Gerda name meaning

Updated: March 17th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Old Icelandic, Old Greek, Old Norse and Germanic
Usage: German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Latvian, African, English, Faroese, Icelandic, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Gerda ge(r)-da
Meaning: Gerd and Fencing
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What does Gerda mean?

Of Old Norse, Old Icelandic, Old Greek and Germanic origin, Admired and Timeless Gerda is mainly used in Norwegian, Finnish, Scandinavian, Icelandic, Greenlandic, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, English, African, Latvian and Faroese, Gerda means "Gerd or Fencing" is a baby girl name .

Gerda is form of commonly accepted and virtuous Georgia. Georgia is variant form of sacred and frequently used Georges. Georgia is feminine form of GeorgesGeorge or. Also Georgia is effeminate variant of Georgius.

Georgia's meaning is Farmer Earthworker and Earthworker is of Old Greek origin. Gerda is diminutive of Gertrud. Gertrud is variant of widespread, durable and pious Gertrude. Also Gertrud is spelling variant of GEIR;ÞRUÐ.

Gertrud means From the Protected Farm, Spear and Force came from Old High German and Germanic. Gerda is Dutch and German cognate of Gerharda. Gerda is equivalent of Gerhardina in Dutch and German languages.

How do I pronounce Gerda?

The two syllabled name Gerda is pronounced, ge(r)-da.

Variants of Gerda

Geerda, Georgia, Georgios, Georges, Geegee, Giorgia, Georgeann, Georgeanne, Gerdi, Gerdy, Gerta, Gerharda, Gertrud, Gerhardina, Gerharde, Gerardina

Nicknames for Gerda

Here is the list of Possible nicknames for given name Gerda:

Names that rhyme with Gerda

How popular is the name Gerda?

Gerda is a unique baby name in United States, it had been in use since 1887 and was last seen in 1972, during its 79 years of usage, it was able to reach the top 900 names.

In 1890, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 872 on girl names chart when 49 babies were named Gerda. Over 1099 babies in United States have been named Gerda. The first name is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, its highest ever rank is 3116 (2006) in its 13 years run on England and Wales naming chart.

Also, it appeared first time in 2008 on baby girl names list of Ireland. In France, it had been in use since 1901 and made it to the top 400 but has appeared since 1983.

Over 201 babies in France have been named Gerda.

However things change on global perspective, Gerda is extremely popular in Germany where every 1 in 400 have the name. Also the baby name is popular in Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and South Africa.

As per our findings, over 390000 babies have been bestowed Gerda around the globe.

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Gerda in Nordic countries

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Here's what numbers has to say about Gerda

If letter A is your capstone in your name, it reveals your challenging nature and ambitious perspective. Start cleaning your karma and you will notice a tremendous change in your life. Having the letter A as your capstone reveals your true personality. Open up to new suggestions and ideas. You know yourself so well, that you always find a way to keep yourself amused. You have big plans for yourself and your future.

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Sibling Names for Gerda

Gerda is a beautiful and unique name for your newborn. If you're looking for inspiration for sibling names that complement the name Gerda, here are some suggestions to help you decide on the perfect name combination for your family.

Sister for Gerda

Names for Gerda's brother

Famous people named Gerda

  • Gerda Munsinger, East German prostitute and alleged Soviet spy
  • Gerda Hofstatter, professional pool player and nine-ball champion
  • Gerda Alexander,
  • Gerda Hnatyshyn, wife of Ray Hnatyshyn, Governor General of Canada
  • Gerda Steinhoff, Nazi SS concentration camp overseer following the 1939 German invasion of Poland
  • Gerda van der Kade-Koudijs, Dutch athlete who competed at the 1948 Olympics
  • Gerda Nicolson, Australian theatre and television actress best
  • Gerda Wegener, Danish illustrator and painter
  • Gerda Taro, German Jewish war photographer active during the Spanish Civil War
  • Gerda Gattel, comic book creator
  • Gerda Weissensteiner, Italian luger and bobsleigh pilot
  • Gerda Christian, nicknamed "Dara"
  • Gerda Weissmann Klein, Polish American writer and human rights activist
  • Gerda Boyesen, Gerda Boyesen was born in 1922 in Bergen
  • Gerda Lerner, Austrian-born American historian and author
  • Gerda Lundequist, Swedish stage actress
  • Gerda Verburg, Dutch diplomat and former politician and trade union leader
  • Gerda Kraan, retired female middle distance runner
  • Gerda Maurus in Spione as Actress
  • Gerda Stevenson in Braveheart as Actress
  • Gerda Achternbusch in movie Beer Chase as Actress
  • Gerda Brunner characterized key character of Mimi von Bonin in 1944 drama film Das Herz muß schweigen.
  • In 1916, Gerda Christophersen characterized the role of Mrs. Taylor in drama movie Hvem er hun?.
  • Gerda Holmes played key role of Queen Vesta in 1916 drama, romance flick The Gilded Cage.
  • In 1945, Gerda Landgren played the role of Mrs. Karlsson in comedy film Sextetten Karlsson.
  • Gerda Madsen characterized minor role of Mrs. Grøn in 1921 comedy movie Landliggeridyl - Vandgang.
  • In 1945 music film, Musik i haven, Gerda Neumann portrayed N.
  • Gerda Pikali, from 2020 action and drama flick 129, who played the Eleonor.
  • In 1915 drama flick, Menneskeskæbner, Gerda Ring played Elvi, en fattig pige.
  • In 1913 romance flick, Scenen og livet, Gerda Krum-Juncker portrayed Lucy.

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