Greek girl names

Updated: April 10th, 2024

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Wisdom, Graceful, Skill, Form of Sophie
Wise Form of Sophia, Beautiful, Will, Wisdom
Green Shoot
Skill, Wisdom
Sun, Variant of Helen, Excellent, The Bright One
Elder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
To Sing, Pure, Man, Very Holy Woman
Girl, Cordula, Cornelia, Maiden
Rainbow, Flower, Radiance
Of the Noble Sort, Woman from Lydia, Midas and Croesus, Happiness
Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Unknown
Radiance, Moon, Pure, Bright and Shining
Melody, Music, Rythmic, Song
The Black, Dark
Pearl, Jewel, Name of a Saint
Farmer, Earth Worker, Bauer, Earthworker
The Pearl, Variant of Margaret
My God is Yahweh
Feminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
Surrender, Resurrection, Risen One
Gift of God, God's Gift
Pearl, Scottish Form of Margaret
Most Beautiful, Variant of Cayley Lovely, Fortress, Lark
Tortured, Unsullied, Virginal, The Pure
Manly, A Man's Woman, Feminine Form of Andrew, Man Ones
Warlike, Proud, The Pure
Green Shoot, Young Shoot
Musical Combination of Chords, Concord, Harmony, Agreement
Noble, German, Joy, Sweet Angel
Midwife, Wet Nurse
Variant of Helen, Torch, Tender, Shining
Lion of God
Child of Light, The Pearl, Flower Name
Good News
Messenger of God Angel
From the Lane, Bright Light, Variant of Helen, Torch
The Torch
Delicate, Meadow Pasture, Tired, Leah
Female Version of Nicholas
The Dark, The Black
Laurel Tree, Laurel
Dark Red
The Pure, Torture, Innocent
The Hunteress, Fourth Child, Harvester, Essence
Messenger of God, Angel
Defender of Men
Form of Steven, Crowning, A Garland, The Crowned
Of the Iyre, Song
Honey Bee
To Protect, The Defender, Helper, Repel
Half, Dedicated to Demeter
She who Brings Victory, Feminine, God is My Light, God's Oath
Defender of Men, Protector, Noble
Helper and Defender of Mankind, He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
Master, The Sun, Lord, Mistress
Pure, Blessed, Torture, Karen and Kathleen
The Torch, Spiritual Light, Sun Ray, Corposant
Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Basket, Sun Ray, Wicker
The Pure, Form of Katherine, Virginal
City Name, Boat and Gwys = Men, To Seek, Search For
Pari, Messenger of God Angel
The Azalea, It is a Flower
Victorious, Crowned in Victory, Crown, Garland
Lyric, Song-Like
Eye, Weaver, Penelops, Flower
Virgin Girl, Cordula, Cornelia, Cordelia
Kleopatra, Boasting
Light, Torch, Shining, Burst of the Sun
Sun Ray, God Gives the Laurel, The Crown of Victory, Foreign
Quiet Song, Divinely Precious, A Fragrant Resin Obtained from a Tree, Sweet
He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
The Pure, Girls
To Flow, Singer, Earth, The Elements Res
Lord, 'Lord, Far-Sighted, Master
The Pure, Virginal, Form of Catherine
Defender of Men
Warrior, Virile, Protrude, Man
Female Version of Philip, God Would Multiply, Pferdefreundin
God's Gift, Gift of God
Honey, Brave, Quince-yellow, Man
Beautiful Voice, The Elements Kalos Which Means Fair Beautiful Handsome
Inspired By the Greek Goddess of Peace, Palm Tree, Peaceful
Blossom, Birth, Flowering
Path, Torch, Bright Light, Roadway
Bringer of Death, Slaughter, Murder
Manager, Courtyard Within Castle Walls, From the Hay Clearing, Public Official
Present, Messenger, Angel
He Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Defender of Mankind
Helper of Mankind, Repel, The Defender, Protect
A Pearl, Form of Margaret
The Pure, From Katherine and Lynn
Variant of Georgia, Earthworker, Bauer, Farmer
Epiphany, God and Luminous, Appear
Pledged to God, Form of Elizabeth, God's Promise, Funny and Nature Lover
Roe, Grace, Roe-buck, Beauty
Elysium, Elysion, God is Fullness
Burst of the Sun, Brightness, Mercy, Moon
Harvester, The Hunteress, To Flow Down, Late Summer
Lovely, Black, From the Forest, Most Beautiful
The Manly, Warrior, Man
Having a Blessed Aura
Musical Combination of Chords, A Beautiful Blending, Assembly, Agreement
The Pearl
Splash of the Sun, Light, Pure, Moon
A Butcher, Whole, Healthy, Safe
Moon Goddess, Precious Stone, By the Mountain Tribe Cynthos End
Masculine, Abbreviation of Andrew, Brave, Wise
Yellow, Torch, Horn Coloured, Moon Elope
Smaragd, Praise, Emerald, Precious Green Gem Stone
Superiority, Nobility, My God is Yahweh
Crystal, Unblemished, Precious Stone, Brilliant Glass
Earthworker, Variant of Georgia, Farmer
Strange, Barbari Meaning Foreign Stammering People, Barbaric, Stranger
The Chaste, Lamb As Well
Of Magdala, Villager of Galilee
Singer, Queen, Graceful, Goddess Lakshmi
Struggle, Battle, Loud, War
Pleasant Speech, Of Fair Fame, Star, Well Spoken
Clear, Form of Catherine, The Pure, Virginal
Angel, Messenger of God
The Aura, Wind, Or, Breeze
Gift of God, Form of Dorothy
Woman of Magdala, Light, Palm Tree, Mild
Form of Eleanor, Shinning Light, Sun-ray
Protect and Man, Man's Defender, Protector, Form of Alexander
Vain, Empty, Who Makes Peace
Maiden, Greek Poetess, Virgin
Rebelliousness Wished for Child, Midwife, Great Mother, Princess of the Sea
The Pearl
The Word Ge with the Meaning Earth
Rich, Possesses a Lot, Mighty One, Knowing
The Dark, The Black
From the House of Tatius, King of the Sabines
The Lord is Gracious, Knowledgeable
Most Holy Woman
Brave, Hospitable, Hospitality, Guest
Decoration, Protector, Form of Hebrew Dinah, Judgement
The Torch, Brilliant, Suns Ray, Shining
The Torch
God is Fullness
Amethyst Meaning Gemstone
Torture, Pure, Form of Catherine
Light, Moon, Heaven, Beautiful
Protrude, Man, Virile, Warrior
Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
The Dark, The Black
Of Delos, Visible, Delightful, Faithful
Most Holy Woman
The Stone, The Rock
Healing, Sincere, The Word Althein Which is of the Meaning to Heal
Gift of the Goddess Isis
Christian, Follower of Christ, Anointed
The Pure, Girls
Shining, Angel, The Torch
Messenger of God, Angel
Resurrection, Asia, Sunrise, East
Diminutive of Anastasia, Prosperous, Giving Fruit, Surrender
Protect and Man, Defender of Men, Manly
Essence, Hunter, Theresa, Harvester
Goddess Parvati, Blind, Daughter of the Mountain
Messenger, Earthly, Dedicated to Hermes, Universal
Hunter, Harvester, End of Thera Tribe, One who Reaps
Form of Catherine, The Pure
Struggle, To Endure = Not Enduring, Lifted
The Lovely, Root of Larissa End, Seagull
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