Mamita Vargas.
  • Pilar Castel, from 1969 adventure, comedy flick Il cavaliere inesistente, who characterized the N.
  • Pilar Cerezo characterized the leading character of N in 1947 flick Caperucita roja.
  • Pilar España played important character of N in 1915 film La emboscada trágica.
  • Pilar Guerrero played crucial role of Nena in 1943 comedy flick La chica del gato.
  • Pilar Hernández characterized the minor role of N in 2001 action flick Malditos violadores.
  • Pilar Jiménez played significant character of N in 1926 comedy flick Los cuatro robinsones.
  • Pilar Martínez played the minor character of N in 1945 movie La hija del circo.
  • In 1974 drama, western film, La choca, Pilar Pellicer characterized La Choca.
  • Pilar Pilapil, from 1991 action and adventure movie Darna, who characterized Valentina.
  • Pilar Sueiro portrayed pivotal character of Mayfe in 1988 comedy flick La gran comedia.
  • In 1930 drama movie, La aldea maldita, Pilar Torres played Fuensantica.
  • In 1975 action and crime film, Juego sucio en Panamá, Pilar Velázquez played Jill.
  • In 2000 drama flick, Era outra vez, Pilar Álvarez Saavedra portrayed Beatriz.
  • In 2003, Pilar M. Lastra portrayed the role of Gloria in comedy film Malibu Spring Break.
  • Pilar Borrego played central character of Isa in 2005 drama film Sud express.

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