Indian names meaning friend

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This is the list of indian names meaning friend or names that mean friend which also serves as indian baby names meaning friend to help you select a name for your child.
AaptGirlTrustworthy Friend Faithful
AathmeyaGirl Very Friendly

AbhinithiGirlThat which is Already been Performed Friendship
AbhinitiGirlGesture Friendship
AbiramiGirlFriendly Goddess Laxmi
AchetmeetBoy Carefree Friend
AgnimitraGirlFriend of Fire Agni's Friend
AgnitraBoy Agni's Friend the Wind
AjaimeetBoy Invincible Friend
AkalmeetBoy Friend of God
AlvinBoy Noble Friend A City on a White Hill
AmanaBoy Friendly Disposition Kindness Affection
AmiGirlNectar My People Dearly Loved Beauty Friend Tears
AmikaGirl Loved Friend
AmisaBoy/GirlCompanion Friend An Object of Enjoyment A Pleasing Object A Gift Free from Guile
AmitBoy/GirlBoundless Without Limit Nobody can Distroy Unstoppable Upright Friendly Faithful A Great Deal with World Friend Infinite That which cannot be Erased
AmitaGirlFriend Truth Boundless Limitless
AmyGirlDearly Loved Industrious Truth Friendship To Love Loved One My Nation My People
AnandmeetBoy Blissful Friend
AnantmeetBoy Infinite Friend
AnasBoy A Group of People Affection Love Friendliness Pleasant Companionship
AneesBoyClose Friend Companion Genial Intimate Friendly
AneesaGirlFriendly Of Good Company Companion Affectionate
AneesahGirl Affectionate Close Intimate Good Friend Of Good Company
AnisBoyClose Friend Friendly Amiable Companion Lover
AnisaGirlSupreme Joy and Pleasure Friendly Without Night Loveable
AnishkaGirlWho has Friends No Enemies
AnmolmeetBoy Priceless Friend
AnoopmeetBoy Beauteous Friend
AnugathadeviGirlA Friend A Wife
AnupmeetBoy Unique Friend
AnyonyaGirl Friendly
ApiBoy Father in Rejoicing Friend Ally Acquaintance
ApsharaGirl Unique Friend
ArmeetGirl Friend of an Enemy
AryaditaBoy Friend The Noble Conqueror
AryamitraBoyThe Friend of Good People
AshanaGirlDaughter of Bali Friend

AshnaGirlA Friend
AshwinBoyKing of King Spear Friend A Star Win Trust Star A Hindu Calendar Month
AswinBoyPowerfull Boy in World Spear Friend Cute Name of Month One of the Saint in Saptrushi Real Hero in World
AtmiyaBoy Close Friend
AzeezBoyFriend Dear Beloved Respected Precious
AzizBoy Powerful Friend Dear One Precious To be Cherished Comrade Dear
AzizaGirlA Friend Precious Gorgeous Mighty
BachanmeetBoy Friendly Promise
BaldwinBoy Bold Princely Friend
BalmeetBoy Powerful Friend
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